Drinking Game Songs: Amp Up Your Party with Melodies & Cheers

Are you ready to take your drinking game to the next level? Look no further than drinking game songs! 

This exciting twist on traditional drinking games will have you singing and sipping your way to a good time. 

With catchy tunes and hilarious lyrics, these songs will start the party. Whether you’re a karaoke pro or a shower singer, these drinking game songs are perfect for any occasion. 

So grab your friends, your favorite drink, and let the music guide you to a night you’ll never forget. Get ready to sing your heart out and drink to your heart’s content!

Drinking Games and Their Connection With Music

Music can be a great way to amp up the atmosphere while playing drinking games, as it has been known to alter and enhance moods.

How Music Affects the Mood of the Party

Music is an integral part of any drinking game night and has the power to shape the atmosphere. 

For instance;

  • Upbeat pop songs can make guests euphoric, encouraging dancing and having uninhibited fun.
  • Classic rock anthems tend to have strong guitar riffs accompanied by memorable lyrics that drive people into singing along together. 
  • Rap and hip-hop tracks usually include heavy beats with aggressive tones that intensify any atmosphere.
  • Country drinking songs are known for their relatable party themes about love, life, partying, or simply living in the moment – further enhancing any celebration involving alcohol consumption.

Regardless of genre preference or party size, music is indispensable when it comes to throwing successful Drinking Game Parties. 

It can fully absorb all our senses, allowing us to escape everyday life. This also ignites powerful emotions within us, such as joy, angst, and hope, which then inform behavior during gatherings where drinks are involved.

Defining the Ideal Drinking Game Song

As any host knows, the right tunes for drinking games play an essential role in setting the party’s tone and making it memorable.

The Perfect Tempo

When choosing the right drinking game song, the perfect tempo is essential for setting the right tone. Every song you choose needs a certain speed and beat to create an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere.

A slower ballad may not work for power hours or faster-paced beer pong tournaments, but it could bring a calming vibe to Never Have I Ever or Kings Cup.

On the other hand, upbeat pop tracks are an excellent accompaniment to musical chair activities. 

At the same time, classic rock anthems are surefire favorites during Flip Cup matches, made more intense by their powerful rhythms.

Rap and hip hop also provide great beats due to their catchy rhymes, while iconic 80s & 90s hits deliver old-school vibes immediately recognizable by anyone who grew up in those decades.

Memorable Lyrics

Lyrics play an essential role in creating the atmosphere of a drinking game. The perfect lyrics can evoke emotion and nostalgia, like ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond or ‘Roxanne’ by The Police.

Other tunes with memorable and catchy choruses are great for group singing along – ideal for when people need something to do while taking their turn to drink. 

Having recognizable lyrics that everyone knows encourages party guests to adopt the same rhythm, making disparate voices blend into one consent chorus.

The lyrical content mainly makes a particular song enjoyable or suitable for competitions. So if you want people to join in on their turns, make sure they can sing some familiar lines together.

Recognizable Rhythm

A recognizable rhythm in your drinking game songs ensures the party flows smoothly and everyone has fun. A familiar rhythm helps participants keep track of instructions and turns while also adding structure to the drinking game that can encourage all players to join in.

Some popular songs with catchy rhythms include “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, “Hey Ya!” by OutKast, and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyoncé. These tracks are ideal for kicking off pre-game festivities or boosting energy levels when needed.

Types of Drinking Game Songs

From upbeat pop songs to classic rock anthems, rap and hip-hop tracks, country drinking songs, and iconic 80s and 90s hits – there’s a perfect drinking game song for any type of party.

Upbeat Pop Songs

Upbeat pop songs have become almost synonymous with parties and celebrations due to their tempo, memorable lyrics, and instantly recognizable rhythms. For drinking game parties, in particular, upbeat pop songs are ideal for creating an energetic atmosphere as the music encourages people to drink and dance along.

Recently artists such as Justin Bieber & Daniel Caesar (“Peaches”), a-ha (“Take On Me”) or Beyoncé (“Single Ladies) found their way onto traditional party playlists but have also made it onto lists of the best drinking game songs.

Iconic 80s hits like “Roxanne” by The Police will always invoke memories amongst many people. At the same time, Queen’s legendary ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is sure to get everyone singing along after having taken their sip of alcohol.

Classic Rock Anthems

For many reasons, classic rock anthems have a solid connection to drinking game songs. Not only are they perfect for talking over between verses, but the fast tempo and recognizable lyrics keep the energy going throughout each round.

At the same time, classic rock tracks are known for their instantly recognizable rhythms, making them ideal for simple drinking game rounds such as ‘Switch’ or ‘Drink Every Time.’

For example, when it comes to AC/DC’s hit song “Thunder,” most people will immediately hear that big bass line kick during the chorus and know precisely when it is time to take that sip of beer out with friends (if indeed you choose to do so).

Thereby enhancing its effect as a great transition piece between games & individual rounds.

Rap And Hip-Hop Tracks

Rap and hip-hop tracks are sometimes seen as perfect choices for drinking game songs. This popular rhythm-centered genre offers high energy and an upbeat tempo that keeps the party going all night.

With its catchy beats, rap and hip-hop music can create a fun atmosphere to indulge in libations while enjoying great conversation with friends. It is no wonder some of the most popular rap/hip-hop songs have become staples in many drinking games.

Famous tracks such as “Jump On It” by Sir Mix -a Lot or “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice are typically associated with classic college-style drinking games like Beer Pong, Edward 40 Hands, Flip Cup, etc. While rap classics from Run DMC or Snoop Dogg offer more relaxed vibes suitable for slang rules or simply taking sips whenever their iconic “Yeah Boy” fades out on each track.

Country Drinking Songs

Country drinking songs have been around for decades, bringing friends and strangers together to celebrate the good things in life. These songs often convey that alcohol is just one of many joys in life and can be a source of relaxation when used responsibly.

Some classic country drinking songs include “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks, “Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin Bullets” by Luke Bryan, “Johnnie & Jack Whiskey or Hell” by Hank Williams Jr., and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels Band.

The lyrics may vary from song to song, but they all capture the same spirit—friends raising their glasses in celebration with the backdrop of lively music. Country legends like Willie Nelson also wrote hit-drinking tunes such as “Whiskey River” and “On The Road Again”—the latter becoming an anthem for boozy road trips all over America.

Iconic 80s And 90s Hits

The 1980s and 90s were a golden age of music, producing some of the most iconic bangers in the history of popular music. These tunes are perfect for drinking game songs as they have catchy rhythms and memorable lyrics and evoke nostalgia.

Are you having an 80s or 90s-themed party? Some go-to drinking game elements could include “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi, “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears, and “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls to give your event that extra kick! Or if you’re looking for something timelessly romantic try Whitney Houston’s cover of Dolly Parton’s classic track “I Will Always Love You.”

Top 10 Drinking Game Songs of All Time

  1. Thunder – AC/DC

AC/DC is an iconic rock band that has been rocking out great tunes since their debut album in 1975. The Australian-American group, composed of founding members Angus and Malcolm Young, grew into a much-beloved rock powerhouse throughout the seventies and eighties.

Released on the band’s 1990 album The Razors Edge, “Thunderstruck” quickly became one of their most popular songs. Its unique mix of thundering guitar riffs, fist-pumping beats, and powerful lyrics made it an instant fan favorite.

It wasn’t long before it found its way into party playlists worldwide as people discovered how well it fits with various drinking games – thus giving rise to the Thunderstruck Drinking Game.

In this game, players drink when they hear specific keywords during each song’s chorus, such as “thunder” or “yeah!” With an instantly recognizable groove and easy-to-remember lyrics, any party can be livened up with this classic music history within minutes once everyone knows – or better yet, shouts along – to all three verses.

  1. Wellerman – Nathan Evans

Sea shanties, including “The Wellerman,” made famous by Nathan Evans and his viral TikTok clip, have been around for a long time. These folk songs are traditionally sung on boats to make complex tasks feel easier and add cheer to the crew during ocean voyages.

Most sea shanty poems contain verses interspersed with a familiar refrain repeated after every verse; this chorus can easily get caught in one’s head.

Nathan Evan’s rendition of “The Wellerman” has become an instant hit on TikTok and elsewhere because of its catchy tempo and memorable lyrics, making it increasingly popular for parties and drinking games.

  1. Peaches – Justin Bieber & Daniel Caesar

Peaches by Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar is an infectiously catchy song that will pump up any drinking game. Its high-energy beat and lighthearted lyrics create the perfect atmosphere for a night of good old-fashioned revelry.

The playful chorus makes it incredibly easy to remember, while its tempo encourages an upbeat mood that’ll get your friends feeling right in no time! Bieber’s mellow vocal delivery makes it instantly recognizable, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find yourself singing along as soon as the first bar hits.

Lyrics like “Pour some liquor on anything I ever did” or “Eating peaches from my trees all summer long” capture just how fun and carefree this classic tune is – perfect for getting into a party state of mind.

  1. Take On Me – A-ha

Take on Me by A-ha is one of the all-time favorite drinking game songs, renowned for its catchy melody and memorable lyrics. The song brings an upbeat vibe to any room – with its iconic opening bars and infectious chorus, it’s easy to get everyone singing along.

It can be used as a whole or broken down into sections: take one sip each time you hear “ohhh ohhhh ohhh…” or two sips every time they sing “take on me”! Either way, this classic hit sets the perfect tone for parties—captivating guests just in time for pre-game festivities.

Over the years, Take on Me has appeared in countless films, TV shows, video games, and even Broadway musicals; such lasting popularity speaks to how much we treasure this upbeat tune.

  1. Single Ladies – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies” is one of the most iconic and addictive drinking game songs ever. With its contagious beat, anthemic chant-like lyrics, and iconic dance moves in the accompanying music video, it has become a beloved classic amongst many party lovers.

When performed at a pre-game or after-hours mixer, this song will get everyone out of their seats and dancing – with a few extra shots taken along the way.  The unforgettable call-and-response between singer and crowd makes it perfect for games like Pass Out!, Kings Cup, Edward Fortyhands (where each player’s hands are duct taped to two 40oz beer bottles), or any “Take A Drink!” command from friends.

This song fulfills all criteria required for an ideal drinking game tune: its memorable, upbeat tempo makes sure no one falls asleep mid-hand; while Bey(‘s) unmistakable vocals provide participants something constantly engaging to sing (or rap) along with throughout the night.

  1. Roxanne – The Police

“Roxanne” is one of the most popular drinking game songs on the list, with its unmistakable and memorable chorus that everyone can sing along to. Initially written by the English rock band The Police in 1978, “Roxanne” has become an iconic song for parties worldwide.

It quickly gained popularity as a drinking game song thanks to its catchy rhythm and upbeat tempo. It has been featured in classic drinking games such as power hour, beer die, quarter-sipping and call-your-bluff chugging.

Moreover, due to being a short but potent track with robust beat-making, it is conducive to quick sips at three different intervals – ideal for keeping pace with the other players.

  1. SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

“SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake is a perfect example of an ideal drinking game song: Its up-tempo beat and recognizable rhythm encourage movement, making it easy to incorporate into popular drinking games such as flip cup, power hour, and beer pong.

The dynamic energy of the track keeps even the most veteran party-goers engaged throughout the night. Along with its fun tempo, which encourages singing along loudly, this classic is also memorable due to Timberlake’s clever wordplay in his lyrics—”Go ahead be gone with it / You know that I’m gonna get it”—which can be inserted naturally with each sip from your drink.

Featuring influences from various music pioneers such as David Bowie (“Rebel Rebel”), James Brown, David Byrne, Freddie Mercury, and Prince, this anthem has become generationally iconic over fifteen years since its release.

This multicultural heritage adds extra depth to already chart-topping “SexyBack”: It argues against narrow labels regarding genre or musical typology while captivating oldtimers and modern fans; young people often use it for their pui.e.ose (i.e., pregame).

  1. Don’t Stop Believin – Journey

One of the most iconic songs for drinking games, “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, has been a fan favorite since its initial release in 1981. The upbeat tempo and strong chorus make it perfect for singing at the top of your lungs between drinks.

When it hits the bridge with Steve Perry’s recognizable high notes, you know there won’t be any folks sitting out on this one. Everyone will join in for the All-American karaoke experience—the lyrics become even more critical when playing power hour or taking sips every time “don’t stop believing” comes up! It speaks to people as a classic rock anthem, encouraging them to keep going no matter what life throws at them.

This is why “Don’t Stop Believin ” works so well for partygoers who need an excuse to throw caution to the wind.

  1. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline has become a drinking game staple due to its fun, familiar, and easy-to-sing nature. Its catchy chorus is well-known and often chanted in large groups – resulting in an instantaneous party vibe that diminishes any inhibitions associated with starting up the game.

Furthermore, the lyrics are relatable enough for everyone to get behind when siping their drink – like singing ‘touching me’ or ‘ba ba bah(s).’

However, despite being such a beloved tune amongst millennials, what could be viewed as problematic lyrics have led to recent debates concerning its appropriateness.

To provide some context – Sweet Caroline was initially written about young Caroline Kennedy riding her bike around Hyannisport, and although there can either be perceived intentions of innocence or subliminal sexual innuendos made out of these words today, depending on how you look at it – still an important point worth mentioning for those questioning why such backlash exists against this iconic song.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Queen’s timeless classic, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” has become an iconic drinking game song due to its high energy and memorable lyrics. The 1975 single marked a staple of the band’s career and has since been a regular fixture at any bar-based or music-oriented party.

The song is perfect for drinking games because, despite some complicated lyrical arrangements, it has an easy frame structure with many pauses in between, which are excellent markers for when to take sips from one’s drink.

Tips for Using Music Effectively in Drinking Games

To make the most of your drinking game songs, carefully select tracks that align with your guests’ preferences and ensure they create a perfect flow for the entire party.

Select Songs Based On Your Guests’ Preferences

Organizing a drinking game party is about finding the best songs to get the party started and choosing music that reflects everyone’s preferences. Pick music carefully based on their tastes and likes to ensure your party is an enjoyable experience for all guests.

It’ll make it much easier for people to engage with each other while participating in the games. A balanced selection of classic drinking game favorites (such as “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC or “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé) and tracks from different genres like rock or country can help you create an atmosphere where no one feels out of place.

Adding some catchy pop tunes will spruce up any event, creating an energetic mix perfect for getting into those dance moves! Alternatively, if you prefer slower-paced ballads such as “Hey Ya” by Outkast or “Roxanne” by The Police – these are great options too.

Organize Your Playlist For The Perfect Party Flow

Organizing your playlist for the perfect party flow is critical to creating an unforgettable drinking game experience. Here are some tips that will help ensure your party goes off without a hitch:

  • Start with slower and mellow songs so everyone can ease into the night. Gradually increase tempo throughout the evening until you reach peak energy levels before winding down again at closing time.
  • Incorporate popular, recognizable songs from multiple genres to keep guests engaged and spread out similar styles or back-to-back artist selections to avoid monotony.
  • Divide up entire nights into music sets instead of playing all of one type or genre for long periods.
  • For DJs, create separate playlists for each gig—alternately organized by artists, eras, moods, etc.—to tailor the atmosphere as much as possible based on crowd preferences.
  • Use essential software functions like crossfades and mixers to create smooth transitions between tracks and maintain proper energy levels throughout the night.

Play Music At Safe Volume Levels

Playing music at safe volume levels is crucial during drinking games to ensure everyone keeps their hearing in check while they enjoy the party. Playing too loud can cause permanent damage and hinder meaningful conversations between participants.

To prevent this, use a decibel meter or set maximum limits on speakers before turning up the sound. 

This will help keep music levels within an acceptable range – usually around 85 decibels or lower – while allowing guests to interact and talk with each other without needing to raise their voices over each song.

Drinking Game Songs: Wrapping Up

Music and drinking games can come together to create the perfect party. By selecting the best drinking game songs, creating a great playlist, and practicing responsible alcohol usage, all your guests will have a fantastic time.

Music provides a good flow for a party as it brings people together and pumps up energy throughout the night. So turn up the music and let the games begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drinking Game Song?

A Drinking Game Song is a song played during a drinking game, and the lyrics or melody dictate when players should take drinks.

How do I play a Drinking Game Song?

To play a Drinking Game Song, you simply need to listen to the song and follow the rules. The rules will typically involve taking a drink whenever certain words or phrases are sung, or when the melody changes in a certain way.

What are some popular Drinking Game Songs?

Some popular Drinking Game Songs include “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Roxanne” by The Police.

Can I make my own Drinking Game Song?

Yes, you can make your own Drinking Game Song by choosing a song and creating your own rules for when players should take drinks. Just make sure the rules are clear and easy to follow.

Is it safe to play a Drinking Game Song?

As with any drinking game, it’s important to drink responsibly and in moderation. Make sure to pace yourself and know your limits to avoid any potential health risks.

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