Bowler Hat Brewing Co., Madison, AL, Review

Looking for a chill spot with amazing craft beer and fun games? Let me tell you about Bowler Hat Brewing Co., a hidden gem I recently visited. Stick around, because not only will I give you the lowdown on the atmosphere and offerings, but I’ll also recommend some must-try beers from my own experience.

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✏️Bowler Hat Brewing Co. Key Details

🍺BreweryBowler Hat Brewing Co.
📍Address7429 Hwy 72 W C, Madison, AL 35758, United States
⭐Average Rating4.6

🗒️Bowler Hat Brewing Co. Review

A Night to Remember

Guys, let me spill the tea. I recently walked into Bowler Hat Brewing Co., and it was like stepping into beer heaven! You have to experience this place firsthand.

The Atmosphere

Right off the bat, you’re welcomed by this chill vibe. Picture darts flying, shuffleboard games in full swing, and TVs buzzing with sports. It’s the kind of place where you’ll want to kick back and soak it all in. Imagine hanging out with friends, playing darts, and just having a blast.

Craft Beer Galore

But let’s not forget the star of the show: the craft beer. Wow! You can taste the passion in every sip. If you’re a fan of variety, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re into light beers like kristalweisens or more complex flavors like scotch ales, there’s something for everyone.

The Grub

Hungry? Oh, you bet they’ve got you covered. I chomped down on the juiciest burger I’ve had in a while. Pair it with a nice, cold beer, and you’re all set. By the way, they serve Eastern European food at the Neon Lily Restaurant right next door. Just to give you a taste, I couldn’t get enough of those chicken wings, and my wife raved about the cabbage rolls.

The People

The staff here? Top-notch! Bartenders and servers like Stephanie and Nicole made us feel like old friends. Owner David is a well-traveled guy with some great stories up his sleeve. Trust me, you won’t be stuck for conversation.

A Little Extra

Now, here’s a cherry on top. They’ve got trivia nights in the works! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good trivia game? Also, I heard whispers about a fantasy football draft night. If you’re into that, keep your eyes peeled.

What Others Say

Don’t just take my word for it; people are buzzing about this place. There’s a consensus: it’s all good stuff. From the blood orange IPA to the Czech pilsner, the reviews are glowing.

Room for Improvement?

Ok, let’s get real for a sec. There was one minor hiccup: the trivia night was a bit too intense for some, bordering on cutthroat. If you’re looking for a super quiet spot, this may not be your cup of tea during trivia time.

The Verdict

So, what’s the final word? If you’re into craft beers, tasty food, and a lively atmosphere, you’ve hit the jackpot with Bowler Hat Brewing Co. I snagged a souvenir glass, and you better believe I’ll be back for more. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Cheers! 🍻

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🍻Beers to try at Bowler Hat Brewing Co.

So you’re thinking about dropping by Bowler Hat Brewing Co.? Great choice! Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the beers that you absolutely can’t miss.

The Cream Ale

First off, let’s talk cream ale. People say it’s excellent. Smooth and light, it’s a hit, especially with the ladies.

American Pale Ale

Love hops? Then the American Pale Ale is calling your name. Folks have praised it left and right.

Blood Orange IPA

Feeling adventurous? The Blood Orange IPA is the star of the show. One reviewer mentioned it as “the best in the area.”

Czech Pilsner

For those of you who enjoy classics, the Czech Pilsner gets a thumbs up. One guy even said it was “fantastic.”

Vanilla Cream

Want something sweet? You gotta try the Vanilla Cream. Trust me, it’s like dessert in a glass.

Up and Coming!

Stay on your toes! They’re soon releasing a robust porter, a hefeweizen, and a strong scotch ale. Can’t wait, right?

To Recap:

  • Cream Ale: Light and smooth.
  • American Pale Ale: For hop lovers.
  • Blood Orange IPA: A unique twist.
  • Czech Pilsner: A solid classic.
  • Vanilla Cream: Like sipping dessert.

🍺The Final Sip on Bowler Hat Brewing Co.

What’s the Final Word on Bowler Hat Brewing Co.?

If you’re in Madison and looking for a one-stop destination for craft beer, good food, and a vibrant atmosphere, Bowler Hat Brewing Co. should be on your list. Whether you’re a fan of IPAs, pale ales, or creamy delights, there’s something for everyone. The games and potential trivia nights add an extra layer of fun to your visit. The attached restaurant, Neon Lily, offers a unique blend of Eastern European and American food, making the experience even more diverse. Overall, it’s a must-visit for anyone who enjoys good times with friends and family.

Remember to try their juicy burgers and check if BrainBlast Trivia is happening on your visit. With its friendly staff and diverse beer selection, this brewery is a gem in Madison. Don’t forget to bring home a souvenir glass to remember your visit!

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