Asshole Drinking Games: Rules & How to Play

Are you looking for a wild, fun after-party game to liven up the night? Asshole Drinking Game has existed for years and remains a favorite amongst partygoers everywhere.

Combining strategic card playing with recreational drinking, this game will bring hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Read on as we dive deep into the “Asshole” card game world, discussing who can play, set rules, additional variants, and winning strategies.

What is The Asshole Drinking Game?

The Asshole drinking game, also known as President and Scum, is a card-based game that pits four or more players against one another, intending to deplete their opponent’s card deck.

Players must use strategy and timing to get rid of all their cards before everyone else to determine who will be crowned the “President” and “Asshole” for the next round.

The objective of the Asshole drinking game is for each player to get rid of all their cards to win.

Special Position Rules apply, which gives certain advantages to those positions while playing, as well as other restrictions such that higher-ranked players cannot be forced into accepting passes from lower-numbered positions.

During gameplay, different values are obtained by certain cards: 

  • 3 being wild
  • 2 Clear Card (any rank)
  • Ace Highest
  • Jack Lowest
  • 6 or 7 might require special instructions from that person/positions Player depending on how it was set up initially during pregame setup.

What You’ll Need To Play

The Playing Cards

When playing Asshole Drinking Game,  paying attention to the type of cards used to play accurately and abide by the rules is essential. The game requires a deck with face and number cards, consisting of 2 – Ace for each suit (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades).

At the beginning of each round or hand, all players are given 6 or 7 cards depending on their position within the hierarchy – President gets seven while the others get 6. 

Regarding specific card types, 3s act as wildcards so that they can be played onto any other card regardless of its value – only one card per pile.

For particular positions like Vice-President, they must always try and pick up/drop off pairs if possible.

Aces may also behave as high or low, depending on context. It acts as low if an ace has already been laid down before someone attempts to place an Ace. Otherwise, it behaves normally by acting higher than a King.

The Asshole Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

The Asshole Drinking Game is a fun, competitive drinking game that combines strategy and luck to make it even more exciting.

The Aim Of The Game

The Asshole drinking game aims to quickly eliminate all the cards in your hand. Players must take turns laying down higher values than the last card played.

The person left holding their cards when every other player has discarded theirs is known as “The Asshole” and is given a penalty. 

In addition to simply getting rid of their cards, players must also use strategy while ensuring they are not stuck with any lower-ranked ones – which can affect who’ll become the next ‘asshole.’


In Asshole Drinking Game, players can hold various positions or roles, depending on how quickly they get rid of all their cards. 

The order in which a player plays all their cards determines each player’s role in the game. The first person to get rid of all their cards is awarded the highest honor, while the last to empty their hand is appointed as the Asshole.

  • The President: The first player to finish playing all their cards becomes the ‘President’ for the next game. This position offers many special privileges, such as exchanging three cards from former presidents.
  • The Vice-President: The second player to finish playing all their cards becomes the ‘Vice-President’ for the next game. Vice presidents may exchange two cards with other players still in the game.
  • Ordinary People: All players after the President and Vice-President fall into this category. Normal people have no additional powers or privileges and must simply play according to Asshole rules.
  • Vice-Asshole: Players finishing in fourth place become Vice-Assholes. They possess power over ordinary people who must pass them one card each turn and take any two from them. They can also choose which two ordinary people must pass these cards at their discretion.
  • Asshole: Those unlucky enough not to finish amongst president, vice president, and vice asshole become official ‘assholes’ with complete control over everyone else, including choosing who will drink or not under what circumstances. They have the right to enforce regular rules, like making everyone else pick up piles when unable to play a card, and personal rules, such as forfeiting specific drinks or conditions on when other players can drink, etcetera.

Asshole Drinking Game FAQs

What is an Asshole drinking game?

Asshole Drinking Game (also known as President) is a popular card game between 4-6 players. The game’s main objective is to get rid of all cards before anyone else does while being able to control how much alcohol each player has to drink.

How do you win an asshole drinking game?

The goal is to be either the first or last person flattened, eliminate all your cards before any other player, and be the first one resurrected by winning two out of three games.

Is there a minimum age requirement for playing Asshole Drinking Games? 

Yes – those participating must be over 21 years old to participate legally. This is due to existing laws that prohibit underage alcohol consumption. 

Final Thoughts About The Asshole Drinking Game

The Asshole Drinking Game combines drinking and strategy. Players must balance their decisions on when and what cards they should play with how much alcohol they consume.

Thinking strategically in this game is essential for the players. It can be the difference between becoming the President or becoming the Asshole. The specialty positions also add a layer of complexity to the game. 

While playing first comes with certain obligations, such as playing your lowest card available during each hand, it also provides the advantage of being able to make strategic moves first.

On top of that, specific special rules can also apply depending on house rules, giving players more room for strategizing either against or in alliance with other players.

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