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Beer Is My Life!

Moloka`i, Hawaii
March 11, 1996


I'm , and Beer Is My Life. I've been brewing at home for more than six years, and doing Serious Pubcrawling for almost as long. (One drawback regarding my move from the Bay Area to Hawai`i is the lack of variety of good beer here - I can hear you all sighing in sympathy even now - although there are quite a few new breweries in the works.)

About three years ago, I attended the Annual Tasting of Holiday Beers at Pacific Coast Brewing in Oakland CA, where they invited everyone to rate each beer on a twenty-point scale with regard to appearance, aroma, mouthfeel, and an overall score. (Learn more about this system by reading Fred Eckhardt's Essentials of Beer Style.) I used this system as a basis for my own notebooks; those handwritten notes got way out of hand and evolved into this project.

There's a lot of information here...a lot of miles under the tires and a lot of pints down the neck. First and foremost, always keep in mind that what you're reading are my impressions of the beers and breweries. I'll bet you a beer that you won't agree with absolutely everything I've written. My friend Rick Garvin, in reference to my recommendation regarding a particular brewery which I'll decline to name here, recently wrote:

When someone I know and trust really hates a place, I am duty bound to check it out.
Sage advice indeed.

I hope you enjoy sampling these pages as much as I've enjoyed sampling the beers. I think you'll find you'll enjoy them more with a fresh beer comfortably nearby...after all, that's how I wrote them. If you're ever in my neck of the ocean, look me up...I'll be glad to let you buy me a beer!

have fun

The Many Faces of
gak and His Beer
gak with a beer
(March 1996)
gak without a beer
(July 1994)
gak with a beard
but no beer
(June 1996)
gak with no beard
and no beer
and no haircut
(April 1991)

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