Dive Into Fun With the Categories Drinking Game: Detailed Guide & Variations

Are you tired of the same old drinking games? Do you want to spice up your next party or gathering with something new and exciting?

Look no further than the categories drinking game! This classic game is perfect for any group size and will have you laughing and bonding in no time. 

With endless possibilities for categories, the fun never stops. So grab your favorite beverage and get ready to test your wit and creativity in this thrilling drinking game. Let the good times roll!

What is the Categories Drinking Game?

Categories is a fun drinking game involving players naming different items within the same category. 

This simple and entertaining game is easy to learn. It requires little more than an imaginative mind and a desire for competition and can create an unforgettable atmosphere when played with friends.

The origin of the Categories drinking game is not entirely clear. Some believe it stems from Ring of Fire, as one version of the game has categorized drinks instead of cards. 

Nevertheless, it has grown gradually popular and even joined the ’20 Most Popular Drinking Games’ lists today.

Though traditionally seen as ideal for easing pre-drinking tensions or during pub visits, Categories needn’t just involve alcohol. Anyone can play this flexible game, regardless! 

Variations have also emerged through its rich history. 

Some games require players to lose all points before being allowed even one drink, whereas others allow primary and secondary categories per round (making putting together answers slightly more manageable).

When is Categories Played?

The game can be enjoyed in many different contexts, such as during a night of ring of fire drinking games, as a consequence of other drinking games, or simply on its own.

Categories as Part of Ring of Fire

A category is an iconic rule from the popular drinking game Ring of Fire. Also known as Kings or Circle of Death, this game has existed since the 1970s and remains a classic way to have fun with friends.

In Round of Fire, playing cards are arranged in a circle, and each player draws one card. 

When the ten cards are drawn, it’s time for Categories. The person who drew the 10 chooses a category (such as countries in Asia). Then everyone takes turns naming something that fits into that category until someone can’t think of anything new.

In recent years, Variations of this classic game, such as Categories, have become incredibly popular at bars and parties, boosting Ring of Fire’s longstanding appeal even more.

This simple but exciting twist on what was once just another card-drawing drinking game adds enough complexity to turn any gathering into a loud party activity.

Categories as a Consequence in Other Drinking Games

Categories is frequently used as part of the overall game when playing other more complicated drinking games. This can be in the form of a consequence or penalty for when players do specific actions.

For example, if someone knocks over their drink when playing Ring of Fire, everyone else must take a turn drinking something while naming something that fits a chosen category.

This rule adds an element of fun to the experience as it encourages people to think quickly to come up with appropriate answers, giving them only a few seconds for each one before drinking from their glass.

Another everyday use for Categories is in the game Never Have I Ever, where instead of taking drinks regularly after each statement, like in a traditional play, one person will give ten statements about items related to one category – such as ten animals or plants – instead.

Categories as a Drinking Game

Categories is a fun drinking game perfect for casual gatherings with friends. The game aims to challenge your wit and knowledge as players take turns naming items that fit into specific categories.

This game falls under the communal games category, requiring everyone’s involvement and participation to make it more dynamic and enjoyable. 

To play, cards are often used, but you can easily use any type of paper or digital device that lists down categories for players to guess from – popular categories include movies & TV shows, songs & musicians, brands & products, foods & drinks, and so much more.

There are also different variations, such as rhyme edition, where all the items must follow one sound pattern like “car- jar- far-, etc.,” as well as pop culture edition, which spans many different media industries including music, film/tv series and books amongst others.

How to Play the Categories Drinking Game

Objectives of Categories as a Drinking Game

Categories is a great drinking game to start the party or enjoy over drinks with friends. It allows players to think up items that fit within the narrowed-down category to avoid taking a drink, encouraging quick thinking and creativity. 

Categories also helps break the ice between people who don’t know each other too well. 

To play, everyone calls out an answer within a specific category, such as TV shows, songs, foods & drinks, brands & products, etc.

Whoever gets it wrong has to take what’s known in the game as a drink’ or another predetermined forfeit, which varies by group playing style! 

As fun (and occasionally challenging) as this game can be, remember to enjoy it responsibly. Too many drinks in one night lead to excessive alcohol consumption and potentially dangerous behaviour.

Rules of the Game

The Categories Drinking Game is a fun and simple game that can be played with any number of players. 

To begin, choose a category – such as “people” or “sports teams” – that will be used for the game.

Then one player starts by calling out an item within the chosen category. The following person then calls out another item in the same category, and so on, until someone cannot think of anything new to call out.

If this happens, they have to take a drink! 

Additional rules vary depending on preferences – some players may establish particular letters all items must start with, while others set time limits for each turn or assign extra drinks when players cannot develop new categories.

Generally, changes in category occur after each play finishes its turn successfully without resorting to drinking.

Setting up the Game

You’ll need to gather the essential items to start the game— your favorite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), some friends, and a deck of cards.

It’s also helpful if everyone is familiar with the chosen category so that everyone can participate in the fun! 

First, one player must choose a category for all players to use during their turn. It could be anything from movies and TV shows, songs and musicians, brands and products, foods and drinks.

Once each person has their drink at hand and everyone knows what type of category they will be using, it’s time to shuffle up your cards.

Popular Categories to Play in Categories Drinking Game

These fun categories can be used for the Categories drinking game:

Movies and TV Shows

When using movies or TV shows as categories for the game, choose one specific franchise or series everyone knows. 

It could range from classic sitcoms such as The Office or Star Trek – depending on your group’s preferences! To play, each person picks out a movie or shows a title corresponding to the agreed-upon category; it answers other players’ questions throughout the game.

For example, Player A might pick “The Princess Bride,” so they must be ready to answer various questions about it for others’ turns.

When playing Categories drinking game with movies and TV shows, decide how far into answering correctly you want someone must go before being allowed to move on—one clue? Two clues? 

However, you set up your game guidelines. Remember that drinking is optional but encouraged! 

As long as all players understand their limits ahead of time and focus on having fun instead of challenging one another endlessly over correct answers, everyone at your table will have plenty of enjoyment left over after everything’s said and done. 

Get creative and interactive by adding extra twists, too —compare which characters in which episodes were most popular during voting rounds for additional entertainment value.

Songs and Musicians

One of the most popular categories to play a game of Categories is songs and musicians. This category can be easily adapted to any party. 

Simply create a playlist with music from different decades, genres, or just your favorite tunes! Keeping yourself in this category open is important – songs old and new are great additions.

Think outside the box when creating categories for this one – does everyone have the same favorite artist? Suggest focusing on specific albums or something like top 10 singles released since 2000, for example! 

A great way to use music as part of the drinks game is by playing games explicitly related to songs.

Music drinking games such as Take it Back 1000 Years (where you take turns jumping back between current hits and 90s classics) call for creativity and leave no room for boredom, perfect for when things start to feel like they’re getting ‘samey.’

Brands and Products

Adding branded items or products to the Categories drinking game can increase creativity and competition. Players can incorporate their favorite brands or products into the game, including fan-favorite items and personal preferences.

Popular categories related to brands and products could include fast food restaurants, candy bars, fashion designers, cars, tech companies, and favorite apps. 

To keep it fair for everyone, they may want to specify that duplicate answers are not allowed and try to avoid monopolizing a category with obscure or niche products with which some players may be unfamiliar.

An example of a fun category is five favorite Cider beers in a craft beer category.

Foods and Drinks

One of the great things about this game is how creative it can get when you’re thinking up categories, including exploring some popular food and drink topics.

Food and drinks make for exciting categories because they give you an easy topic everyone can discuss and allow players to learn each other’s preferences.

Examples of Fun Category Ideas

When ramping up the fun and challenge level in a Categories drinking game, players can use specific categories or concepts that make the game even more unique.

  • Movies and TV shows: Incorporate titles from old and new movies or TV shows. For an added twist, ask people to come up with characters from the choreographed movie/TV show series or something related to a plot point released later in production — this often prompts interesting conversations, memories of favorite scenes, and drinking statements between friends.
  • Songs and Musicians: Break out into song rockstar karaoke with everyone vying for points through their vocal prowess! Everyone loves belting out their favorite tunes, but if you have any musically talented friends who may need to be braver on them, showcase their talents instrumentally.
  • Brands and Products: Take yourself back in time by asking for vintage brands which may have gone out of fashion, such as Walkman products or Polaroid cameras.
  • Foods & Drinks: Get creative about what dishes are available around you depending on where you live geographically– seafood recipes, street side snacks that take us down memory lane when growing up! Or set a rule that drinks must always match what’s being said – for example, tequila snakebite could be discussed upon discussing zebras, etc.
  • Fun Concept Ideas: Encourage every player group to think with topics and concepts based on humanitarian ideas, sexual orientations, or just funny take on traditional subjects like marriage. This helps add humor while still making it intellectual enough for curious minds.

Etiquette Tips for Playing the Categories Drinking Game

When playing the Categories drinking game, you must be mindful of these rules:

Respect Others’ Limits and Preferences

Playing drinking games like Categories is about having fun and respecting others’ limits and preferences. 

Everyone involved has the right to set boundaries regarding how much they choose to drink during the game. This means pressuring someone to drink something they don’t want or forcing them into situations beyond their comfort level should be avoided.

Practically speaking, when playing Categories with friends, everyone must stick together throughout the play. If one person abruptly stops drinking but does not indicate why (for example, due to feeling ill), be careful not to pressure them into continuing against their will.

Asking individual players beforehand whether there are any drinks that they prefer or need to abstain from can also help create a respectful environment where everybody is comfortable enough to relax and have fun without fear or judgment.

Knowing When To Stop

Whether playing the Categories drinking game, knowing when enough is enough is essential. Players who become too intoxicated could make bad decisions, like driving under the influence.

It’s important for everyone participating in the game to set personal limits and keep an eye out for one another’s behavior due to alcohol consumption.

Taking breaks and having frequent snacks during play will also help slow players down, preventing them from being overly intoxicated from any beverage consumed. 

Being Respectful and Considerate

Being respectful and considerate of one another while playing the Categories drinking game is not only a common courtesy, it’s essential for creating a safe and fun atmosphere. This allows all players to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

Respectful behavior also goes a long way in avoiding any potential negative social or health impacts of alcohol consumption.

Consideration must also be taken when discussing topics. Offensive language or jokes at someone else’s expense can quickly sour the game’s mood.

It also ensures no one feels uncomfortable following round-table discussions about products, brands, or foods we may all consume differently (for dietary reasons & beliefs).

FAQs on The Categories Drinking Game 

How do you play the Categories drinking game?

In the Categories drinking game, each player takes a turn at choosing a category and saying something that fits within it. The other players must quickly think of an item in that category before the timer runs out, or they must take penalty drinks. The game moves around in a circle until all players have had their turn as Category Leader, and penalties are given for incorrect answers or taking too long.

What kinds of categories can be used in this game?

Players may choose any category they’d like- from foods, colors, and names of TV shows/ Movies/ songs, etc. It depends on what everyone is feeling up for! Creative thinking is encouraged!

Is this party activity only suitable for adults?

These party activities are most suitable for adults. However, some modifications, such as water or juice instead of alcohol, can easily make it appropriate for individuals aged 18+. 

How long does one round usually last? 

One round typically lasts between 10 – 20 minutes, depending upon how many people are playing & type of transparency chosen by participants when deciding category topics. 

Final Take on Categories Drinking Game

Certainly, the Categories drinking game can be an entertaining and social way to spend time with friends. It is easy to learn and play and brings people together by encouraging creativity and competition.

But although we all enjoy a few drinks occasionally, some risks come with excessive consumption of alcohol, so it’s important to act responsibly when drinking. 

Respect your peers’ choices if they decide not to consume alcoholic beverages, or switch a few rules if needed. For instance, non-alcoholic shots could replace drinking rounds as part of the game.

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