Thorn Street Brewery

Thorn Street Brewery is a renowned craft brewery in San Diego, California. Since its establishment in 2012, Thorn Street Brewery has gained recognition for its exceptional craft beers and innovative offerings.

With multiple locations across San Diego, including Thorn North Park, Thorn Barrio Logan, and Thorn Mission Hills, they have become a staple in the local craft beer scene.

The taprooms of Thorn Street Brewery provide a welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere. Beer enthusiasts can engage with knowledgeable staff and fellow patrons, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for great beer.

Thorn Street Brewery also hosts special events and limited releases, offering unique opportunities to try exclusive beers and collaborations with local vendors.

A must-visit destination. Thorn Street Brewery consistently delivers exceptional brews that delight the palate and celebrate the vibrant San Diego craft beer culture, from their commitment to quality and innovation to their warm and welcoming taprooms.


Thorn North Park3176 Thorn Street,619-230-5445info@thorn.beer
San Diego, CA 92104
Thorn Barrio Logan1745 National Ave,619-255-9679
Barrio Logan, CA 92113
Thorn Mission Hills4026 Hawk Street,619-326-8881
Mission Hills, CA 92103

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Signature Beers

Barrio Lager

A crisp and refreshing lager with a clean malt profile and a balanced hop character.

Relay IPA

An American IPA with a focus on hop-forward flavors and aromas.

Foreplay Belgian Blonde

This Belgian-style blonde ale offers a twist on a traditional Belgian ale by incorporating unique flavors and characteristics. Expect fruity esters, subtle spice notes, and a smooth, drinkable profile.

Red-Headed Hop Child

A hoppy red ale that combines caramel malt sweetness with a generous dose of hops. It showcases a balanced interplay of maltiness and hop bitterness, producing a flavorful and robust beer.

The Menace

An imperial stout that embodies bold and rich flavors. Expect a full-bodied beer with notes of roasted malt, dark chocolate, and hints of coffee, often accompanied by higher alcohol content.

Brewery Details

Brewery Details
Beers ProducedNumerous
Hectolitres (per year)Varies
Brewery ToursYes
Brewery Taproom/Bar AvailableYes
Dog FriendlyYes
Kid FriendlyYes


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Thorn Street Brewery FAQ

When was the brewery established?

The brewery was established in 2012.

How many beers does the brewery produce?

The brewery produces numerous beers, offering a wide range of styles and flavors to cater to different preferences.

What is the annual production volume of the brewery?

The annual production volume of the brewery varies and can be subject to change based on demand and seasonal variations.

Does the brewery offer brewery tours?

Yes, the brewery offers brewery tours. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at their brewing process and learn more about their craft beers. Please check their website or contact them directly for tour availability and reservations.

Does the brewery have a taproom or bar available?

Yes, the brewery has a taproom or bar where visitors can enjoy their freshly brewed beers. It’s a great place to experience their diverse beer lineup in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Is the brewery dog-friendly?

Yes, the brewery is dog-friendly, welcoming furry friends to join in the brewery experience. Well-behaved dogs are usually allowed in designated areas, but checking with the brewery for any specific guidelines or restrictions is always recommended.

Is the brewery kid-friendly?

Yes, the brewery is kid-friendly, providing a welcoming environment for families. Children can accompany their parents and enjoy the brewery atmosphere. However, it’s important for parents to supervise their children and adhere to any rules or regulations set by the brewery.

Does the brewery offer food options?

The brewery may offer food options through collaborations with local vendors or food trucks. Visitors can often find delicious food options to pair with their craft beers. It’s recommended to check the brewery’s website or social media channels for information on current food offerings.

Can I purchase the brewery’s beers for off-site consumption?

The brewery often distributes its beers to local restaurants, bars, and retail locations. Some of their beers may be available in cans, bottles, or growlers to enjoy at home. Check with local retailers or the brewery’s website for information on where to find their packaged beers.

Where can I find more information about the brewery’s events and releases?

For more information about the brewery’s events, limited releases, and updates, you can visit their official website or follow them on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They often share news and updates regarding upcoming events and new beer releases.

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