The Ultimate Guide to Playing The Rick and Morty Drinking Game: Rules, Variants, and Fun

Love watching Rick and Morty? Ready to take your next watch party to the next level with something more fun than just nodding heads? 

Then we’ve got the perfect drinking game for you! The Rick And Morty Drinking Game a try?

The Rick and Morty Drinking Game is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the show’s zany universe while having a blast with friends. 

How To Play The Rick And Morty Drinking Game

Before starting the game, players should read its rules and decide which ones they want to use for a particular game session.

Basic And Advanced Rules

In the Rick and Morty Drinking Game, basic rules involve taking a drink every time Rick drinks and holding it as long as he does. 

Other basic rules include drinking two sips whenever Beth drinks or is seen drunk. When Jerry’s character flaws are highlighted on the show, take one sip of your drink in acknowledgment.

Advanced rules include taking three sips whenever someone says “Pickle Rick” or “Rixty Minutes,” and two gulps when alternate timelines are brought up on the show. Every time Jerry says something mean, gulp your drink while pitying him. 

Whenever Summer talks about her boyfriend, she takes two gulps as a tribute to her relationship goals. For any philosophy-related topics on the screen, take three gulps to appreciate the wisdom expressed in the show.

Taking Sips, Gulps, And Punishment For Rule-breaking

One of the core rules of playing the Rick and Morty Drinking Game is determining when players should take a sip, swallow a gulp, or get punished for rule-breaking. 

Generally, these drinking guidelines are somewhat malleable depending on the group’s preferences, but it usually goes like this: each time a player hears Rick burp, they must take one sip every time; if Morty exclaims, “Oh Geez!” then another sip must be taken, and if an entirely new alien species is introduced to the show—then slug down three gulps. 

But that’s not all. Anytime someone breaks one of the other game rules, they must also pass along punishment hits. 

Punishments usually involve chugging drinks but can be substituted with something else, such as singing karaoke or enduring some kind of physical penalty – like riding an exercise bike while still wearing your Captain Kirk costume.

Everyone involved in this game must think carefully about how much alcohol they consume since it is easy to lose track of all its chaotic fun, which could lead to negative consequences.

Drinking When Specific Phrases, Actions, Or Characters Appear On Screen

For example, if anyone says “wubba lubba dub dub” while playing the game, they must take one sip of their drink. If two people say it simultaneously, both must take two sips each. 

Another example after every time Rick burps in an episode, all players must gulp their drinks regardless of who said it first. 

Even more crucially than knowing these specific rules is understanding responsible limits – this game can get out of hand fast. Hence, it’s best for everyone involved to know their safe limit and adhere to those guidelines even if tempted otherwise by friends or peers.

Variants And Twists Of The Rick And Morty Drinking Game

Mix the game with custom rules or drink options for fun and challenge.

Adding Custom Rules And Challenges

Custom rules and challenges can add extra fun to the Rick and Morty Drinking Game, giving players more control over their experience. Here are some popular custom rules and challenges that can bring a unique twist to your drinking game:

  1. Whenever someone says “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” take two sips or one gulp.
  2. Take three gulps or five sips whenever a character breaks continuity—such as running through walls without portals like in the first season finale.
  3. Drink when Beth Smith makes her signature exasperated sounds or expressions of annoyance (aka ‘Beth Face’).
  4. If you need to remember what happened on screen right before the commercial break, give everyone at the table two sips each.
  5. Take a sip every time Jerry mentions money – even if it is not directly related to him obtaining money.
  6. Die Roll: Make going through a door difficult by rolling dice, with odds determined by how many characters are entering together – for instance, five people could lead to needing double 5s on a six-sided die roll mission success drink 1/failure drink 3.

These custom rules and challenges bring added suspense and excitement to parties playing the Rick and Morty Drinking Game. Everyone stays entertained between episodes while also sticking true to all kinds of fans regardless of their level of knowledge. 

Different Drink Options

There are different drink options, including wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, and shots you can use when playing the Rick and Morty drinking game.

 Wine is often mentioned as a trigger for one sip while taking a hit is an option in some game descriptions. Beer can also be used in many variants and has even been served out of two-liter bottles. Spirits can be mixed with soda or energy drinks. 

In contrast, others add unique twists, such as ice cream cones to mimic Mr. Meeseeks’ boxes or boxes decorated like many show characters featured in this wildly popular adult cartoon. 

Cocktails have become increasingly popular games because they offer fun flavors that represent the humor seen throughout Rick and Morty. 

Shots are an ever-popular reward when playing any drinking game, but several specifically dedicated rules require players to down them on certain occasions.

Tips For A Fun And Safe Experience

Adding the right mix of tips to the night will encourage users to make responsible decisions while having a great time.

Drink Responsibly And Take Breaks

Drinking responsibly and taking regular breaks while playing the Rick and Morty Drinking Game is essential. This is especially true when drinking alcoholic beverages, as overconsumption can lead to numerous health problems such as dehydration, drunkenness, vomiting, hangovers, and severe alcohol poisoning.

To ensure a fun game experience without these risks, players must practice moderation by taking designated “breath-taking” moments between rounds in which everyone sips water or non-alcoholic drinks like coffee or soda.

Additionally, limiting how much one can drink at each turn may help reduce the potential harm associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Ensure A Safe Environment

Before starting the Rick and Morty drinking game, ensure everyone understands the rules of the game, such as taking sips or gulps when specific phrases or actions occur.

Provide clear information on punishments for rule-breaking before starting play to ensure that everyone feels comfortable playing this game. Additionally, remember to take breaks throughout the night whenever necessary.

Also, consider adding extra safety precautions such as having water or non-alcoholic drinks between sessions and keeping track of how many drinks anyone has had the night by creating a tally system. 

Enjoy The Game While Having Fun

Playing the Rick and Morty Drinking Game is about having a good time with friends. Moderation should always be practiced to ensure a safe, entertaining, and enjoyable playing experience.

It might also be helpful to set limits before starting the game. Have everyone note how many drinks they intend to consume during each round of play and stick to that number.

Wrapping Up The Rick and Morty Drinking Game

The Rick and Morty drinking game offers a unique and entertaining way to immerse yourself in the zany world of this beloved animated series. With simple yet exciting rules, you can enhance your viewing experience, share laughs with friends, and create lasting memories. 

However, always remember to drink responsibly and prioritize safety—know your limits, drink in moderation, and be aware of the potential risks. Cheers, and enjoy responsibly.

Rick and Morty drinking game FAQs

What are the rules of the Rick and Morty drinking game?

Players drink during specific scenes, dialogues, or character actions while watching Rick and Morty episodes.

Are there different variants of this game?

Yes, there are numerous variations, often customized based on episodes, seasons, or character behaviors.

Does playing this game require any unique materials beforehand?

No specific materials are required for the Rick and Morty drinking game. You only need access to the Rick and Morty episodes, drinks of your choice, and a list of drinking cues based on the show.

Is playing The Rick And Morty Drinking Game safe?

Yes, it’s safe as long as participants drink responsibly, respect their limits, and prioritize their well-being over the game. Always ensure you’re of legal drinking age.

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