Top Gun Drinking Game: Soar to New Heights of Fun

Are you and your friends looking for a unique way to play a drinking game

The Top Gun drinking game might be just what you need. From penalty shots to variations of the classic game revolving around the popular 1986 film Top Gun, this blog post will guide you on taking your talents to new heights with an evening filled with drinks and laughter.

What is the Top Gun Drinking Game

The Top Gun drinking game combines the classic 1986 movie with an enjoyable drinking game. 

The game’s premise is simple – players take drinks or shots every time a specific event happens in the movie.

Typical events that trigger taking a drink include Maverick giving someone his signature gay vibe, Pete and Charlie making fun of Maverick, or when Goose says, ‘I feel the need.’

Moreover, variations of this drinking game can be tailored to different aspects of Top Gun. 

For example, some fans have created rules where for each takeoff seen in Top Gun: Mavericks, dicers must take a shot, and iconic catchphrases uttered by characters grant sips instead of outright chugs. 

Similarly, situational triggers such as firing missiles result in an alcoholic bonus.

A few other popular variants include one where for every scene featuring the aircraft’s mid-level flight, all participants move on to their next drink regardless of what they were engaged with before. 

Scenarios such as Viper shooting down Jester grants quick swigs while Pete Mitchell yelling ‘Combat spread’ allows for leisurely gulps and lengthy conversations between rounds/shots (if applicable).

Equipment Needed for the Top Gun Drinking Game

  • A television or any movie-playing device: You will need a screen to watch the movie Top Gun on.
  • Drinks of your choice: Depending on what type of drink you prefer can vary, whether beer, mixed drinks, or wine.
  • Drinking accessories (i.e., shot glasses): Depending on the rules and penalties for your game version, drinking accessories such as shot glasses may be required.
  • Game timer: Decide how long each round or level should last to complete all levels on time and quickly move on to other ones if needed.
  • Cups/containers: Depending on the number of drinks needed per player if the rule calls for everyone to have a certain amount throughout.

Rules of the Top Gun Drinking Game

  • Players take two drinks when the iconic song ‘Danger Zone’ is heard in the movie.
  • Take two drinks whenever a character mentions Maverick’s or Goose’s callsigns.
  • Players must take a shot whenever they see Pete Mitchell in the movie.
  • If players break one of the rules, they incur a penalty shot and must drink whenever they hear the character “Goose.”
  • Two drinks are also granted at the line “I feel the need….”
  • Three drinks must be taken anytime someone says, “Take my breath away.”
  • If any players should mock Pete Mitchell’s mantra, “That wasn’t flying, it was falling with style,” with their version, they must take and share a round of shots with everyone else at the table.
  • Penalties can be avoided by sidetracking talk conversations to non-movie topics during crucial moments or scenes.

Penalty Shots in the Top Gun Drinking Game

Penalty shots can be a great way to add excitement and challenge to the Top Gun Drinking Game. 

These are defined as an additional drink taken by one or more players when specific rules are broken during the game, such as talking without saying your cue word or making too much noise in between turns.

Examples of standard penalty shots include: 

  • Assigning two drinks for conversation interruption. 
  • Assigning three drinks if there is not enough restraint in governing language. 
  • Giving four drinks for incorrect identification of characters, planes, etc.

The application of penalty shots to any version of the Top Gun drinking game is generally left to the discretion of the person hosting or leading the game.

As such, some hosts loosen up on enforcing penalties while others might make them a regular part of each round.

Furthermore, depending on preference, different versions may incorporate different variations on how many or what penalty shots should be enforced. 

These could range from basic errors like not speaking enough or referring to danger zone incorrectly to bonus rounds (in which individuals who complete challenges must take several sips) that require lots of attention and focus throughout each round.

Nevertheless, implementing penalty shots into any variation or adaptation of The Top Gun drinking game can help create greater intensity levels due to increased emphasis on accuracy throughout each playing session, setting apart “newbies” from experienced veterans!

Strategies for Winning the Top Gun Drinking Game

  • Keep track of the characters and what they say throughout the movie by making a list ahead of time. This way, you’ll know when to take a shot or two and when not to.
  • Pay attention to the drinks everyone has chosen to familiarize yourself with who is drinking/when they are taking their shots.
  • Take advantage of specialty Game Cards such as “Maverick,” “Goose,” and “Iceman” cards which allow players to choose which character’s call sign will indicate one drink instead of all callsigns requiring drinking.
  • Ensure everyone is entirely aware of the rules before starting to ensure fair play for all participants.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Drinking games should involve eating, so enjoy snacks throughout the game. 
  • Stick together! While drinking games can be fun, it’s important for someone at least 21 or older with experience in alcohol safety, like a parent, guardian, or responsible adult host the game so that players don’t become over-intoxicated after multiple rounds.
  • Know your limits. All players need to be honest about how much they’re able and willing to drink during the game. Shooters should aim towards no more than one standard-size alcoholic beverage per hour depending on age brackets (12 -15 = 0; 16 – 20 = 0 +1 oz; >21 = up above). Always ensure plenty of water and other nonalcoholic beverages are available while playing any kind of drinking game, regardless of whether it’s a Top Gun drinking game or any type.

Variations of the Top Gun Drinking Game.

Time-Based Variations

The Top Gun drinking game has many time-based variations that can be easily incorporated to spice up the game and add a layer of challenge. 

These variations involve teams attempting to complete specific tasks within a set time limit, typically lasting a few minutes or less. 

Examples include drink-draining relays and specific actions such as high-fiving or taking a shot when certain events occur in the movie, such as Maverick disobeying orders or switching planes. 

There are also elimination rounds, where teams must compete against each other to complete their task before the timer runs out.  This adds extra elements of competition and excitement into the game, making it more challenging and exciting for groups to play together. 

To ensure maximum fun and safety, ensure all participants know the time limit beforehand and do not drink excessively during these rounds.

Team-Based Variations

Team-based variations of the Top Gun drinking game can add a fun and unique level to this classic movie experience. The rules involve designating different call signs for players who don’t pick Maverick. 

So, for example, if there are seven players, two might pick Maverick, and five could choose other call signs such as Iceman, Goose, Viper, Stinger, or Jester. 

Everyone else must take a drink whenever someone utters the chosen call sign in the movie. This can be an exciting way to follow the film and track how many drinks everyone has had.

In addition to different call signs being assigned to other players, team-based variations also have particular actions during certain scenes which trigger taking a drink for the entire team.

For instance, when Goony takes a slide down coolant tubes, everyone must take a drink. Each time Viper says, “Lets get ready to launch,” players must take three drinks, and so on.

This variation allows everyone involved to stay engaged in all aspects of the game and ensures no one is left behind or forgotten as they watch this classic film. 

Movie-Based Variations

The Top Gun drinking game can also be played with movie-based variations. These involve taking a shot or drinking when certain events occur in the movie, such as a high-five exchange between Maverick and Goose, when someone disobeys orders, or when the iconic Danger Zone song is played. 

And for the sequel Top Gun: Maverick, a different drinking game can be crafted to complement the movie. Demand an extra sip each time Maverick talks about flying “real planes.”

Top Gun: Maverick Drinking Game

The Top Gun: Maverick drinking game is a classic game that takes your fun to new heights. The game’s rules involve taking a shot with every callback to the first 1986 movie Top Gun and taking a drink for every take-off in its anticipated sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

Players can also take two drinks when they hear a nickname (Maverick, Rooster, etc.), when a plane takes off, or when Maverick disobeys orders.

FAQs on the Top Gun Drinking Game

What is the Top Gun drinking game?

The Top Gun drinking game is a popular variation of “movie-based” drinking games where specific moments during the movie can prompt groups to play one of many theme-specific challenges or tasks involving taking sips from alcoholic beverages.

Are there any rules I should know while playing this game?

Yes – it’s essential to abide by rules & regulations that are already established beforehand with respect between players, such as no cheating/lying, not talking over someone else’s turn & following any regulations outlined by local / state laws regarding alcohol consumption.

Can I modify the rules of this game if my group finds them too difficult? 

Yes, after deciding on house rules before starting your session, you can also devise creative modifications for cards or pieces depending upon preference level. 

Delight in Playing the Top Gun Drinking Game 

The Top Gun drinking game is an excellent way for movie fans to engage with their friends enjoyably and socially. The game can be played while watching the original Top Gun movie, or its sequel, with players taking drinks or performing shots when certain events occur during the movie.

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