Thunderstruck Drinking Game: An Electrifying Guide to Party Fun

Are your parties in need of an electrifying twist? 

Enter the Thunderstruck Drinking Game. Much like the iconic AC/DC song it’s named after, this game is set to inject high-voltage fun into your night. A test of timing, luck, and your love for brews, it’s an adrenaline-charged rollercoaster that’s not for the faint-hearted. 

Brace yourselves as we dive into the rules and strategies of this unforgettable beer-drinking experience. Ready to get Thunderstruck? Let’s dive in!

What You Need To Play Thunderstruck

• Alcohol – Any beer will do, but longer drinking rounds can require more.

• Equipment to Play Music – Loudspeaker or Aux phone cord and a device that plays the Thunderstruck song by AC/DC (this could be your phone, radio, computer, etc.).

• Drinking Cups – Using designated cups instead of bottles is better since it is easier for everyone to track who is up next.

• Timer – A timer that counts 5 minutes between each round sounds ideal; this helps establish the game rules while saving time.

• Optional Game Enhancers – Pen & paper record how often each person drinks during a round. Playing cards can be added as an additional activity after one player has finished their drink each round.

Rules Of The Thunderstruck Drinking Game

While the Thunderstruck Drinking Game is classic and easy to play with friends, players need to understand the basic rules of the game.

The goal of this drinking game is for players to listen and take drinks when certain words are heard throughout the song.

To begin playing the Thunderstruck Drinking Game, you need at least two participants, but more can join as needed or wanted. 

Once all participants are ready, they sit/stand around in a circle or whatever formation they like while music plays (eager eyes watch as ACDC’s 1990 album containing ‘Thunderstruck’ begins).

When everyone hears “thunder (the 1st word),” then raise their glasses and take one sip – feel free to break out some killer dance moves instead if you prefer! 

Each time after that, whenever it comes back to thunder, each participant takes another sip until someone shouts, “Stop!” If no one shouts stop, people continue sipping until each person finishes their current glass/beer except for those who shouted Stop already.

At this point, whoever yelled out stop first gets an edge over others, being able to go ahead both with their next glass plus dancing (since other players still have theirs finishing).

Setting Up The Thunderstruck Drinking Game

• Gather around in a circle with everyone having a beer in hand.

• Cue up the classic AC/DC song “Thunderstruck” and play it loud on speakers.

• For fun, buy props like Thunderstruck cookies to mark your drink!

• Make sure your group has enough room, and everyone knows the rules.

• Any kind of beer works best but feel free to use any other type of beverage if that’s what they prefer.

Winning Strategies For The Thunderstruck Drinking Game

When playing Thunderstruck, it’s important to remember that pace is vital. 

Drinking too quickly could leave you feeling overwhelmed or sick, so look out for your drinking buddies and down sips of beer instead of chugging it if needed.

Another great strategy when playing the game is strategizing when to take sips during the song “Thunderstruck,” which can play for up to 4 minutes long. For example, some players might take a sip on every fourth thunder and then save their next sip until the end, around 12 claps of thunder.

It’s also worth noting that staying hydrated by drinking water throughout will help keep track of your alcohol consumption and pace yourself from getting over-intoxicated too fast.

Other Fun Drinking Games To Try

Friends and Enemies 

In this drinking game, players secretly assign each other a “friend” or an “enemy” at the start of the game. Whenever a player mentions their name, all their friends must take a drink; when someone mentions their enemies’ names, those people have to take two drinks as punishment.

Irish Snap

Players arrange themselves in pairs around an empty mug or pint glass filled with beer.

Players on opposite sides of the table then cross their arms and reach for one another’s hands before simultaneously shouting, “Irish Snap!” While reaching across the table, they must race to be first to drop their hands onto either side of the cup while making any type of noise they wish until both are secure atop it before anyone else manages to do it – causing them to drink up all its contents!

Fuzzy Duck

This popular drinking game requires two teams to line up against one another in two straight lines facing each other.

Both teams will choose a leader who will stand aside from their respective team and give commands throughout the play, such as “fuzzy duck,” “ducky fuzz,” etc., which means that when he says “fuzzy duck,” everyone moves down one seat towards their opponents while responding accordingly (e.g., ducky fuzz).

The loser has to finish whatever alcoholic beverage was traded off between opposing teams when playing this classic pub-style favorite.

Responsible Play Is Important

It’s always important to stay safe while having fun, including enjoying a drinking game like Thunderstruck. Responsible play in drinking games means setting sensible limits on how much alcohol everyone in the game consumes.

Getting ahead of the actual gameplay is smart: set some basic rules before beginning the game frame, such as no excessive drinking or auto-piloting (aka moving without thought).

This sets expectations that players will have to sit out of further rounds if they exceed their limit. Establish an agreed upon “stop” phrase, where players can press pause anytime during a round instead of relying solely on willpower.

Also, consider looking for signs that indicate others are ready to stop, such as slurred words or clammy skin.

This type of responsible play isn’t limited to self-control but extends to other people playing the game with you.

FAQs on The Thunderstruck Drinking Game

What is the Thunderstruck drinking game?

The Thunderstruck drinking game is a fun party activity centered around the classic AC/DC song “Thunderstruck”. Players perform assigned tasks in sync with the word “thunder” in the song.

How do I play Thunderstruck?

To play Thunderstruck, assemble drinks for players and queue up “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Players pick up their drinks and perform tasks when they hear “thunder”. The player who completes all tasks without mistakes wins.

Can I modify the rules for Thunderstruck?

Yes, you can modify Thunderstruck’s rules, adding elements like shots instead of beer, secret passwords for bonus points, or other fun layers to increase excitement.

What happens after finishing all my tasks during the Thunderstrike song?

After successfully completing all tasks during the Thunderstruck song, the winner of that round is announced. The game can then continue with a new song or a new ‘it’ person leading.

Bring The Thunder To Your Next Party

The Thunderstruck Drinking Game is your ticket to unforgettable fun and camaraderie. With a blast of AC/DC and a splash of your favorite brews, your parties will never be the same. So, let the music play, the laughter ring, and the good times roll. Stay safe, drink responsibly, and stay Thunderstruck, beer lovers!

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