Elf Drinking Game: Add Magic to Your Movie Nights

It’s that festive time of year again, and what better way to celebrate than by adding some extra cheer to your holiday movie night? 

The Elf drinking game is fun and easy to play, making it perfect for everyone, including fans of the classic Christmas comedy Elf starring Will Ferrell as Buddy. 

Enjoy “Elf” like never before while sipping your favorite beverages and sharing laughs with friends or family.

What is the Elf Drinking Game

The Elf drinking game is a fun option mainly played during the festive season, based on the beloved holiday movie “Elf.” The concept behind it is simple; participants take sips of their chosen beverage according to specific moments or phrases throughout the film.

For example, players would take a drink every time Buddy indulged in his favorite foods loaded with sugar, like spaghetti topped with maple syrup. 

Other triggers might include Buddy screaming excitedly or whenever someone mentions “Christmas.” 

Playing this light-hearted drinking game encourages laughter and camaraderie among participants while also allowing them to revisit some of the most memorable scenes from the film.

Materials Needed for the Elf Drinking Game

To play the ultimate Elf drinking game, all you need is a copy of the movie “Elf” and your choice of beverage.

“Elf” Movie

The “Elf” movie, released in 2003, stars Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf and has become a holiday classic for many families.

Set in the enchanting world of Santa Claus’s North Pole workshop as well as bustling New York City, this heartwarming comedy follows the hilarious adventures of Buddy – a human raised by elves – who sets out on a quest to find his birth father after discovering he is not an elf.

Choice of Beverage

Selecting the ideal beverage for the drinking game adds a layer of festivity and enjoyment to this holiday activity. While you can go with traditional options like wine, beer, or cocktails, choosing a drink that complements the holiday spirit and enhances the overall experience is essential.

For instance, consider mixing up some delicious Christmas-themed concoctions such as mulled wine, hot toddies, or even eggnog spiked with your favorite liquor.

Another playful option is adding maple syrup to your chosen drink since Buddy the Elf is famous for his love of all things sweet – just remember not to overdo it! 

Combining these seasonal beverages while partaking in this fun and lively Elf drinking game creates a memorable night filled with laughter. 

Elf Drinking Game Rules

Here are the Elf drinking game rules you must adhere to: 

1. Drink When Buddy The Elf Says “Santa”

One of the most iconic phrases in the movie Elf is “Santa,” which Buddy exclaims with childlike wonder and excitement throughout the film. 

As part of the Elf drinking game, you take a sip every time Buddy says “Santa” on screen.

This rule alone will have you reaching for your drink constantly because it’s one of his favorite words! 

Whether he’s talking to Papa Elf or pointing out a fake Santa in a store window, be prepared to take many sips during this holiday classic.

2. Drink When Buddy Eats Something With Sugar

Another fun rule of the Elf drinking game is to drink whenever Buddy eats something with sugar. 

This can lead to some hilarious moments, as Buddy’s love for sugary treats is well-known throughout the movie.

Players must be ready to take frequent sips or even chug their drinks for up to three seconds if they want to keep up with this rule. 

The sweetness of maple syrup might make it an ideal choice for this particular drinking game rule, but players can choose any beverage they prefer.

3. Drink When Buddy Screams

The Elf drinking game requires you to take a sip whenever Buddy screams, which frequently happens throughout the movie.

From his initial excitement upon discovering he’s human to his hilarious antics at Gimbels department store, Buddy’s over-the-top reactions are an integral part of what makes this classic Christmas movie so fun to watch.

You’ll be taking plenty of sips during this game, whether yelling “Santaaaa!” at the top of his lungs or shrieking when he spots Santa Claus himself.

4. Drink When Someone Says “Christmas”

When playing the Elf drinking game, you should also sip your drink when someone says “Christmas.” 

It enhances your viewing experience and serves as an excellent reminder of the reason for the season so you can feel festive all night.

5. Drink When Buddy’s Enthusiasm Confuses Or Annoys Someone

In the Elf drinking game, you must drink when Buddy’s enthusiasm confuses or annoys someone. 

This rule perfectly captures Will Ferrell’s hilarious portrayal of Buddy as a naive and overly-enthusiastic character who doesn’t quite fit in with his surroundings.

Sipping your drink becomes inevitable when he bursts into song, makes snow angels in inappropriate places, or tries to hug an unfriendly raccoon.

Fans of Elf will appreciate this rule because it highlights one of the best aspects of Buddy’s character—his genuine love for Christmas and everything related to it. 

Rather than getting annoyed by Buddy’s behavior like some characters in the movie, viewers can embrace his infectious energy and join him on his journey to spread holiday cheer.

Additional Rules (Optional)

6. Finish Your Drink When Buddy Finds Out He’s Human

One of the optional rules in the Elf drinking game is finishing your drink when Buddy finds out he’s human.

This iconic scene is an emotional turning point in the movie as Buddy realizes he isn’t an elf but a man adopted by elves as a baby.

It’s the ultimate test of endurance for seasoned players of this drinking game and will surely add some extra excitement to your holiday festivities.

7. Finish Your Drink When Santa’s Sleigh Takes Off

Another exciting optional rule in the Elf drinking game is finishing your drink when Santa’s sleigh takes off. 

This moment marks the movie’s climax as Buddy helps save Christmas by guiding Santa’s sleigh through Central Park.

It’s a memorable and heartwarming scene that is a fun way to end the game.

Other Holiday-Themed Drinking Games To Try

If you’re in the mood for more holiday-themed drinking games, there are plenty of options, including: 

A Christmas Story Drinking Game

Another popular holiday-themed drinking game is the “A Christmas Story Drinking Game,” based on the classic movie of the same name. 

The rules are simple: take a sip whenever someone says, “You’ll shoot your eye out.” This line is repeated throughout the movie and becomes a running gag that makes for a fun drinking game.

The game can be played with any beverage, but drinking water between sips is recommended to avoid getting too intoxicated.

Home Alone Drinking Game

Another Christmas classic that can bring a little cheer to your holiday party is the Home Alone drinking game. 

This game is based on the character Kevin McCallister from the iconic Home Alone movie series. It is perfect for those who love a good laugh while indulging in their favorite alcoholic beverage.

The rules involve taking sips or shots depending on various actions taken by Kevin throughout the film, such as when he sets up his booby traps or delivers one of his memorable one-liners.

However, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and not go overboard with this festive activity.

A Nightmare Before Christmas Drinking Game

For those who love Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), why not take the experience up a notch and try out the movie’s themed drinking game? 

Every time someone says “Jack,” “Sandy Claws,” or there’s a switch between holiday seasons, take a sip.

You could drink when a child doesn’t appreciate a gift or the mayor’s head rotates.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore other holiday-themed drinking games, check out our list of 13 best Christmas drinking games for adults. 

FAQs on the Elf Drinking Game

What is the Elf drinking game, and how is it played?

The Elf Drinking Game involves watching the movie “Elf” while taking a drink or shot every time certain events occur on screen, such as any mention of Christmas or when Buddy (the main character) eats candy or syrup. 

Is the Elf Drinking Game safe for everyone to play?

No, individuals under 21 years old or who have a low tolerance for alcohol should not participate in this game. It is essential always to practice responsible drinking habits and never consume more than you can handle.

Can I modify the Elf drinking game rules to fit my preferences?

You can customize the rules based on your alcohol tolerance level and personal preferences for which events trigger drinks during the film. 

Are there alternative holiday drinking games besides the Elf drinking game?

Yes! Many other festive drinking games could be played during holidays, such as “Never Have I Ever – Christmas Edition.” Players take turns sharing things they’ve never done related to holiday activities like caroling or gift wrapping, while those who have done said action must take a drink in response. 

Final Take on the Elf Drinking Game

Get ready to spread some holiday cheer with the ultimate Elf drinking game! This fun and festive way of enjoying one of the most beloved Christmas movies will surely get you in the spirit.

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