Chandelier Drinking Game: Ignite Your Party With Sparkling Fun!

Looking for a way to add a spark to your social gatherings? 

You’re in the right place! I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Chandelier Drinking Game, a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping activity that transforms any party into a thrilling event. 

As we delve into this guide, I’ll share with you the rules, strategies, and some exciting twists that make this game a surefire hit. So, grab a glass, prepare for action, and let me guide you through your next party hit! 

Ready to light up the fun? Your Chandelier adventure starts now!

What Is The Chandelier Drinking Game?

The chandelier drinking game is a fun way to spend time with friends and a variant of the classic beer pong. This drinking game involves bouncing ping-pong balls into other players’ cups, with any ball that lands in the “middle cup” forcing that player to down their drink before flipping their cup as quickly as possible.

Often considered an evolution of Beer Pong, Chandelier has become increasingly popular among young adults at parties or social gatherings due to its highly competitive nature.

Requiring quick reflexes and careful aiming skills, it is often combined with similar games such as Flip Cup for added fun or even played against teams for larger groups.

Why Play The Chandelier Drinking Game? Benefits

Playing the Chandelier drinking game is an exciting and fun way to liven up any party or gathering of friends. It can bring hours of entertainment and laughter with friends and family, and there are tangible benefits from playing this silly yet competitively strategic game! 

  • Playing this game teaches players valuable hand-eye coordination skills as they try to bounce a ping pong ball into cups placed on a table.
  • Moreover, connections between people deepen because of lively conversations sparked by bouncing balls against each other, taking turns refilling lost drinks in another player’s cup when their ping pong ball hit another’s cup instead of landing in theirs.
  • Apart from these physical benefits, bonding among teammates reaches new levels when one person takes on the responsibility as captain or referee; that is crucial to ensure fair gameplay while enforcing designated house rules prior agreed upon by all players.
  • Chandelier also helps break down social barriers amongst strangers at parties since most guests will be aware of how to play this popular party drinking game, thus easing everyone into a comfortable conversation in a social setting, whether familiar or unfamiliar faces are present.

What You’ll Need To Play The Chandelier Drinking Game

The following are some basic items you will need to play the game; 

Ping Pong Balls

Ping-pong balls are critical to playing the Chandelier Drinking Game – they bring all the fun and excitement! There are a few things to consider when choosing ping pong balls for this game.

  • For starters, regular or large-size ping pong balls should be used as they bounce well and will fit nicely in most cups. 
  • High-quality plastic or rubber table tennis balls work best, although any old ping pong ball can do it if needed.
  • Check for cracked or damaged areas on your Ping Pong balls before playing; this affects how fast their bounces travel throughout gameplay and could mean an unfair advantage over opponents! 
  • Another critical factor is the thickness of each Ping Pong ball; hollow ones tend to fly farther than stable versions when bounced off surfaces during games.

Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are among the most popular materials for drinking games. They have many advantages over other types, not least because they’re incredibly affordable and widely available.

They’re also lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to breakage if used in situations like Beer Pong, where balls are bounced into them repeatedly. 

Playing Surface

The Chandelier Drinking Game’s playing surface is critical for a successful and enjoyable game. A flat table or smooth countertop ideally works best, as it allows bouncing ping pong balls with the most accuracy.

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Aim Of The Game

The Chandelier drinking game aims to bounce a ping pong ball into other players’ cups. The objective is for all players to take turns getting their ball into another player’s cup.

If the player successfully lands it in another cup, the person who owns it must drink. The last remaining person in the game without an empty cup wins! 

This fun group activity requires skill, teamwork, and communication since players must be accurate with their aim while avoiding bouncing off too many edges or missing a cup completely.

How To Setup The Game

Before playing the chandelier drinking game, you must set up the game environment and gather all the necessary materials. You’ll need plenty of Ping Pong balls, plastic cups, and a surface to play on.


  • Red Solo Cup: This classic cup is the most popular option for Chandelier drinking games as it is easy to fill, bounce on & flip- but caution should be taken when flipping as it may easily break!
  • Plastic Party Cups: These are a great option because they are generally inexpensive, stackable, and slightly larger, allowing for more beer per cup. Plus, they come in various colors – perfect for livening up parties!
  • Mason Jars or Glass Cups: While more fragile than plastic cups, these sturdier options are great if players desire longer-lasting refills while playing. Just be sure to choose wide enough so balls can still bounce into them quickly during gameplay.

Playing Surface

  • Tables: Many tables can be used for Chandelier drinking, including dining tables, kitchen counters, billiard/ping-pong tables, or outdoor tables with weatherproof material. The primary consideration when using a table as your playing surface is its size and shape, affecting how many cups you can comfortably fit on top of it.
  • Floors: If you don’t have access to a large tabletop or don’t mind getting down on the ground for some “floorball,” hardwood floors make a great alternative playing surface. For indoors, use non-slip rugs underneath the cups, and for the outdoors, use ground cover tarps (think picnic blanket) available at most hardware stores or online sites like Amazon.

Once everything is ready, it’s time to dive into some fun with shimmering rounds of Chandelier drinking games!

House Rules

Establishing clear house rules is essential for the Chandelier Drinking game. Having a set of rules ensures everybody knows how to play and prevents misunderstandings. Here are the standard house rules:

  1. No touching your cups. This prevents people from intentionally missing their cups so they don’t have to drink them.
  2. No In – Betweeners means you cannot bounce the ball off an object (like furniture or another cup) before landing in a cup.
  3. If someone catches a ball after it bounces, then they get to choose which cup gets drunk instead of them drinking it themselves.
  4. All shots must be taken from behind the line – no leaning over allowed!
  5. Any player who misses two cups in one turn must refill all the cups on the table before anyone else can take their next turn.
  6. Once all players have successfully landed a ball in each other’s cups, everyone must finish their drinks before starting a new round of gameplay.
  7. Lastly, nobody can move cups on the surface until every participant is done playing and has officially lost or won the game!

How To Play

Players must gather all the necessary materials, including a ping pong ball and plastic cups. 

The players then arrange their cups in a circle around the middle cup, with each cup placed at an equal distance from the other. 

Place one player in the middle of the circle to start the game off by tossing or bouncing a Ping-Pong ball into one of another players’ solo cups (they can also bounce it into their own). 

If someone lands it inside someone else’s cup, that other person has to immediately drink up all its contents and place an empty flipped cup on top instead. This will mark them as “out” for this round. 

Then they proceed clockwise from that marked individual with another toss, aiming towards any full mug left open according to regular beer pong rules. They continue until every mug is emptied.

Whoever manages not to be “bounced out” by having their drinking vessel filled first becomes the winner of this particular chandelier match! 

Note: It is advised that house rules should be established before starting such games since certain play variations between different groups may weaken or empower some individuals significantly. 

Ending The Game

The Chandelier drinking game is an incredibly festive and fun way to get a group of friends together. However, knowing when and how to end the game entirely is essential. Doing so will ensure that everyone has had a positive and safe experience.

An ideal ending can be set before starting the round by setting up rules like “play until two cups remain” or “first player at 5 points wins”. Alternatively, players can decide collectively on a winner if no clear victor arises after several rounds.

Whether you are using points or the last person standing as your criteria, it is essential for all players involved to commit themselves to avoid confusion after the game.

Winning Strategies For Chandelier Game

Mastering The Bounce Technique

In the Chandelier Drinking Game, mastering the bounce technique is critical! It involves more than just luck; you must understand basic physics principles and aim well.

For a successful shot, your angle of incidence must equal that of reflection – which means throwing the ball at an angle so it bounces off the cup rim and into its center when you hit it on the other side.

Keeping your arm steady and practicing your throw regularly will help with this aim. To ensure each player has a fair chance in making their shots, create turning lanes like those found in Mini golf by placing obstacles (such as soda bottles) around cups further away from each other.

This also prevents direct aiming at one specific target too often! Also, remember that lighter balls will usually go slower than heavier ones, so keep track of all variables when choosing what type of ping pong ball to use for game night.

Choosing The Right Cup Size

When playing the chandelier drinking game, picking just the correct sizes of cups is essential. Choosing a large cup will make it much more difficult for players to bounce and precisely aim their shots accurately.

On the other hand, selecting too small of a cup can also lead to trouble as players may find themselves accidentally flipping one another’s cups or making multiple bounces off different opponents’ cups before finally settling into the target cup! Commonly used cup sizes include 12 Oz., 16 Oz., and 20 Oz.

For larger groups, larger cups like 24-30 oz are recommended for more challenging gameplay, while smaller circle helps create dynamic flip competition between two teams.

Drinking Responsibly

Alcohol is a part of the Chandelier drinking game, making it important to be mindful and drink responsibly. Drinking responsibly ensures that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

The potential risks associated with excessive drinking can quickly take out the fun from any party, so ensure that no one over-indulges by setting ground rules for the game beforehand and monitoring players throughout.

Fun Variations Of Chandelier Drinking Game

With the Chandelier Drinking Game, you can make your party come alive with fun game variations. These variations add a fun twist to the classic rules, meaning you will always enjoy playing this game.

  • Card Lock: A card is placed between two cups, and a team must successfully bounce the ball off the card and into one of their cups. If they manage to do this, they have “locked” that cup, and it cannot be removed until their whole team has finished their drinks.
  • Fill up to Win: This variation requires teams or individual players to fill up all their cups before any other team/player. When all cups are filled, teams or individual players try to sink a ball into an opposing team’s cup from across the table – the first team/player to accomplish this wins!
  • Team Play Variation: In this variation, teams must work together to complete each round and stay ahead in the game. To win a round, all members of a designated team must both bounce a ping pong ball into separate cups at the same time within three tries.

The benefit of these added variations is that they provide extra excitement to your next game night – keeping it fresh and exciting for everyone involved!

Other Popular Drinking Games

Besides the Chandelier drinking game, you can also play other popular and fun games such as; 

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is one of the most popular drinking games in the world, especially among college students. It involves throwing a ping pong ball into cups filled with beer or any other beverage.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a classic team-based drinking game that requires two teams and can be enjoyed in groups of any size. The game aims for each team to finish their beers and flip the clear plastic cup onto its lid so it stands upright on the table before their opponents do.

Kings Cup

Kings Cup is a popular drinking card game played widely on college campuses across the United States. It has dozens of rules and variations, but generally, each player lays down cards in turn, and whoever draws the 4th king must drink.

FAQs on The Chandelier Drinking Game

What is the chandelier drinking game?

Chandelier is a lively party game where players bounce a ping pong ball into cups. The opponent whose cup is hit must drink its contents.

How do you play the chandelier drinking game?

In Chandelier, players bounce a ping pong ball attempting to land it in opponent’s cups. If successful, the opponent drinks. The game ends when all cups are empty.

What items can be used for making up clues in this game?

Chandelier is not typically a clue-based game. It primarily requires a ping pong ball, cups, and a table for play.

Does everyone have to consume alcohol when playing  Chandelier Drinking Game?

No, alcohol isn’t mandatory in Chandelier. Players can substitute with non-alcoholic beverages for a fun, inclusive game. 

Final Take On Chandelier Drinking Game!

The Chandelier Drinking Game is a fun and exciting game that can liven up any social gathering or party. Playing these games has been linked with improved well-being as it helps build strong bonds between people and encourages conversation that might not otherwise occur.

In addition, studies consistently show that moderate alcohol intake can help improve mental health by reducing stress levels and increasing relaxation.

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