The Office Drinking Game: How to Play, Rules by Episode and Variations

The Office Drinking Game is the ultimate way to elevate your binge-watching experience of this hilarious mockumentary sitcom. With a fun and adaptable set of rules around your favorite Dunder Mifflin employees, you’ll laugh even more as you share drinks with friends or partners during each iconic scene from Scranton’s finest paper company.

Key Takeaways

  • The Office Drinking Game is a fun and adaptable way to enhance your binge-watching experience of the popular sitcom.
  • Rules for this drinking game include taking sips or shots whenever certain events happen, such as Jim making faces to the camera or Michael saying “That’s what she said.”
  • Customized rules can be created based on each character, with examples including taking a drink every time Dwight mentions his beet farm or Creed says something suspicious.
  • Variations of The Office Drinking Game include per episode-specific rules and even a dinner party idea where guests play the game in different rooms of the house. Just remember to drink responsibly!

Office Drinking Game Rules

Take three sips every time Kelly is oblivious to Ryan’s advances.

Drink Every Time Jim Makes A Face To The Camera

As a fan of The Office, you know that Jim Halpert has a habit of making faces to the camera. It’s one of those signature moves he pulls frequently, especially when some tension or hilarity is happening in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.

Imagine binge-watching season 2 with friends and taking a sip whenever Jim looks at the camera with that classic smirk after pranking Dwight for the umpteenth time. Moments like these bring laughter to viewers while creating memorable bonding experiences during your drinking game sessions.

Take Three Sips Every Time Kelly Is Oblivious To Ryan’s Advances

One of the most entertaining aspects of The Office is observing the somewhat tumultuous relationship between Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard. As a fan, you’re bound to notice countless times when Kelly is completely oblivious to Ryan’s advances or dismissive behavior towards her.

For example, there are instances where Ryan might be trying to flirt with another Dunder Mifflin employee right in front of Kelly but she obliviously brushes it off as if nothing happened.

Or perhaps there’s a scene where Kelly excitedly talks about their future together while Ryan rolls his eyes at the camera. These moments are perfect opportunities for your group to cheerfully grab their drinks and take three sips as they appreciate both Kelly’s innocent naivety and Ryan’s perpetual exasperation throughout all 9 seasons of the show.

Take A Shot When Goldenface Blows Toby’s Head Off In “Threat Level Midnight.”

One of the most memorable moments in The Office Drinking Game is taking a shot during “Threat Level Midnight,” specifically when Goldenface, played by Jim Halpert, blows Toby’s head off.

This over-the-top scene comes from Michael Scott’s long-awaited spy movie project that features various characters from Dunder Mifflin playing different roles. In this hilarious episode, Michael casts himself as Agent Michael Scarn and goes on an action-packed mission to save the world.

The “Threat Level Midnight” rule is just one example of how fans can spice up their office drinking game experience by incorporating specific events or episodes into the mix.

By paying attention to character quirks and recurring jokes throughout all nine seasons, players can craft customized rules for each episode or even develop special variations like dinner party games based on favorite storylines.

Drink Every Time Erin Asks For Another Drink

Erin Hannon, the receptionist who replaced Pam in season five of The Office, is prone to asking for another drink throughout the series. If you’re playing The Office Drinking Game and want a light-hearted way to cheers with Erin’s character, take a sip every time she asks for another drink.

This trope happens frequently enough in various episodes that it adds flavor to the game without making anyone too drunk too quickly. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to savor each moment of Erin on screen as she attempts to navigate life at Dunder Mifflin while enjoying a cocktail or two.

Sip Every Time Someone Mentions, “That’s What She Said”

One of the most popular rules in The Office drinking game is taking a sip every time someone mentions “that’s what she said.” This infamous phrase was made popular by Michael Scott, who used it whenever he had the opportunity to make a sexual reference.

This trope became a running gag that fans could not get enough of throughout the show. In episode 26, “Drug Testing,” Michael uses the phrase multiple times, cementing its place in television history.

Customized Rules For Each Character

For Michael Scott, players must take a drink every time he says “That’s what she said,” while for Dwight Schrute, players must drink every time he mentions his beet farm.

As for Pam Beesly, players must take a drink every time she looks at Jim and for Creed Bratton, players must take a sip whenever he does something suspicious.

Michael Scott: Drink Every Time He Says, “That’s What She Said”

Whenever Michael Scott opens his mouth in “The Office,” it’s almost guaranteed that he’ll say, “That’s what she said” at least once. It’s not just a phrase, but an iconic part of the show that has led to countless memes and parodies.

If you’re playing the office drinking game, you’ll need to be prepared to take a sip every single time Michael makes this joke.

Dwight Schrute: Drink Every Time He Mentions His Beet Farm

Dwight Schrute is undoubtedly a fan favorite in The Office, and his love for beets is no secret to anyone who has watched the show. Dwight’s beet farm often features prominently in many of the episodes.

That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the rules in The Office drinking game involves taking a sip every time Dwight mentions his beloved crop. This rule is not only incredibly easy to follow but also adds a layer of fun and humor when binge-watching the show with friends.

Pam Beesly: Drinks Every Time She Looks At Jim

Pam and Jim’s relationship is one of the most beloved tropes in The Office, and their on-screen chemistry never fails to make our hearts flutter. That’s why it’s no surprise that a drinking game rule is dedicated solely to Pam looking at Jim! Whenever she glances his way, everyone playing the game has to take a sip of their drink.

This rule is based on the popular children’s game Jinx, which prohibits anyone from speaking until someone says their name. According to Pam, this rule is “unflinchingly rigid,” so be sure not to forget it when playing The Office Drinking Game with your friends.

Creed Bratton: Drink Every Time He Says Or Does Something Suspicious

Creed Bratton is one of the most mysterious and unpredictable characters from “The Office.” He always seems up to something sketchy, making him an excellent addition to any drinking game.

In this game, players take a drink every time Creed says or does something suspicious. This could include moments when he talks about his shady past or hints at his questionable activities outside of work.

With Creed in the mix, you never know what will happen next, which makes this office drinking game rule all the more exciting.

Andy Bernard: Drink Every Time He Breaks Out Into Song

I always found Andy Bernard’s habit of breaking out into song hilarious. That’s why when it comes to playing the Office drinking game, I make sure to have a full glass every time he starts singing.

Whether it’s an acapella rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” or his infamous ringtone “Rockin’ Robin,” Andy provides plenty of opportunities for players to take a sip and enjoy some comedic relief.

Incorporating Andy Bernard as part of your personalized Office drinking game rules can add more hilarity to the experience.

Office Drinking Game Variations

– Office Drinking Game Variations include episode-specific rules and a dinner party idea for added fun.

Per Episode Specific Rules

If you want to spice up your Office Drinking Game, try customizing the rules for each episode. Here are a few ideas:

  • “Diversity Day”: Drink every time Michael says something inappropriate.
  • “The Dundies”: Take a sip whenever someone receives an award.
  • “Casual Friday”: Take a shot when Meredith flashes the office.
  • “Goodbye Toby”: Drink every time someone mentions hating Toby.
  • “Stress Relief”: Finish your drink when Dwight fires the office.

With nine seasons of The Office, there are plenty of episodes and endless possibilities for customized drinking game rules. Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun!

Dinner Party Idea

One of the best ways to enjoy The Office Drinking Game is at a dinner party with friends or family.

To make it more exciting, set up each room in your house as a different location from Dunder Mifflin Scranton and have guests play the game when they enter each room.

For instance, in the conference room, you can watch “The Dundies” episode while enjoying drinks based on Michael’s go-to beverages – beer and scotch.

In the breakroom area, relive Jim’s iconic prank against Dwight by sipping some beet-flavored soda.

Alternatively, another fun idea is to assign guests characters from The Office before they arrive at the party and have them dress up accordingly.


What Are The Different Office Drinking Games Per Episode?

One of the best things about The Office drinking game is how customizable it can be, especially when playing per episode. For example, in “The Dundies” episode in season 2, players must drink every time Michael Scott says “Meredith Palmer.” Similarly, in the season 4 episode “Launch Party,” players must take a sip whenever someone mentions Apple products.

What are some popular variations of The Office Drinking Game?

Variations of The Office Drinking Game can include different rules, such as taking a drink every time Dwight does something weird or incorporating fun props like Dundie Awards into the game.

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