Pizza Box Drinking Game: Rules And How To Play

Are you craving some good old drinking fun? The Pizza Box Drinking Game is a classic rule-based game that has been around for years and is loved by many. This beer or alcohol-infused game of chance involves tossing coins into a pizza box to draw functional shapes, be penalized drinks, and assign tasks among players.

In Short:

  • The pizza box drinking game is a classic rule-based game for beer or alcohol consumption that requires a pizza box, coin, or marker and an empty cardboard surface.
  • The first person grabs the coin and attempts to flip the coin onto the pizza box. 
  • Once you have successfully flipped the coin onto the pizza box, you need at least one dark-colored permanent marker to draw your shape and play your go. 
  • Players take turns flipping the coin onto the pizza box.    
  • Penalty drinks are assigned to those who cannot get the coin to land on the pizza box, i.e. taking a drink or a shot.

How To Play The Pizza Box Drinking Game

To get started, you’ll need an empty pizza box, a coin or marker, and enough players to form a circle around the pizza box. The designated player must throw the coin onto the game surface and draw whatever shape it lands using their marker.

What you will need:

• Pizza Box or any empty cardboard/paper surface.

• Dark coloured permanent markers suitable for writing on cardboard.

• Lots of beer, wine, and liquor – beer is the classic alcohol used in this game though you could use other types as well, such as wines like pinot noir, white wine and rose, or spirits like bourbon and vodka, for example.

It’s best to use alcoholic beverages with a lower percentage of alcohol content so that players don’t get too drunk too quickly.

• A quarter or $2 dollar coin.

Setting Up The Game

To set up the Pizza Box Drinking Game you will need a pizza box, a marker or coin, and cups for drinks.

The game should be played on any flat surface, such as a kitchen table or the floor.

Place the open pizza box in an area with enough space for everyone to move around it comfortably.

Next, decide who will go first and give them the marker or coin chosen for play once everyone knows their place in the game circle around the pizza box and start playing!

Here are some tips for successful game setup:

– Be sure that everyone has access to their drinks before starting the game.

– Make sure that all players know the rules before starting.

– Ensure that there are no distractions such as cast phones, TV’s etc in the playing area.

– Designate one person to act as a referee and keep track of scores.

Pizza Box Drinking Game Rules

The first player (doesn’t matter who!) flips a coin onto the pizza box. Three different scenarios can occur:

  • If the coin lands on a circle with a person’s name, that named person must take a drink.
  • If the coin lands on a blank space, the player must draw a circle around the coin and write a task or dare in it.
  • If the coin lands outside of the box completely, the player must take a drink and skip their turn.

Once the first player has taken a drink or given out a drink is passed to the person on the left. The next player then flips the coin and does the same. But from now on, there is an additional scenario that can occur at the coin flip. If the coin lands on a circle with a task written by a previous player, the player must complete the task.

Continue playing to the left. At some point in the game, the entire pizza box should be covered in tasks and names. This is when the game will get the most interesting!

Penalty Drinks

Penalty drinks involve players taking a drink for various consequences that occur with the game.

Most commonly, if a player throws and the coin does not land within the pizza box on their first attempt, they must take a penalty drink as punishment.

This is why it is essential to be precise and skillful when attempting to make your shot as success pays off in avoiding nasty punishments like taking an extra-large gulp of your beverage.

Other examples of penalty drinks include having to take two sips if you forget whose turn it is or if you lose track of which rules have been drawn up on each round.

If someone gets caught lying during gameplay, they are expected to down the remainder of their drink – usually no matter how full or empty it may be!

Winning The Game

The ability to win the Pizza Box Drinking Game boils down to skill, luck, and strategy. The objective is for all players to combine their efforts filling up the pizza box with shapes before any penalties are imposed on them.

Success is based on a combination of communication amongst each other as well as using some basic rules like penalty drinks and custom rules if necessary.

To maximize your chances of winning, team work is essential; assign tasks amongst yourselves so everyone has something to do in order to fill the board faster.

Working together also means that there’s an increased chance one person can get lucky when it comes time for drinking challenges or dares!

With penalty drinks increasing over longer rounds of play, it’s important for teams to strategize accordingly in order get faster at filling up spaces without taking too long during certain tasks or assigning duties haphazardly.

Pizza Box Drinking Game Ideas And Variations

For a unique twist to the typical pizza box drinking game, participants can come up with their own ideas for challenges and tasks, such as a TV/Movie-Themed version or a Music-Themed version.

For an added challenge, people can even try out “Flip Cup” style variations where each player must land two quarters in succession before passing it off to another participant.

TV/Movie-Themed Version

If you’re looking to spice up your classic Pizza Box Drinking Game and make it easier on the eyes, try out a TV/Movie-Themed Version. This variation requires players to come up with their own challenge or dare fitting of the movie or show being watched at the time.

For instance, if everyone were watching “Friends”, any Dare that is related to an episode in “Friends” can be written around the coin such as explaining Ross and Rachel’s relationship status within 6 words.

To play this version of Pizza Box Drinking Game, before each toss choose which film or series you want to watch together, and draw accordingly themed circles around each coin.

At the end of every round check who landed inside which zone and let them pick their own challenge appropriate for that movie or show.

Music-Themed Version

The music-themed version of the Pizza Box Drinking Game is an exciting and unique twist on a classic favorite. This variation involves playing drinking games while listening to your favorite tunes, which makes it great for parties or general get-togethers.

This additional layer of interactivity adds complexity and depth to the gameplay while adding another level of creative challenge. The soundtrack further enhances traditional rules by transforming dares from individual tasks into group endeavors (like singing along to a song).

Players who land on their own space in “Pizza Mode” may enlist everyone else’s help in taking on bigger challenges for extra difficulty.

“Flip Cup” Style Variation

Flip Cup, also known as Drinking Relay by some players, is a great variation on the classic Pizza Box Drinking Game.

Players divide into two teams and line up at opposite ends of a table or play area. Both team members must each finish their cup before they can move onto whatever fun challenge is set out across from them.

Once both teammates have completed their drinks, they must complete whatever challenges await them before making it back to their starting position…. with an empty glass.

In order for someone’s team to win this variation, one side has to be completely done (back to its original start spot) with all glasses emptied before any progress on the other side has even been made! 

Customized Rule Set

The Pizza Box Drinking Game can be even more fun when you add your own rules. Players can customize or create their own rule sets, which provides many opportunities for creativity and an exciting twist on the classic game.

Here are some tips on how to create your own customized rule set:

1. Decide what kind of challenge you want your players to face — it could be physical or intellectual tasks or making someone laugh.

2. Select ideas that are challenging yet attainable — make sure all the players feel like they could potentially reach them instead of facing an impossible task every time.

3. Take into account everyone’s ages and safety levels — no one should ever feel pressured or uncomfortable with the drinks, rules, or dares presented by other players.

4. Have a few predetermined penalties for anyone who cannot complete their task — these helpful punishments could include extra drinks and forfeits such as telling jokes or singing silly songs.

5. Balance the seriousness and silliness — come up with a mix of slightly stupid yet somewhat difficult tasks that keep everyone in participation mode throughout the game.

6. Finally, have some structure while also allowing room for improvisation and experimentation—randomly creating shapes or throwing out wild ‘Would You Rather?’ questions keeps people engaged, and prevents things from becoming too same-y after multiple rounds of play.[/Writing Instruction]

Tips For Hosting A Successful Game

• Gather a good mix of players who are both daring and competitive. Cowards won’t make the game any fun for anyone.

• Prepare a designated space to play with plenty of room for tossing or flipping the coin. Secure all beverages on sturdy furniture so no spills occur during gameplay.

• Provide each player with their own marker and ensure that they understand all rules before gameplay begins!

• Encourage creativity by allowing players to illustrate their shapes and come up with tasks/challenges as part of completing dares found in empty spaces on the pizza box surface

• Before playing, establish ground rules regarding underage drinking, responsible consumption, safety measures (e.g., doing shots at home off-limits), penalties for cheating, etc.. Stick to these rules throughout the game; feel free to introduce other impromptu house rules here or there if necessary!

Pizza Box Drinking Game FAQ

If you are looking for answers to commonly asked questions about the pizza box drinking game such as what it is, how many players you need, and what kind of tasks/dares you should use – then this section will give you all that information and more! Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this fun and addictive game.

What Is A Pizza Box Drinking Game?

The pizza box drinking game is an age-old tradition that originated in Europe but has since spread all around the world. The game’s basic premise is simple: toss a coin onto a surface and whoever it lands next to must take a drink.

How Many Players Do You Need To Play The Pizza Box Drinking Game?

The Pizza Box Drinking Game is a great way to have fun and start your party! While the more players you have the better, it can still be played with three or more people.

What Are Some Ideas For Pizza Box Drinking Game Dares, Tasks, And Challenges?

Coming up with unique dares, tasks, and challenges for the game can make it all the more entertaining. Some examples of common drinking game tasks include finishing one’s drink, singing a song, or doing falls to mention a few.

Final Thoughts on the Pizza Box Drinking Game

The pizza box drinking game is a popular and fun activity enjoyed at social gatherings, parties, or intimate get-togethers. It allows players to interact with each other via coin tossing and drink assignments in an enjoyable environment.

Moreover, it brings people together as they compete for victory and attempts to ruin the night for their opponents. Playing this game regularly creates an atmosphere of camaraderie among participants, which often results in lots of laughs and interaction that lasts beyond the conclusion of the game itself.

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