Stack Cup Drinking Game: Ignite Your Party with Fun and Laughter

Are you looking to add fun and excitement to your next round of drinks? Stack Cup is a drinking game that will liven up any party or gathering with its fast-paced, competitive format.

In this adrenaline-filled game, players must bounce a ping pong ball into their cup at the start of the game before stacking it onto another player’s cup to win. Read on to learn how the game is played, the rules of the game, and more. 

What Is The Stack Cup Drinking Game?

The Stack Cup Drinking Game, or Rage Cage, is skill-based. It involves bouncing a ping pong ball into a cup of the player’s choosing.

Players must stack their cups and take turns trying to bounce the ball into their cups. And for every missed shot, they do one penalty drink or lose the round and pass it to another player – depending on the rules.

What You’ll Need To Play?

Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are the perfect choice for playing a game of Stack Cup drinking. They are sturdy and durable to handle the possibility of bouncing a pong ball or getting knocked onto the floor throughout the play.

Moreover, they’re affordable, lightweight, and disposable—your guests won’t need to wash them when it’s all over. 

A Table Or Flat Surface

This popular skill game requires enough space to accommodate the cups setup and other players. Its craziness gets even more intense when it involves multiple players on a large enough table.

On full-sized surfaces, no player has any advantage over anyone else since everyone’s score is tallied equally after each turn allowing fair evaluation of every participant’s accuracy in bouncing their pong ball into their respective cup.

Ping Pong Balls

Ping-pong balls are an essential part of the Stack Cup Drinking Game. They are used to bounce off of the table and into a cup, often requiring reflexes and some luck. 

Players have to try and get their ping pong ball into one of their opponent’s cups for them to lose the round and drink.

In Team Stack Cup, two balls may be utilized simultaneously, allowing teams to ‘pass’ between each other’s cups to make it across the table without getting caught by your distant teammate ‘catching’ on your side with their cup.


Alcohol is an integral part of the Stack Cup drinking game. You can consider different alcohol varieties, including beer, vodka, tequila, or whiskey. 

However, playing a drinking game with alcohol carries certain risks, especially when no set limits exist. 

Remember, the aim isn’t necessarily to get drunk quickly but to use cups and balls to have fun. Therefore, responsible drinking should be a vital consideration of the game.

The Stack Cup Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Players start the game by attempting to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup of their choice, separated by color for easy identification. The goal is then to stack the players’ cups onto that of the person next to them and so on.

You must drink instead if you cannot do so within three tries.

The Aim Of The Game

The Stack Cup Drinking Game aims to sink a ball into your opponent’s cup before they can land one in yours. The game starts with two players or teams of two and proceeds clockwise around the table.

Players attempt to bounce their ping pong balls into any drinks their opponents hold, making that player drink or ‘lose.’ Whenever someone bounces a ball into an empty glass – commonly called ‘Rage Cage’– all participants must finish their drink and refill the glass at the center of the table.

Whoever lands the last shot in an opposition’s cup wins. If no one sinks a ball within three shots, another team takes its turn.

Setting Up

Before playing the Stack Cup Drinking Game, you must gather the necessary materials and arrange them according to the game rules. Some materials needed include plastic cups, a table, a flat surface, ping pong balls, and alcohol. 

Here’s how the Stack Cup Drinking Game is set up. 

  1. Place the cups on the table to form two stacks in the middle, with six cups in each stack, alternating colors if teams are being created. 
  2. Line up 12 empty solo cups around each side of the pyramid; one at each corner and one every 3 inches along both sides for teamplay – or six empty solo cups around both sides for a two-player game. 
  3. Place your previously filled shot glasses on top of each stack of solo cups in all four corners. Then, place the ping pong balls in each empty cup around either side of the pyramid structure. 

Now your Stack Cup Drinking Game is officially ready to play!

Playing Stack Cup

Stack Cup is the perfect drinking game for larger groups of friends, combining skill, quick reflexes, and a bit of luck. It’s easy to learn and requires minimal set-up – all you’ll need is some plastic cups, ping pong balls, a table or flat surface, and alcohol (if desired).

To start the game, each player must stack their cup in a pyramid with the base containing one cup in the middle of the table. 

The player who initiates goes first and must attempt to bounce the ball into one of their opponent’s cups. If successful, they must pass the ball to the player on their left, who must try to bounce it into one of their opponent’s cups. 

Any player who manages to bounce the ball into their cup must take that cup off the table and place it behind them. Stack Cup aims to eliminate each player’s cups by bouncing a ping pong ball into them. 

After each round (when every player had an attempt at bouncing), an empty cup is placed back onto the table by whoever has been eliminated from that round – essentially stacking back up again for more rounds until only one person remains – they win!

Players can choose from various house rules when playing Stack Cup. This can include;

  • Landing the ball in an opposing player’s cup requires the player to drink or give two drinks instead of taking away their cup.
  • When someone fails to hit any cups, they must also drink.
  • If you successfully hit your cup, you get two extra turns rather than having to discard it from play.
  • Slapping your stack immediately after launching earns you one extra turn per slap, but failure results in immediate elimination that round.

Ultimately, however, how you play is down entirely to preference and experimentation.

House Rules

House rules are essential in ensuring the successful and safe playing of the Stack Cup drinking game. Setting simple house rules before starting to play will add fun, challenge, creativity, and excitement to your experience while also increasing safety for everyone involved in the game. 

Some common examples of house rules often used during a game of stack cup include:

  1. All cups must remain in their stacks when bounced at. Each cup should be removed from its pyramid once opposing teams or players have knocked down all cups.
  2. The amount each player needs to drink associated with knocking down their opponents’ Cups is decided upon by those playing beforehand – e.g., one sip per cup or multiple sips per turn (or any variation!).
  3. Everyone loses if they hit any part of their stack – including other players’ stacks! This causes the entire row/pyramid to come crashing down!
  4. If one person successfully bounces their ball into someone else’s cup during a single turn, that person wins instantly!

NOTE: Use colored cups as it helps distinguish between drinks/shots so no one gets confused and accidentally mixes them up or makes wrong decisions about which team has won/lost etc…

Final Thoughts About the Stack Cup Drinking Game

The Stack Cup Drinking Game is a popular and raucous drinking game that has become a favorite of parties and outdoor gatherings. Its appeal lies in its fast-paced nature, making it suitable for larger groups to play together.

The aim is simple – players take turns trying to bounce a Ping Pong ball into their chosen cup while simultaneously trying to stop their opponents from successfully doing so.

So, for those looking for an exciting yet challenging game played with beer pongs without including alcohol itself? Look no further than Stack Cup.

The Stack Cup Drinking Game FAQs

What is the Stack Cup drinking game?

The Stack Cup drinking game is a popular and fun group activity that involves stacking plastic cups while flipping coins or other objects onto them to land each object inside the respective cup before throwing additional coins into the same cup. 

How many players are needed to play the Stack Cup drinking game?

The basic version of The Stack Cup drinking game requires at least two players, although there could be more people involved depending on how many teams have been set up before starting. 

What items do I need for this game?

To play Stack Cup, you’ll need plastic cups, a table or flat surface, ping pong balls, and some kind of alcoholic beverage.

Are there any age restrictions when playing this particular social activity?

The legal drinking age varies from country to country, sometimes even within different regions or states. But generally, players must be 21+ years. 

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