Old Black Bear Brewing Company, Madison, AL Review

A Visit to Old Black Bear Brewing Company

Yummy Food

Hey, food lovers! If you’re in Madison, Alabama, you’ve got to try Old Black Bear Brewing Company. The food’s top-notch! Burgers with fried green tomatoes and crispy fries – yum! And the pretzel with beer cheese? You’ll want more.

Cool Drinks

Beer fans, listen up! You’ll find a whole bunch of draft beer and craft beer here. Ever tried Speckled Trout? It’s something special. Don’t like beer? No problem. There’s tea, coffee, even ginger beer!

The Place

Folks, the place is cozy, and the decor is really nice. It’s clean, and they have outdoor seating, perfect for bringing your pets along. Love live music? They’ve got that too!

For the Kids

Got kids? They’ll love it here. They’ve got trains for the little ones to enjoy. And hey, it’s not all about the beer – it’s family-friendly with fun outdoor games.


Here’s the scoop: most of the time, the staff’s friendly and helpful. But beware, some folks have run into a rude waitress or a cold burger. Oops! But mostly, it’s thumbs up.


Hungry? They’re open from 4 PM to 11 PM on weekdays. On weekends, they open even earlier, from 11 AM. Sunday’s special with brunch hours.


So, what’s the word? Old Black Bear Brewing Company is a must-visit spot in Madison—good eats, tasty drinks, and a place that feels like home. But, keep an eye on the service, just in case. Enjoy!

Old Black Bear Brewing Brewery Details

🍺BreweryOld Black Bear Brewing Company
📍Address212 Main St, Madison, AL 35758, United States
📅EstablishedOld Black Bear Brewing Company was founded in 2010
🏭Brewery ToursOld Black Bear Brewing does not offer brewery tours.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family FriendlyOld Black Bear Brewing Company offers a kid-friendly menu and games, but reviews are mixed on how welcoming it is to children, so experiences may vary.
🐕Dog FriendlyOld Black Bear Brewing Company has a spacious, dog-friendly patio where you and your furry friend can enjoy good food and live music.
⭐Average Rating4.2

Old Black Bear Brewing Company Review

Food Lover’s Paradise

Hey, food lovers! Ever had a burger with peanut butter? How about a juicy steak cooked just right? Old Black Bear has it all!

Yummy Food: Start with a pretzel and beer cheese. You’ll be licking your fingers! The burgers are to die for. If you like steak, don’t miss steak night. And for dessert? Try the fish fried extra crispy. Sounds weird, but trust me, it’s amazing.

Cool Place to Hang Out: The place feels like your buddy’s backyard. You can sit inside or outside, and they even let you bring your pet. Live music at 6 pm, and if it’s chilly, they have fire pits.

Friendly Faces: Waiters like Jason and Sarah will treat you like an old friend. They’re quick, and they know the menu like the back of their hand.

Something for Everyone: Got kids? They’ll love the chicken fingers. Don’t drink alcohol? No problem. They’ve got you covered. And if you’re thirsty for beer, try the Speckled Trout. It’s a winner!

Final Thoughts: Old Black Bear isn’t just another restaurant. It’s like a neighbor’s cookout but with way better food. You’ll feel at home, eat like a king, and leave with a big smile.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, your family, or even your dog, and head on over to Old Black Bear. You won’t be disappointed!

Old Black Bear Brewing Company User Reviews📋Review CountReview Rating
👉Google Reviews7204.5

Beers to Try at Old Black Bear Brewing

For Lager Lovers

Give Cave City Lager a try. It’s like the main star of the show at this brewery!

Something Special

Try Milepost 652 ESB. It’s named after a river marker, so it’s bound to make a splash.

Dark and Mysterious

Roaming Bear Porter is calling your name if you’re into dark and stormy flavors. Don’t be shy; give it a whirl!

Party Time

OktoBEARfest Märzen is like Oktoberfest in a glass. It’ll make you want to dance on the table – but don’t actually do it!

Sour But Sweet

Pucker up for Hey Girl Hey! Sour. It’s sour with a touch of sweet, like a sour candy that makes you smile.

Helping Birds

Love animals? Whooping Crane Red Ale helps cranes. How cool is that? Drink a beer, save a bird!

Light and Easy

Not into heavy stuff? Above Ground Pool American Light Lager is as light and fun as a summer day by the pool.

A Strong Bear

If you’re a strong bear yourself, try Ursa Major American IPA. It’s big on flavor but friendly enough for anyone.

Feeling Daring?

Bear Sweat DIPA is strong. Only for the bravest bears out there. Dare to try?

Fancy and Unique

Last but not least, Fra-gee-lay Belgian Strong Dark Ale is fancy but fun, like wearing a top hat at a picnic.


So there you have it, From light to dark, sour to sweet, Old Black Bear has a beer for every taste. Whether you’re a brave bear or just looking for a fun splash, there’s a brew with your name on it.

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