Drunk Jenga Drinking Game: Rules and How to Play

If you’re planning a fun get-together with friends and want to add a little extra excitement, then it’s time to introduce them to the classic game of Jenga with a twist.

The Drunk Jenga drinking game is a hilarious way to spice up your next party and create lasting memories.

Learn the rules and how to play Drunk Jenga so you and your friends can enjoy this classic game with a twist.

What is Drunk Jenga and How to Play It?

What You Need to Play Drunk Jenga

In order to play Drunk Jenga, you will need a standard Jenga set, which comes with 54 wooden blocks. You will also need some alcoholic beverages, as drinking is fundamental to this game. Make sure you have both of these things handy before you start.

How to Setup Drunk Jenga Tower

The objective of Drunk Jenga is to remove a block from the tower and place it on top of the stack. The tower should start with three blocks placed side-by-side, with each row having three blocks until the tower has reached its full height of 18 levels.

Objective of Drunk Jenga Game

The objective of Drunk Jenga is to pull out a Jenga block without causing the tower to fall. If you do this successfully, you can hand over your turn to the next player, and the game continues. Players will take turns removing blocks until someone pulls a block that causes the tower to fall.

Rules to Play Drunk Jenga

Standard Drunk Jenga Rules

The rules for Drunk Jenga are simple. Each player takes turns removing one block at a time from the tower and stacking it on top. The game continues until someone pulls a block that causes the tower to fall. However, there are some additional rules you need to keep in mind when playing Drunk Jenga.

Rules to Follow When Removing Blocks

You must use only one hand when it’s your turn to pull a block. If you use both hands or touch more than one block simultaneously, then your turn is over, and you must take a drink. You must also ensure that the block you pull is the least loose one, or you’ll also face a penalty.

Drinking Rules for Drunk Jenga

The drinking rules for Drunk Jenga add more fun to this game. Whenever you pull a block, you must drink whatever beverage of your choice has been determined. A rule written on the block must be followed. If a player does not follow the rule written on the block, they must take a drink or face a penalty based on the instructions written on the block. If a player makes the tower fall, they must finish their drink.

How to Make Your Own Jenga Drinking Game

Gather Materials to Create Drunk Jenga Tower

To create your own Drunk Jenga Tower, you’ll need 54 wooden blocks of the same size and shape, sandpaper and markers. Using sandpaper, smooth all the rough edges of the blocks so that you don’t get any splinters when handling them.

Instructions on How to Make Drunk Jenga Blocks

Using markers, write a rule on each block. You may choose what you write, but make sure they are funny and challenging. The rule written on the block must be followed strictly, or the player who broke the rule will face a penalty. After you’ve finished writing rules on all of the blocks, stack them up, and the game is ready to begin!

Add Your Own Twist to the Classic Game

You can make your own variations of Drunk Jenga by adding your own rules, or challenging a player when they need to pull a block out. The best part about creating your own game is personalizing it and making it unique to fit your group’s dynamic.

Tips When Playing Drunk Jenga

Take Turns Removing Blocks and Adding to Tower

Drunk Jenga is a game that’s all about balance and precision. As players take their turns pulling blocks from the tower and adding them to the top, the tower becomes more unstable with each move. So, it’s important that you don’t get too tipsy and lose your balance, as that could cause the tower to fall.

Marker Usage for Whoever Loses

As mentioned before, the person who causes the tower to fall must finish their drink. However, it’s a good idea to use markers to keep track of who loses each round, so that they don’t have to chug an entire drink at the end of the game. This way, everyone can keep playing without worrying about getting too drunk too fast.

Twist the Game with Dares or Alcoholic Beverages

While playing Drunk Jenga, you can also add your own twists to the game by introducing drinking dares or other alcoholic beverages. For example, whoever pulls a block that says “Never have I ever” must take a drink, or whoever pulls a block that tells them to drink a certain amount of shots must do so before continuing the game. 

Drunk Jenga Drinking Game FAQ

How many players do you need to play Drunk Jenga

The game can be played with any number of players, but it’s best to have at least four players to make it more fun and engaging.

What does each block say?

Each block has a task written on it that a player must complete. The tasks vary from “never have I ever” statements to making a rule for all players to follow.

How does the game start?

To start the game, stack all the blocks on top of each other, so they form a tower. Then, the first player pulls a block from the tower and reads the task written on it aloud before attempting to complete it.

What happens if a player can’t complete their task?

If a player cannot complete their task, they must stop drinking, or they will have to sit out the rest of the game.

What happens if a player pulls the block and puts it back?

If a player pulls the block and puts it back, they must take a drink, and the turn passes to the next player.

How do players make their own rules?

The player who pulls a block with a “make a rule” task can make a new rule that all players must follow. The rule can be anything from speaking with an accent of their choice to not using the word “drink” during the game.

How do players do the “rhyme” task?

The player reads the block with the “rhyme” task and then says a word. The player to their left must then say a word that rhymes with the original word, and the game continues around the circle until someone can’t think of a rhyming word.

What happens if a player knocks down the tower?

If a player accidentally knocks down the tower, they must finish their drink, and the game starts over from scratch.

Can players combine tasks from different blocks?

Yes, players can combine tasks from different blocks to make the game more challenging and exciting.

Final Thoughts on Playing the Game

In summary, Drunk Jenga is a classic and entertaining party game that provides thrilling moments for everyone involved.

Remember the rules and drink responsibly while enjoying this fun game with friends.


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