Mario Party Drinking Game: Rules, Tips and Gameplay

Ready to power up your party with a twist of nostalgia and a dash of competitive spirit?

As a die-hard Mario Party fan and an enthusiast for unforgettable social experiences, I’ve got just the thing for you: the Mario Party Drinking Game. Imagine the thrill of chasing stars across a virtual game board, but a new beverage challenge awaits with every roll of the dice.

This isn’t just any game night – it’s an adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom right in your living room. Ready to join me on this journey? Let’s get started!

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A Brief Overview Of Mario Party

Mario Party is an iconic video game series that debuted in 1998, developed and published by Nintendo. It’s appeared on various consoles over the years with recent releases on the Wii U, Switch, and 3DS platforms.

  • We’re talkin’ about a board game-style climbing adventure that’s all about competition.
  • You play mini-games, collect coins and stars, and race to the end goal every round.
  • You can pick from all your favorite Mario characters – Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and more.
  • The goal? Rack up as many points (stars) as you can while going head-to-head with your buds on themed boards like Toad’s Factory or Koopa Castle.
  • Every mini-game is a new adventure. Sometimes you gotta be quick, other times it’s all about luck. Only the winners get points.
  • Different versions of Mario Party offer even more fun. Mario Party Superstars, for instance, packs five classic boards for endless shenanigans.
  • Mario Party promises a good time for everyone, no matter the size of your crew, old or new. So get your drinks ready and let the games begin!

Mario Kart Drinking Game Rules

To get started, you’ll need to know the basic rules of Mario Party drinking game and all the different options for drinking rules – so let’s dive right in!

How To Set Up The Game

  • Before diving into a fun night, it’s important to ensure the Mario Party Drinking Game is set up correctly.
  • At the very least, you’ll need a Nintendo console – either Wii or Switch – and some controllers for every player.
  • To get drinks involved in the game, you should also have a beer, wine, liquor, or other alcoholic beverages ready for each person.
  • You’ll need enough snacks to keep everyone satisfied throughout the evening too! Remember that different versions of Mario Party play differently, so choose one that fits your drinking game rules best.

Basic Rules Of Mario Party Drinking Game

Players must take a drink at the start of every mini-game, and each time, they lose coins to other players, but depending on the version of Mario Party you are playing, additional drinking rules can be applied for bonus fun.

It’s essential to establish clear rules before starting the game and ensure everyone understands them.

The Different Drinking Rules You Can Use

Standard rules include taking a sip at the beginning of every mini-game, one drink when you land on a red space, or two drinks for landing in Bowser’s room.

You may also provide other punishments, such as requiring players to sing karaoke after losing a mini-game or finish their drink if they don’t get first place in a particular challenge.

Choosing The Right Mario Party Version

You need to make a few critical decisions regarding Mario Party drinking games.

First and foremost, which version of the game will you be playing?

Classic titles such as Mario Party Superstars and Mario Party 8 can be played in their original state with a roll of the dice for each player.

But more recently, Nintendo released a new version of their beloved party title–Super Mario Party on Switch, that changes how people play.

The most significant difference between the two is in terms of mini-games. While traditional Mario parties focus on competitive video games based on chance and luck, the Super Mario part relies much more heavily on skill.

Tips For Playing The Drinking Game

– Remember to drink responsibly and know your limits while playing the game, as taking too many drinks can lead to negative repercussions.

Make Sure Everyone Is Following The Rules

To ensure everyone follows the rules when playing the Mario Party Drinking Game, it is essential to start n the right foot and set expectations.

Before starting the game, discuss what particular variation of drinking rules will be implemented and create an open conversation about each player’s limits – this way, everyone is fully aware of what they can and cannot handle.

During gameplay, a designated “rule keeper” should keep track of progress while ensuring no one cheats or deviates from the expected outcome. If someone accidentally breaks a rule, gently remind them and allow for second chances.

Keeping Track Of Points And Progress

When playing the game, this can make all the difference in how you strategize your moves and plan out who will win.

Keeping track of the game points will allow everyone to watch whose turn it is, how far along they are in collecting stars, what characters they’ve already chosen, and which ones still need to be taken.

Strategies For Winning

– Choosing the exemplary character

– Knowing the board and its traps

– Mastering the mini-games

– Using bonus stars to your advantage

With these strategies, you will be well on becoming a Mario Party Drinking Game champion – so don’t miss out on perfecting them!

Choosing The Right Character

The success of your game session in the Mario Party Drinking Game can heavily depend on who you choose to be.

Each character brings something different to the board—some may have better luck with mini-games, while others excel at collecting coins or stars.

Each one also has special abilities that can help or hinder your progress through the game, such as Yoshi’s ability to eat items or Bowser’s ability to steal stars from other players when he lands on a star space.

MarioLuigi is similar to Mario in balance, but some players find his animations and sounds more entertaining.
LuigiLuigi is similar to Mario in balance, but some players find his animations and sound more entertaining.
Princess PeachPeach often has a better chance in certain mini-games due to her floating ability, giving her an edge.
YoshiWaluigi’s tall and skinny frame can give him an advantage in certain mini-games.
WarioWario, with his unique abilities and animations, can sometimes have advantages in mini-games that others don’t.
Donkey KongDonkey Kong’s larger size makes him a good pick for mini-games requiring strength or size advantage.
BowserOften considered a wildcard, Bowser can sometimes sway games in unexpected ways.
DaisyDaisy is often a favorite because of her balanced stats and charming personality.
WaluigiWaluigi’s tall and lanky frame can give him an advantage in certain mini-games.
RosalinaRosalina’s magic abilities can sometimes give her an edge in certain mini-games.

Mastering The Mini-games

Mini-games come with every round of Mario Party, offering a unique chance for players to earn stars or have to take drinks.

These mini-games vary from racing Bowser on the back of a dinosaur, catching fish before the time runs out, eating as many bananas as you can in thirty seconds, and even playing good old-fashioned hide-and-seek!

As such, mastering these mini-games is critical to winning at Mario Party Drinking Game to gain stars and avoid taking too many drinks.

Using Bonus Stars To Your Advantage

A bonus star can make all the difference in winning or losing a Mario Party drinking game, as they give players extra points at the end of each round. Bonus stars come in various forms, and each can be utilized to gain an advantage over opponents.

Some are given automatically, such as Mini-Game Stars earned after successfully clearing mini-games.

Using these bonus stars strategically is vital to winning the game. Place a higher value on rarer bonus starts that require more effort to acquire, like Triforce Stars, which provide double points for every mini-game victory.

Drinking Game Variations

– Get creative with your drinking game and consider other variations, such as the Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros Drinking Game.

Mario Kart Drinking Game

is one of the most fun and competitive drinking games that Nintendo fans can enjoy. It’s based on the classic Mario Kart game, where players drink according to their placement in a race.

Typically, those who come in the first place will drink the most while those who come in second will drink slightly less, and so on – however, each group playing can make up sets of rules they use while playing.

There are also eight variations of this drinking game, including challenges like shooting drinks when taking sharp turns or spinning coins around with Coin Runners mode.

Super Smash Bros Drinking Game

Super Smash Bros makes for a perfect drinking game for adults of all ages. Played on any stage, with items turned on and teams turned off, this classic fighting video game involves five- or 5-minute multiplayer matches between friends.

There are custom variations such as the Super Smash Beers game, where every round requires one more drink than the last, which serves up upping levels of competitiveness until someone falls out of line after taking too many shots.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

– Avoiding drinking too much too fast, not keeping track of points and progress, not taking breaks or staying hydrated, and being too competitive can be detrimental to the game night experience.

Drinking Too Much Too Fast

When playing the Mario Party Drinking Game, one of the most important considerations is to drink responsibly. The consumption of alcohol in any form carries potential risks, and drinking too much too fast can have serious detrimental effects on players.

Too much excessive drinking can cause alcohol poisoning – a life-threatening condition that affects almost every system in the body and can lead to coma or death if left unchecked.

It is also possible for players to make poor decisions while under the influence of alcohol, such as becoming overly competitive, which can take away from the overall fun that should be had during game night.

To avoid these risks associated with consuming alcoholic drinks, keep track of how much each player has had and ensure they drink water at regular intervals throughout gameplay, such as between rounds or after each mini-game.

For an added safety measure, try not to serve large drinks all at once; instead, opt for smaller servings so everyone’s judgment stays sharp without having drunk too much by mistake.

Not Keeping Track Of Points And Progress

Maintaining track of points and progress ensures a successful Mario Party drinking game. Everyone should know how many stars each player has collected throughout the game, determining who wins.

Also, tracking mini-games can provide an additional factor for victory since some mini-games award points that give a significant advantage over other players. A scoreboard or designated scorekeeper are valuable resources that can help participants easily keep track of both starts and mini-game scores.

By noticing when one may be lagging in stars or minigame scores, they can quickly course correctly while avoiding potential disaster scenarios such as not quite making it to first place by the game’s end due to overlooking something during their turns.

Moreover, cross-referencing what position certain characters are in at particular times when playing on boards with traps such as Bowser’s Castle Panic, where powers could steal away your hard-earned stars, might become confusing if kept up with solely going off memory alone, so correctly keeping track of progress throughout the duration remains critical for success and enjoying a smooth experience overall no matter what type of ruleset applied during playtime.

Not Taking Breaks Or Staying Hydrated

Playing the Mario Party Drinking Game can be inning, but drinking too mu, not taking breaks, ks or staying hydrated can ruin a game. It’s always important to know your limits while playing this kind of game and to drink responsibly.

Staying hydrated is also essential for keeping optimal brain function away during a long gaming night and competing with friends.

To prevent yourself from over-indulging in alcohol or becoming sluggish after hours of playing Mario Party, it’s best practice to stay aware of your personal limits ahead of time.

Being Too Competitive And Ruining The Fun

Playing the Mario Party Drinking Game should be an enjoyable experience. Although some good-natured competition can add to the fun, taking it too far can cause friction between players and quickly derail a game night.

When playing with friends or family members of different ages, skill levels, and gaming experiences, it is essential to remember that everyone should have a chance to enjoy the evening.

As such, staying mindful of how each individual feels about their current standings in-game and avoiding getting caught up in heated “winner takes all” situations is essential for keeping things friendly on your game nights.

Everyone from newbies to practiced experts brings something unique when playing this interactive game. Making sure no one gets left out by keeping games more lighthearted will help maintain long-lasting and positive relationships outside the virtual realm.

Final Take on The Mario Party Drinking Game

The Ultimate Guide to Playing Mario Party Drinking Game provides an enjoyable and memorable way to turn a classic game into an adult experience. Players can now enjoy the competitive fun of Mario Party with the bonus of drinks, shots, and points – making it the perfect way for friends to have some grown-up fun.

With rules, tips, strategies, and variations thrown in for good measure, this guide will level up your next game night. Remember that moderation should be essential when playing any drinking game – so make sure all participants are above the legal drinking age before starting to officiate play.

Mario Party Drinking Game FAQs

What are the fundamental rules that apply?

Most game versions have similar rules, but when alcohol is added, players take sips based on failed rolls. Based on certain milestones, unique rule cards can be used to agree on specific changes, such as when to drink or finish a drink.

What is the key to success in this game?

The key to success in this challenge is primarily centered around careful planning and strategically timing the consumption of alcohol. It is crucial to saving excessive alcohol consumption for critical moments that require a boost in momentum during intense boss fights.

Why is timing the buzz accurately important?

Timing the buzz accurately is paramount to maintaining competitiveness throughout the gameplay. This may involve drinking alcoholic beverages faster than usual, especially when playing with inexperienced players who may slow the pace over time as their capabilities gradually decline.

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