Exciting Fortnite Drinking Game: Turn Your Battle Royale into a Fun Night

Looking to take your Fortnite gaming experience to the next level? Playing the Fortnite drinking game is a fun and effective way to achieve that feat. 

This game allows you and your friends to have a thrilling battle royale while enjoying your favorite drinks and challenging each other. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in! 

What Is the Fortnite Drinking Game?

The Fortnite Drinking Game involves drinking based on Fortnite events. Modes include “Drink When,” with rules like drinking when a team member gets a kill, and “Drink Based on Your Place,” where drinking corresponds to your final game placement.

Here’s a list of the essentials you need to set up this game: 

  • Bottle of spirits (vodka, tequila, or whiskey)
  • Mixers (soda or juice)
  • Beer
  • Copy of Fortnite
  • Shot glasses (optional)
  • Beer pong cups (optional)
  • Mini tables (for beer pong variation)
  • Twenty-ounce cups (for beer pong variation)
  • Shots (for shot glass variation)
  • Chairs (for shot glass variation)

Rules of the Fortnite Drinking Game

Fortnite drinking game has a simple set of rules that players should follow. These include: 

  • Drink when you lose or win a build battle
  • Drink when you get killed by a shotgun
  • If your team places 100th in the match, everyone has to finish their drink
  • If 75-99 players place ahead in one round, each player must take three drinks
  • If 50-74 players place ahead in one round, each player must take five drinks

Card Actions in the Game

While the Fortnite drinking game doesn’t mention card actions, players can add more fun by incorporating cards. 

These card actions can represent various in-game events or challenges, resulting in either penalties or rewards in the form of drinks. 

Below is an explanation and examples of card actions you can use to enhance your Fortnite drinking game experience:

AceEliminate an opponentAll other players take a sip
TwoGet killed by a trapThe player takes two sips
ThreeFind a legendary itemAll other players take a sip, and the player takes a victory sip
FourDeal over 100 damage in one shotChoose a player to take a sip
FiveRevive a teammateChoose a player to take a sip; the revived teammate takes a grateful sip
SixGet killed by an opponent with less than 25 healthThe player takes three sips in frustration
SevenWin a matchAll other players finish their drink
EightGet killed by a shotgunThe player takes a sip, as mentioned in the rules
NineComplete a challengeChoose a player to take a sip
TenDance emote after an eliminationAll other players take a sip

Feel free to customize these card actions based on your group’s preferences and add more variety to your Fortnite drinking game experience. 

Tips for Beginner Fortnite Drinking Game Players

If you are new to the Fortnite drinking game universe, here are some practical tips for enjoying more gratifying experiences: 

  • Start with non-alcoholic drinks to get a feel of the game without feeling lightheaded.
  • Decide the rules and limits before playing and set them up according to everyone’s preferences.
  • Have enough snacks around to minimize intoxication, as drinking on an empty stomach can make you drunker than usual.
  • Place frequently used items such as phones or controllers away from where beverages are kept, and keep them out of reach for children nearby.
  • Ensure all players know what they have consumed by tracking how many drinks each person has had throughout the game. Even if someone is not partaking in alcoholic beverage consumption, restrict their access to avoid serious situations.
  • Remember to drink responsibly—avoid binge drinking or shots of hard liquors while playing Fortnite Drinking Game!

Fortnite Drinking Game Ideas

If you’d like to take your fortnight drinking game experience to the next level, I’ve put together some game variations you can try based on your liking.

TV Shows and Movie Drinking Games

Drinking games based on TV and movie genres involve drinking during certain events. These are great for playing with friends at home or watching films in theaters.

Here are some examples of rules that you can apply to any TV show or movie:

  1. Take one sip every time you hear a curse word
  2. Drink if someone enters or exits a scene
  3. Take two sips each time someone cries
  4. Every time there’s a jump scare, everyone takes one sip
  5. Take two sips whenever somebody mentions “love.”
  6. Drink if someone says the name of the movie/TV show
  7. Whenever there’s an epic moment, take three sips

These are just some basic rules, but you can get creative and develop your own! 

Music-Based Drinking Games

Music-based drinking games are a great way to make your next round of Fortnite even more exciting. By integrating popular songs into the game, you’ll be able to get the party going with every move you make. Here’s how you should go about it: 

  • To play a music-based drinking game, pick out popular songs everyone knows and likes. Popular selections may include “Old Town Road,” “Uptown Funk,” or “Trap Queen.”
  • Once everyone is familiar with the song lyrics or beats, assign an action for each part of the song. For example, if a particular word or phrase is sung in “Old Town Road,” players must sip their drink.
  • Once one player completes an assigned task or reaches the song’s end, they can call out “Next!” and start playing another song while introducing new moves for all players.
  • With this game mode, players can focus on keeping up with the music and even build strategy by trying to stay ahead or behind other players to increase their chances of winning.
  • Remember to drink responsibly—replace beer with soda if someone isn’t of legal drinking age!

Sports Drinking Games

Sports drinking games let you have some good old-fashioned fun with your friends by combining popular sport-named activities with moderate alcohol consumption. 

This is usually done by making specific “drinking rules” to be followed throughout the game. 

Rules can range from taking shots every time a team scores to having to drink for every miss in basketball.

Alternatives to Fortnite Drinking Game

  • 3-Man Drinking Game: Dice-based game assigning drinking tasks to players based on the roll’s outcome.
  • Jenga Drinking Game: Incorporates drinking rules into the classic Jenga game, with tasks written on blocks.
  • Resha Roulette Drinking Game: Resha Roulette is a fast-paced, card-based drinking game created by City Girls’ Yung Miami.
  • Picolo Drinking Game: The Picolo drinking game involves a digital app providing players with unpredictable challenges and rules for an interactive drinking game experience.

FAQs on the Fortnite Drinking Game

What supplies do I need to play the Fortnite drinking game?

To play the Fortnite drinking game, you will need a bottle of spirits (such as vodka, tequila, or whiskey), mixers like soda or juice, beer, and a copy of Fortnite. Shot glasses or beer pong cups can also be added for extra fun.

How do I play the classic version of the Fortnite drinking game?

In the classic version, one player starts a private game in Battle Royale mode, and others join their group. Once everyone has joined, the game begins according to the agreed-upon drinking rules.

What is the beer-pong variation of the Fortnite drinking game?

The beer-pong variation involves setting up two teams with their mini tables and cups of beer. Players take turns playing rounds, and the team that performs better wins. Drinking occurs when both teams take a sip simultaneously.

What is the shot glass version of the Fortnite drinking game?

The shot glass version follows similar rules but uses shot glasses instead of beer pong cups. Players divide shots, and everyone takes a shot when they lose. Winners also cheer by taking a shot.

Are there any variations or additional rules for the Fortnite drinking game?

Variations and additional rules can be added based on the players’ preferences. It’s a flexible game; you can customize the rules to suit your group’s preferences and drinking capacities.

Is the Fortnite drinking game suitable for everyone?

The Fortnite Drinking Game involves alcohol consumption, so it is only suitable for legal drinking-age adults who drink responsibly. It’s essential to know your limits and drink responsibly while playing.

Final Take On the Fortnite Drinking Game

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Fortnite gaming sessions, a Fortnite drinking game is the answer you’re looking for! 

The game allows you to turn your favorite battle royale game into an exhilarating drinking experience with creativity and simple rules. 

So grab your friends, stock up on your favorite beverages, and get ready to level up your Fortnite and party games simultaneously! Cheers to a night of victory royales and good times!

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