WhichCraft Brews

Whichcraft Brews was an awesome place with a unique atmosphere and a great selection of craft beers and sadly since Covid it has closed down.

The brewery had a clean and more commercial feel than other warehouse-type breweries, creating a cozy yet vibrant ambiance. The dim lighting near the table seating and the brighter lights near the bar made it feel cozy but not dreary.

The variety of beers available was impressive, and they had a massive tap list and a wide selection of canned and bottled beers for purchase. The digital menu on the wall was great and it was even linked to Untappd, that displayed my name and picture when I checked in.

On my second visit, I had a great time trying a flight of beers. The selection was wide and diverse, and it was difficult to choose because there were so many great options.

I also liked how they provided a holder for the flight choices, keeping them dry and allowing me to remember the order. The high-top tables were comfortable, and as a shorter person, I appreciated having a place to put my feet and feel grounded.

One of the things I loved about Whichcraftbrews was the food truck located inside the building.

The presentation at Whichcraft brews was cool and unique. I enjoyed ordering beer and flights using paper slips and numbers. They included the slip with my choices on the flight board, so I always knew what I was drinking. Another highlight was watching them freshly fill customers’ growler cans and seal them right in front of me. It was such a cool experience.

WhichCraft Brews in Webster was one of the finest.

They had so many sours over the summer, which my fruity-loving taste buds absolutely loved. The food from the food truck was also amazing.

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