Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game: Turn Up the Fun and Laughs

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game is a popular party game that challenges players to create hilarious jokes from outrageous word combinations. 

As a drinking game, it’s a fantastic strategy to enliven your next gathering and ensure everyone has a fantastic time.  

Whether you are a veteran drinker or a first-time participant, this game is incredibly amusing. 

But before you grab your friends and crack open some beers, join us in exploring all the details about the game to prepare you for all the unmatched thrill. 

Equipment Needed to Play Cards Against Humanity

Here’s what you need to enjoy Cards Against Humanity: 

  • An unopened copy of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Alcohol drink choices (varying beers or liquor) for each player.
  • Shot glasses.
  • Snack containers.
  • Coasters for surfaces used during play.
  • Multiple decks of cards (if using alternate versions like Rando Cardrissian or Smooth Operator).
  • Spare playing cards from other card games (optional but helpful in replacing damaged cards).

Cards Against Humanity: Practical Playing Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to the Cards Against Humanity drinking game, don’t worry! Mastering these tips will see you become a pro sooner than anticipated: 

Get the Game’s Essentials 

The first thing to do when playing Card Against Humanity is to gather all the players and equipment needed to play the game – like pen/pencils, paper, decks of cards, etc. Ensure that everyone has their own set of white cards and one deck of black cards.

Establish Some House Rules 

Like all games, Cards Against Humanity also requires various house rules. These can range from creating restrictions on language to how much each person should drink per round. Rules can also be regarding acceptable behavior within the group – like no heckling or swearing during gameplay.

Choose the Card Szar 

Every Card Against Humanity also needs a Card Czar. This is the player who will decide the winning card combination for each round. 

The Card Czar should not be allowed to participate in submitting their cards during each round. They act as Card Czar but can help with decisions if needed.

Follow the Rules 

Card Against Humanity is only enjoyable if everyone adheres to these rules: 

  • With each round, draw one black card from the stack of black cards and read it aloud for all players to hear clearly. The words or phrases on this card should prompt an answer from every player using only their stack of white cards where they select one their choice which best fits the term/answer in question.
  • Once everyone has chosen their response for that particular round, have them show their answers face down so that no other players can see what they decided until it’s time for them to submit theirs together. Once submitted, there will still be time for those participating in debate/questioning any revealed handles to get more specific or marked responses into view more clearly than might otherwise occur anonymously. If these debates/questions do arise, then another white card reshuffle is recommended after completion by all involved before voting begins, with submissions being held ready again. 
  • Run through at least three rounds this way before coming back around again after completion at least once through (resetting everything down beforehand when returning).
  • After every player has revealed their card choices, let them vote on what they believe is the funniest card for that particular prompt or subject matter depicted by whichever black card chosen – only one white card selection is allowed per display where only individuals credited with making selections can take part in voting (Card Czar excluded). 

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game Variations


The popular Cards Against Humanity game can be turned into a drinking card game with an added gambling element. In this game variation, each player places predetermined bets before starting.

Each round is played exactly like in the original version – black cards are drawn and sent back to the “card czar,” players must submit matching white cards from their decks that they think best complete or reply to what’s written on them.

At the end of each round, when all answers and responses are considered by everyone, including “the czar,” whoever had the funniest or most outrageous answer wins and is rewarded with chips based on predetermined amounts for every participating player at stake.

If you win multiple rounds during one session, you might get rich, whereas losing frequently will shrink your money pile quickly – it’s hazardous but also adds extra excitement.

Rando Cardrissian

Rando Calrissian is a rule in the Cards Against Humanity drinking game which adds to the craziness and laughter of the game. It takes it one step further by introducing extra cards that are unexpected.

To play Rando Cardrissian, players pick one random White Card from the pile and put it into play as if they had chosen it themselves. 

That card belongs to an imaginary player named “Rando,”—but all other rules still apply when playing Rando’s card, meaning you can still win depending on how good your selection is! 

Players take turns pulling cards out of the pile until another black card is played or someone says enough already.

Smooth Operator

The fun goes up a notch in the Smooth Operator variation of the Cards Against Humanity drinking game. In this version, players are instructed to take shots instead of beer when certain words or phrases appear on the cards.

As with any variation, it’s essential to ensure everyone is comfortable – only consume what and how much you can handle responsibly! 

The rules remain similar to that of traditional Cards Against Humanity. 

Each player gets ten white cards containing different words or phrases, which must match up with a black card provided by another player (the Card Czar).

When someone plays one of their white cards with an alcoholic beverage, such as “Jagerbomb,” tequila shot,” etc., then that person must take a shot from preselected drinks that all players agree upon before starting the game.

It requires more strategy than regular gameplay because you must think about the funniest combinations to ensure your card isn’t trumped.

This adds an extra element of excitement and engagement for those playing who may not enjoy just pointing out jokes but also being part of its creation.

Alternatives to Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is a card game that involves players selecting noun cards from their hands to match the adjective card played by the judge. The judge then chooses the best or most amusing noun card, leading to lively discussions and laughter among the participants.

Charades: Charades

Charades: Charades is a popular party game where players take turns acting out a word or phrase without speaking, using gestures and body language to convey the meaning. The other players must guess the word or phrase within a time limit, promoting teamwork and communication.

Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is a board game that encourages players to engage in conversations and get to know each other better. Players take turns drawing question cards and answering them while the others try to guess the respondent’s answer. It prompts insightful discussions and reveals surprising aspects of the players’ personalities.

FAQs on Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

What are the Cards Against Humanity drinking game?

This drinking game is a variation of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, where players combine humorous and often inappropriate answer cards to complete question cards. 
In the drinking game version, players also incorporate drinking rules, such as taking sips or shots based on card combinations or game outcomes.

How do you play the Cards Against Humanity drinking game?

The Card Against Humanity drinking game follows the same basic rules as the original game. Players take turns being the Card Czar, who reads a question card.  The other players then select their funniest or most outrageous answer card to match the question. The Card Czar chooses the best combination, and the player who submitted it earns a point. 

Is the Cards Against Humanity drinking game suitable for everyone?

This game contains adult humor and content, and it involves drinking alcohol. Considering the players’ age, maturity, and tolerance is essential before deciding if the game suits everyone. Ensure all participants are of legal drinking age and comfortable with the game’s explicit and potentially offensive nature. 

Final Take on the Card Against Humanity Drinking Game

Playing the Cards Against Humanity drinking game can bring friends and family together for an evening of funny jokes, hilarious stories, and unforgettable memories. 

Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is essential when playing a social drinking game such as this one. Not only should people be aware of their limits when they’re drinking but also in terms of appropriate conduct, given the irreverent nature of the game’s content. 

Also, participants can establish clear boundaries to create a friendly and safe atmosphere where everyone has fun without unpleasant experiences. 

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