Pub Golf Guide – How To Play, Rules, Costumes & Accessories

Ever wondered about how to spend a fun and exciting night with friends or family over a drink? The Pub Golf drinking game promises an excellent way to bond and enjoy with friends by combining the thrill of golf with the excitement of a bar crawl.

With its simple rules, creative costumes, and fun challenges, Pub Golf is the perfect activity for any occasion — from stag dos to team-building events.

So grab your clubs (and your drink of choice) because we will examine everything you want to learn about playing Pub Golf.

Let’s start with the basics.

Understanding Pub Golf: Rules, Objective, And Scoring

At its core, Pub Golf doesn’t require you to get up early in the morning and carry a big bag of golf clubs around for hours or forfeit your drink to enjoy. Instead, you only need a few drinking with your workmates or friends.

To understand how it works, you need to know how to:

  • Choose courses and holes
  • Keep scores
  • Strategize for a successful game
  • Understand handicaps and variations

Choosing The Course And Holes

When choosing the course and holes for your Pub Golf event, there are a few important factors to consider.

First, you’ll choose a location with several close pubs or bars. Each pub will serve as a hole on the course. Map out the route ahead of time to ensure that there is enough distance between each venue and that players can easily travel from one to another.

Next, consider the types of drinks to include in your game. Each pub or bar should offer a different drink option corresponding to its designated par level. Consider selecting drinks with a golf theme, such as “Golf Course Margaritas” or “Bogey Beer.”

With careful planning and consideration of these details, you can proceed to score rules to create an exciting and memorable Pub Golf experience for all participants.

Scoring Rules And Scorecard

Keeping track of your score is essential in Golf Pub. Each player carries their scorecard and must record the number of drinks/sips/gulps taken to finish the assigned drink for each hole.

The target number of drinks represents the par score for that particular bar, just like in golf.

Pub Golf aims to complete all the “holes” with the lowest possible score. This means that the participant’s task is to minimize mistakes as possible and prevent them from adding up quickly on the scorecard.

When the night ends, whoever has the lowest combined score wins.

To keep things fair, players can use handicaps based on factors such as age or drinking experience. The player can also take advantage of mini-games or challenges at each hole for bonus points and extra fun at each hole.

Strategies And Tips For A Successful Game

As someone who has played Pub Golf before, I can attest to hours of endless fun in the game. However, winning the game isn’t always easy.

You can adopt a few strategies and tips to increase your winning chances.

  • First, pace yourself. Know your limits, and don’t overdo it at the beginning of the night. You want to enjoy all of the bars on your route, not just the first couple.
  • Second, choose your clubs wisely. Each hole may require a different type of drink or activity, so ensure you have various drinks. If one bar is challenging or time-consuming, consider taking a penalty stroke instead of rushing through it.
  • Communication is key when playing Pub Golf with a group. Ensure every group member knows the rules for pub golf and understands their role in keeping score. If there’s any confusion about course layout or game variations, speak up and ask for clarification. Keeping things organized and running smoothly will ensure that everyone has a great time playing this unique drinking game.

Handicaps And Variations

A handicap system is important in Pub Golf as it helps level the playing field and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

However, agreeing on a fair system can be difficult since drinking abilities vary greatly between players. You can use many variations of pub golf to be fair. The variations include:

  • Mini-Golf pub crawls
  • Pub Golf Olympics
  • Combining other games and activities with bar golf
  • Adapting the game based on preferences and limitations

The possibilities are endless. You can customize a fun night out with friends, enjoy all the local pubs’ atmosphere, and create unforgettable memories while you complete the drink. 

Dressing Up For Pub Golf: Costumes And Accessories

The best element of that Pub Golf borrows from real golf games is the element of dressing up. Consequently, you can unleash your creative side with golf-themed costumes and accessories that will make you stand out.

From classic polo shirts to funky golf-inspired hats — there are a gazillion costumes and accessories you can choose from for a fun-filled night of pub golf. 

Here are some dress-up ideas and tips you can leverage when planning to play bar golf.

Creative Costume Ideas

Half the fun of Pub Golf is dressing up in creative costumes.

A classic golf outfit with argyle socks and a visor hat is always a hit for men. Women can get creative with plaid skirts and cute golf tees.

Accessorizing is also important. You can go for golf-themed jewelry, gloves, or even customized t-shirts, even for a person who doesn’t drink.

To take your pub golf costume to the next level. Consider some unique ideas like dressing up as a famous professional golfer or creating your own custom “hole-in-one” costume, complete with a cardboard green and flagpole sticking out of your head.

However, remember to prioritize safety when choosing accessories. Avoid any costume or accessory that will obstruct vision or movement.

Pub Golf isn’t only about general play. Dressing in fun costumes adds an extra layer of excitement and humor to the already enjoyable game of pub golf. Why not let your creativity run wild with outfits that will make you stand out on the course?

Accessorizing For Extra Fun

Adding accessories is a great way to take your costume to the next level when dressing up for pub golf. You can get the most popular golf-themed accessories like:

  • Visors
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Silly socks
  • Wrist bands
  • Themed drinking cups
  • Short glasses

You can easily find these accessories at any sporting goods store.

Try incorporating party hats or golf-themed headbands into your look for a fun twist. Alternatively, you can add extra fun by adding:

  • Themed Jewelry 
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Necklaces with small golf balls
  • Charms shaped like clubs
  • Putting on green

All these are great additions to any outfit that add an extra touch of whimsy. Plus, they can be a perfect conversation starter when playing pub golf with friends.

With the huge accessories collection, it’s easy to get creative and have some fun while playing this unique game. So go ahead and add some personality to your Pub Golf outfit!

Safety Tips For Dressing Up

As fun as it is to dress up for Pub Golf, safety should always come first. When choosing a costume, consider the practicality of your attire.

Avoid clothing that could impair movement or obstruct vision. Wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking around and playing mini-golf at different bars.

Consider the weather, too, in your outfit choice. If it will be chilly outside, bring layers or choose a costume that can accommodate them. If it going to rain, dress up in clothes that won’t be a water hazard.

 Also, if you wear anything with sharp objects or prop weapons, ensure they are safe and not hazardous to others.

Remember that Pub Golf is essentially a fun experience with friends while enjoying drinks along the way. Don’t let your outfit get in the way of having a good time.

Pub Golf Etiquette And Rules To Follow

As with any other drinking game, Pub Golf has rules and etiquette when the game is played.  There is a pre-determined set of rules to follow, such as:

  • Responsible drinking
  • Respecting pub-goers and staff,
  • Following course rules

To ensure a fun and safe experience, let’s dig deep into each of the rules above to create an unforgettable pub golf event.

Responsible Drinking And Staying Safe

Staying safe and practicing responsible drinking are crucial aspects of playing Pub Golf. As a person drinking and participating, you should know your limits and pace yourself throughout the game.

While the game is about having fun with friends while enjoying a few drinks, you should remember to drink responsibly.

Have a designated driver or plan for safe transportation after the game. Many local bars and pubs offer discounts on taxi services, so take advantage of these options to ensure everyone gets home safely.

What makes the game more interesting is safety. You should always prioritize it. Follow alcohol awareness guidelines and the bar’s additional rules to enjoy a night out without compromising your well-being or that of others around you.

Respecting Pub-goers And Staff

Respect for the other pub-goers and staff when playing Pub Golf. Amid the play, it’s easy to forget that you’re in public where others are also trying to enjoy their time.

Keep your volume at an appropriate level, avoid getting too rowdy or aggressive with other players or patrons, and don’t make a mess to avoid compromising your night out on the town.

Follow the rules set by the establishment and any local laws regarding alcohol consumption. If a bartender cuts you off or refuses to serve you more drinks because they believe you’ve had enough, don’t argue with them – just move on to the next “holes.”

Don’t sneak drinks into places where outside beverages aren’t allowed. The act disrespects the establishment and could get you kicked out of the game.

By respecting those around you when playing pub golf, you can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable night out without incident.

Following Course Rules And Golf Etiquette

You should follow the proper golf etiquette when playing pub golf. Respect the course and other players by:

  • Not talking while someone is hitting
  • Avoiding any distracting movements or noises
  • Play at an appropriate pace so that everyone can enjoy the game without feeling rushed
  • Finish the designated drink
  • Respecting the staff and other patrons at each establishment
  • Being mindful of noise levels
  • Cleaning up as you go

Adhering to these basic rules of conduct can help ensure a positive experience for yourself and others on your next pub golf outing.

Creating Your Own Pub Golf Course And Event

To plan a unique pub golf event that will impress your friends, you’ll need to:

  • Choose perfect choosing locations:
  • Create challenges
  • Incorporating fun mini-games.

Here’s everything you need to know about organizing and hosting an unforgettable night out.

Choosing Locations And Holes

Choosing location and holes requires you to consider several factors:

First, identify and choose easily accessible pubs for every participant on foot or by public transportation. Make safety a priority, and opt for well-lit areas with minimal street crossings. Pub Golf is a drinking game; participant safety shouldn’t be compromised when moving from one pub to another.

 Secondly, consider the vibe of each pub when selecting your course. Do you want high-energy bars with plenty of dancing to play the drinking game? Or will more laid-back spots where you can kick back and chat work for you?

Choose your preference and get permission from any establishment before including them in your course. Some may require reservations or charge fees to participate in certain activities. Whichever the case, ensure you pick the best fit for your Pub Golf game.

Creating Unique Challenges For Players

After identifying the pubs and “holes,” your next task for planning a successful Pub Golf course is to create unique challenges for players. Some ideas to play could include:

  • Incorporating mini-games at each hole, such as beer pong or flip cup
  • Having participants dress in themed costumes for an extra level of difficulty to the game
  • Choosing pubs with specific signature drinks and making it mandatory for everyone on the team to try them
  • Adding physical challenged like taking shots standing on one leg
  • Completing a pub quiz before moving on to the next bar

Whichever the challenge, ensure your options align with your group’s preferences and abilities while being fun and engaging.

You can also encourage teamwork by including bonus points for teams who work well together during the game while determining the lowest score for those who don’t finish the drink. You can predetermine the rules of the game during this time.

Creating these exciting and inventive challenges can make your Pub Golf outing more memorable and enjoyable for all involved without compromising safety. Always follow safe drinking practices so everyone can have fun responsibly throughout the night.

Planning The Route And Logistics

Another important consideration when planning a pub golf event is planning the route and logistics. The process includes:

  • Choosing the locations for each hole
  • Determining the order in which participants will visit the holes
  • Coordinating transportation for all players

Choose locations that are within walking distance or a short ride from each other to ensure everyone can easily make it to each stop.

Once you have chosen your course, you’ll want to create a map or itinerary so everyone knows where they are going and when. You can then hand it out beforehand or provide it at the beginning of the game.

Remember to coordinate transportation options such as designated drivers or ride-sharing services if needed. With proper planning, you’ll have a successful Pub Golf event without any hiccups.

Inviting Guests And Setting Expectations

The final step after all the setup is inviting guests, and setting expectations is essential. You can send invitations at least two weeks in advance with all the pertinent details, such as:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Starting location
  • Dress code (if any)
  • Course list
  • Rules of Pub Golf

Early invitations give people enough time to clear their schedules and arrange transportation.

In terms of expectations, emphasize that pub golf is a fun social activity that requires responsible drinking. Encourage guests to pace themselves throughout the night and provide them with options for sober rides home, such as designated drivers or ride-share services.

Explain to people that you’re inviting acceptable behaviors during the game and remind them to treat staff and other patrons respectfully while playing.

By inviting guests early on and being clear about your expectations from the start, you can ensure everyone will have an enjoyable time during your Pub Golf outing.

Organizing And Hosting A Memorable Pub Golf Event

With half of the task complete, you can now organize to host a memorable Pub Golf game. The huge factor here is planning transportation and accommodations to make sure that everyone can safely participate.

You can also prepare creative mini-games and activities for added fun and offer prizes and awards to make the night unforgettable.

Arranging Transportation And Accommodations

Transport and accommodation of your participant are critical for a memorable event. Depending on the location of the pubs/bars being visited, arrange for buses or shuttles to safely transport players between each venue.

Alternatively, participants can opt to use ride-share services like Uber or Lyft. We suggest making shuttle reservations and communicating with players about meeting points and times in advance to ensure everyone has a good time without worrying about transportation after the event ends.

Regarding accommodations, if your group plans on drinking heavily during the game, booking a nearby hotel may be an option worth exploring.

For those who plan to spend the night at a hotel, ensure they are aware of any reservation details and check-in procedures before arriving.

The key is to organize everything in advance so everyone can focus solely on enjoying themselves during their pub golf experience.

Providing Prizes And Awards

As a Pub Golf event organizer, you should provide exciting prizes and awards for the participants. The ultimate winner of the Pub Golf competition receives a pre-decided prize for their skills and performance throughout the game.

Other players can also receive small memorabilia like customized golf balls or beer mugs.

To create healthy competition among players, we usually award prizes for various categories, such as:

  • Best-dressed player
  • Most creative accessories or costume
  • Lowest scorecard holder, etc.

These categories keep the spirit of fun and socialization alive while encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship.

Providing attractive prizes enhances the excitement level and helps participants remember this unique experience forever.

Fun Mini Games And Activities To Incorporate

One of the best things about Pub Golf is the opportunity to incorporate fun mini-games and activities throughout the course. The side challenges make for a more engaging and entertaining experience.

Some examples of mini-games you can add include:

  • Beer pong at one of the stops
  • Mini-golf challenges
  • Trivia questions related to golf or local pubs

These mini-games help break up any lulls in between holes and create friendly competition among players.

Incorporating themed accessories like putter covers or personalized flasks can also add excitement to your outing. For example, you might have a closest-to-the-pin challenge where the winner takes home an officially branded pint glass as a memento from their victory on that particular hole.

These small details will make players feel more invested in each step, leading to a more memorable time overall.

Popular Pub Golf Variations And Adaptations

While Pub Golf is a game that you and your guest can enjoy alone, there are several variations and adaptations that you can adopt to customize your experience.

Some of the fun variations and adaptations of Pub Golf include:

  • Mini golf pub crawl
  • Pub golf Olympics
  • Combining it with other games or activities and adapting the game based on preferences and limitations

Mini Golf Pub Crawl

Mini Golf Pub Crawl is one of the popular variations of Pub Golf that involves visiting various mini-golf courses instead of pubs. It’s a perfect option for those who prefer to stay outdoors and enjoy a bit of exercise while having fun with friends.

The objective is the same as regular pub golf: players must complete each hole in as few strokes as possible while adhering to specific rules and scoring systems.

Players can choose from different types of mini-golf courses, such as:

  • Pirate-themed
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Classic designs

Each course has its set of unique challenges that require players’ skills and creativity to overcome. Mini Golf Pub Crawl offers an exciting way to explore the city’s top-rated mini-golf venues while socializing with friends.

Pub Golf Olympics

Pub Golf Olympics is one of the people’s favorite variations of Pub Golf. This version of the game involves teams representing different countries and competing against each other in a variety of challenges, including:

  • Mini-golf
  • Beer pong
  • Other bar games

To play Pub Golf Olympics, you must organize your team and choose a country to represent. You can create custom scorecards with unique challenges for each hole or simply stick with traditional scoring rules.

Whether you’re an experienced pub golfer or new to the game, the Pub Golf Olympics is a great way to add friendly competition to your night out. The important thing is to have fun while staying safe and responsible.

So gather some friends and prepare for a memorable evening filled with laughter, bonding, and perhaps even a bit of drinking culture education!

Combining Pub Golf With Other Games And Activities

Pub Golf can hold its own among other social games like beer pong and flip cup for a thrilling night out. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just one game. You can combine Pub Golf with other activities.

For example, you could:

  • Try making each hole more challenging by incorporating mini-games or trivia questions
  • Turn it into a pub crawl, choosing bars that serve different types of drinks at each stop along the way
  • Organize your version of the Pub Golf Olympics if you’re looking for something more competitive
  • Play various drinking games at each hole and score based on traditional pub golf rules.
  • Include prizes for categories like the best costume and the most creative drink creation.

No matter what type of combination you choose, always remember to enjoy yourself responsibly and stay safe throughout the night. Keep an eye on everyone’s alcohol intake and encourage sportsmanship among players.

After all, combining these games is ultimately about having fun.

Adapting The Game Based On Preferences And Limitations

The best part of Pub Golf is that players can easily adapt the game based on their preferences and limitations. For instance:

  • Some players may choose to alter the game’s rules, such as reducing the amount of alcohol consumed per hole or eliminating penalty shots altogether.
  • Others may prefer to modify costumes and accessories for added fun and creativity.
  • You can play with variations that differ from traditional rules. One popular variation is Mini Golf Pub Crawl, where players visit different bars with mini-golf courses along the route.
  • You can organize a competitive event such as the Pub Golf Olympics, where teams compete against one another in various pub golf challenges, including beer pong, darts, etc.

Adapting Pub Golf allows players to enjoy a personalized experience that suits their tastes.

Whether playing with modified rules or incorporating additional activities into gameplay, you can enjoy the diverse pub golf adaptations that add more excitement and entertainment to an already entertaining social activity.

Take On The Challenge Of Pub Golf And Enjoy A Fun Night Out With Friends

By this point, we’ve covered a lot of technical details, so it will be right to conclude with a quick checklist to help you lay out a perfect night with friends. Here are the seven most important things to remember.

  • Pub Golf is one of the best social activities to grab your friend, put on your best golf-themed costume, and create unforgettable memories.
  • With easy-to-follow rules, customizable scoring, and endless opportunities for fun challenges and activities, this game is the perfect way to enjoy a night on the town with your friends.
  • The only golfing element of the game only came to play in the way you choose the holes to cove and the par on each of them. For instance, you will choose 9 or 18 holes, which will be 9 pubs or a whopping 18.
  • When choosing how to add extra fun to the game, costumes and accessories will play a huge role.
  • Go easy on the pint of beer. The fun is always in drinking and enjoying responsibly.
  • When preparing for a memorable event, consider Pub Golf’s variations and adaptations, attendees’ transport and accommodation, and safety when moving from one pub to the next.
  • You should invite and inform your intended guest of your expectations as early as two weeks in advance to give them the time to clear their schedule and plan for the event.

Take on the challenge of Pub Golf today – we guarantee it’ll be a hole-in-one.


How do you play Pub Golf?

Pub Golf is a fun drinking game in which players visit various pubs or bars, each representing a different “hole.” Each hole has a drink and a par (number of sips) assigned to it, and players aim to complete the course with as few sips as possible.

What are some popular costumes for Pub Golf?

Costumes can vary widely based on personal preference. But popular options include golf-themed outfits (such as argyle socks and visors), caddy uniforms, or even full golfer costumes complete with clubs.

Are there any rules to follow when playing Pub Golf?

Yes! In addition to following local laws regarding alcohol consumption, players should stick to the designated par for each drink and must finish their drinks before moving on to the next pub/hole. Cheating (such as pouring out drinks) is also strictly prohibited.

Do I need any special accessories to play Pub Golf?

While not strictly necessary, many players bring accessories such as scorecards, novelty golf balls (“pub crawl” balls), or custom drink koozies printed with golf-related puns or jokes.

What’s Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a social activity that involves visiting multiple pubs or bars in one night. The goal of a pub crawl is to have a good time, socialize with friends, and enjoy various drinks and atmospheres across different locations.

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