Resha Roulette Drinking Game: Rules, How to Play and Alternatives

Are you a fan of the classic drinking game Russian Roulette? If so, then you’ll love the latest version made famous by Yung Miami’s Resha Roulette! 

This new card game is an exciting and fast-paced way to get everyone laughing and having fun at your party.

With supplies like shot glasses, beer or hard liquor bottles, and cards with particular tasks on them, Resha Roulette provides hours of entertainment. 

Learn more about how to set up and play this social experience and tips for making any night unforgettable.

What Is the Resha Roulette Drinking Game?

Resha Roulette is a fast-paced, card-based drinking game created by City Girls’ Yung Miami. It has quickly become popular among friends and partygoers for its fun rules and quick rounds.

The game’s objective is simple it is very similar to the drinking game never have I ever —

You pick a card and answer the question, if you have done what it says on the card, you take a shot. It’s really that simple.

How to Play the Resha Roulette Drinking Game?

Resha Roulette’s primary goal is for you to play a “responsible” drinking game with your friends.

Taking turns drawing from the deck of Resha Roulette cards, each player reads and answers the question truthfully, if you have done what it says on the card, you must take a drink.

Where to Buy the Resha Roulette Drinking Game?

What You Need to Play the Resha Roulette Drinking Game

To make sure you “Get Lit” and that there are no tiffs playing the game and that you have a blast playing the game, you gotta make sure you’re prepared. So, here’s a list of things you’ll need before the fun begins:

  1. Resha Roulette Kit– The pack includes four resha roulette shot glasses and a deck of Resha cards.
  2. Shot Glasses – While regular shot glasses may be used, it’s best if all players use specially made shot glasses.
  3. Cards  –  To make sure you are playing the game right, you really need to make sure you get your hands on the official deck of Resha Roulette cards.
  4. Drinks –  Prepare your drinks and snacks ahead of time.

Rules of the Resha Roulette Drinking Game

  1. Playing the Resha Roulette drinking game is a piece of cake.  
  2. All players get one of the four Resha Roulette shot glasses
  3. You then need to draw a card from the deck. 
  4. You must then act answer the question, if you have done what it says on the card, you must confess and take a drink.

Alternative Ways To Play the Game

The game’s main objective is similar to the traditional never have I ever drinking game — drink shots depending on whether or not you have done what it says on the card.

Playing Resha Roulette Without Anything?

Although it is not ideal to play the game without the official Resha Roulette cards, if you still want the play the game and don’t have anything,

  1. Start by flipping a coin to see who goes first.
  2. Ask the group if they have done something you have done – could be embarrassing, could be intimate, you get the drift – but make sure the question is taboo so that you get a laugh from your friends.
  3. If the group has done what you asked – they all take a drink.
  4. Continue going to the right until you and your friends have had enough of the game.

To get you going, here are some of the questions asked in the game;

“Take a shot if you ever had a female eat you out,”

“Take a shot if you ever ate a n**’s a,”

Resha Roulette Alternative

FAQs on the Resha Roulette Drinking Game

What items do I need to host a Resha Roulette drinking game session?

You will need at least two shot glasses and drinks such as beers & mixed shots/liqueur samples for whoever is playing as well as a deck of cards. C

How long does an average game of Resha Roulette last?

It typically lasts from 20 minutes up to 1 hour depending upon various factors such as the number of players as well as time for the chatter and laughter in between.

Final Take on the Resha Roulette Drinking Game

The Resha Roulette drinking game if you buy the official cards can be a great night of fun. It’s easy to play and provides a unique take on the classic never have I ever drinking game.


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