Football Drinking Games: Scoring Fun Beyond the Field

Are you looking to enjoy watching football with friends while having a drink? If yes, why not try some football-drinking games to spice things up? 

Whether for Super Bowl Sunday or just an ordinary day off watching a game with friends, drinking games will ensure everyone has lots of laughs. Read this guide to learn how to make the most of them. 

Essential Equipment for Football Drinking Games

Gathering the necessary materials and equipment is an essential step in any football-drinking game, so make sure to have the following items: 

  1. Deck of cards – Choose one player to keep track of penalties and rewards during gameplay.
  2. Drinking glass for every participant – Glasses should always be on hand to participate in particular game challenges or cheers.
  3. Beverages for everyone – Stock up on beer, soft drinks, premixed cocktails, or wine beverages before starting the game.
  4. Starters such as snacks/appetizers (optional) – Chips, pretzels, dips, etc. are great accompaniments while watching games with friends.
  5. Chairs and tables (optional) – Seating may not always be necessary depending on how many people join your group, but comfort is key!
  6. Pen & Paper (optional) – Keep track of scores by assigning each player points when they complete tasks successfully.

Access to these materials can make any football-drinking game more enjoyable for participants and non-participants alike! They also reduce the risk of injuries due to irresponsible drinking.

Setting Up Your Football Drinking Game

Follow these steps to set up and enjoy your football drinking game:

  1. Gather a group of friends in a space with enough room for everyone. 
  2. Ensure all participants know the rules of the game before starting.
  3. Place two drinks per person and two per team around the area.
  4. Appoint a referee to ensure everyone sticks to the rules.
  5. Ensure there’s plenty of food or snacks for sustenance throughout the game.
  6. Gather all necessary equipment, like any playing board, chips, or other items needed to play this game.
  7. Populate the playing board with your teams’ colors according to their positions within the board to keep score.
  8. Everyone takes turns picking someone from either team to be their player.
  9. Set your drinking limits so everyone knows how much to drink if called upon (one sip for penalty/penalties and two for touchdowns).

Rules of the Football Drinking Game

Applying Basic Football Rules to the Drinking Game

To create an engaging and exciting football drinking game, understanding some of the basic rules of American football is essential. 

Generally, when playing a football-related drinking game, each player will take turns picking a team at the beginning – by looking at logos or simply rolling two dice with numbers corresponding to teams on them.

Rules for this style of drinking games often involve having players drink every time there is a touchdown, penalty flag thrown against their chosen team, first down achieved by their opposing team, and so forth.

Understanding the Drinking Rules: When and How Much to Drink

Football drinking games allow one to enjoy drinks, snacks, and football simultaneously. 

Before leaping into a game, learning and understanding the specific drinking rules for everyone to have fun while staying safe is essential.

One of the primary concerns is knowing when and how much to drink according to your tolerance.

Understanding basic guidelines helps prevent over-intoxication or unintentional injury from excessive alcohol consumption.

The Role of Penalties and Rewards in the Game

Penalties and rewards play an integral role in football drinking games, as they can add to the fun and excitement of the experience. 

For instance, a penalty could involve downing two drinks if someone violates a rule, while a reward might include passing out free shots when someone does something notable.

Depending on how often and hard you want to play your game, penalties or rewards may be assigned for each quarter by the referee (you!). 

There are many variations of penalties and rewards players can assign in their football drinking game, from having one drink for minor offenses like incorrect answers or being tardy with responses to four drinks for major offenses, like making bad calls or losing focus during intense moments of the gameplay.

And don’t forget about rewarding good behavior! When celebrating touchdowns or big plays made, make it worthwhile with cheers accompanied by extra shots. These should only apply at set points agreed upon before playing starts so everyone is aware when “freebies” will be doled out

Safety Measures in Football Drinking Games

Safety measures are essential when playing football drinking games with friends,  especially because when alcohol is involved, things can quickly get out of hand.

Always setting a drink limit for players ensures everyone stays within an acceptable consumption threshold, reducing the chances of over-intoxication or worse. 

We also recommend hydration throughout the game to keep players alert and active while consuming drinks. It also helps avoid s any uncomfortable repercussions of being dehydrated while intoxicated, such as reduced performance. 

Along with these two essential tips, having snacks readily available and monitoring caffeine intake during daytime events is highly recommended.

Variations of Football Drinking Games

Beer Pong

 A classic game among students, Beer Pong, requires the two teams to stand at the opposite ends of a long table and throw frisbees or Ping-Pong balls into opponents’ cups of beer. If successful, the opposing team has to drink their cup of beer that is sunk in.


During this drinking game, players sit around a table and take turns picking cards from the deck. Depending on which card they draw, certain members would have to consume specific measures of alcohol from their drinks. Great for football fans who want to add some fun elements during halftime!

Shot Roulette

This variation involves each player taking turns spinning a roulette wheel that includes four shots and eight nonalcoholic drinks as options for each spin. When someone gets shot glass, they must take it immediately without hesitation play continues until all shots are gone!

Pick a Player Drinking Game

For this NFL-themed drinking game, you’ll pick one player from each team – whichever player scores first will earn points for your entire group regarding how many drinks everyone needs to do (upwards of 3). 

Every touchdown will increase the number by 1 or 2 if there’s an extra point attempt made on every touchdown your team scores that round. 

FAQs on Football Drinking Games 

What are some examples of football drinking games?

A few popular options for football-themed drinking games include Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and Funnel Ball. Other variations may involve cards or a betting system based on score predictions to determine who takes a drink each time the opposing team scores.

Can I play football drinking games without consuming alcohol?

You can still enjoy these drinking games without involving alcoholic beverages by replacing them with non-alcoholic alternatives such as juice, soda, or water instead of beer or other drinks containing alcohol.

Are the rules different for playing football versus other sports-related drinking games?

Yes,  each game will likely have its unique set of detailed instructions & strategies involved that should be reviewed before joining in so everyone’s experience remains both exciting & entertaining throughout! 

How many players are necessary to start a game of football drinking games?

The number of participants required depends upon specific factors determined within each game but commonly ranges from two (2) up to twenty-four (24).

Enjoy Football Drinking Games 

Football drinking games can be a great way to have fun while watching your favorite team play. From Beer Pong and Waterfall to Cheers and Shot Roulette, there’s no shortage of ways to drink while playing these popular football game variations.

You must practice drinking responsibly with proper safety measures, such as limiting how much each player can consume alcohol during the game.

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