Black Warrior Brewing Company, Tuscaloosa, AL, Review

Ever found yourself wandering the streets of downtown Tuscaloosa, looking for that perfect spot to kick back, sip on a finely crafted brew, and maybe challenge a friend to a game of darts? Black Warrior Brewing Company a delightful haven that’s quickly become my go-to spot. Dive into this comprehensive review to find out what makes this brewery a must-visit, and don’t miss out on my top beer recommendations.

✏️Black Warrior Brewing Company Key Details

🍺BreweryBlack Warrior Brewing Company
📍Address2216 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
📅EstablishedNovember 2013
🏭Brewery ToursYes, they do offer brewery tours, especially on Saturdays.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family FriendlyAbsolutely, my family and I enjoyed our time there.
🐕Dog FriendlyDefinitely! I loved that I could chill with my dog on the patio.
⭐Average Rating4.6

🗒️Black Warrior Brewing Company Review

Stepping In:

When I first walked into Black Warrior Brewing Company, I was struck by its local vibe. It’s right in the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa, making it a breeze to pop in after a day out. The first thing you’ll notice? The taproom’s warm and cozy feel, almost like it’s inviting you to stay a while.

The Liquid Gold:

Now, let’s talk beer. They boast a sizable range, from hoppy IPAs to fruity delights. I’m a sucker for sweet undertones, so the Strawberry Blonde and Apricot Wheat were right up my alley. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Blood Orange DIPA. It was a standout for me! And hey, if beer isn’t your thing, they’ve got wine and cider too.

Munchies on the Mind:

You’ve had a pint or two, and the hunger pangs are setting in. No worries! You can get food delivered from nearby eateries. How cool is that?

Man’s Best Friend:

Got a furry friend? Bring ’em along! I couldn’t help but notice dogs lounging with their owners. It’s a big win in my book when a place is dog-friendly.

Game On:

Feeling competitive? Head upstairs. They’ve stocked up on fun: darts, Foosball, shuffleboard, and even cornhole. The best bit? Watching the game with a beer in hand on their big TV downstairs.

Staff and Service:

Honestly, the staff here makes the experience. Most times, they’re attentive and chatty, spilling knowledge about their brews. Though, like any place, they have their off days. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

Price Point:

Your wallet won’t be crying after a night here. They’ve got good prices, and you’ll definitely get bang for your buck. A little birdie told me they’ve got killer happy hour deals too.


Looking to shake things up? Drop by on a Tuesday. They host trivia nights, and it’s a blast! They’ve even got this cool Pints & Poses night. Imagine yoga with a pint waiting at the end. Yup, as fun as it sounds.

The Verdict:

If you’re in Tuscaloosa, make a beeline for Black Warrior Brewing Company. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s the beer, games, or the chill atmosphere.

Black Warrior Brewing Company User Reviews📋Review CountReview Rating
👉Google Reviews1464.8

🍻Beers to try at Black Warrior Brewing Company

  1. Strawberry Blonde: Perfect for those who have a penchant for fruity undertones.
  2. Apricot Wheat: Light and refreshing, this beer is a hit, especially for those warm summer days.
  3. Crimson Ale: A local favorite that’s got the approval of many a regular.
  4. Blood Orange DIPA (Double IPA): A more adventurous pick, but it’s got the thumbs up for its bold flavor.
  5. Hefeweizen: A classic choice for those who appreciate traditional brews.
  6. Bankhead Berliner Weisse: Light and tangy, it seems to be a close second for many visitors.
  7. Lemon Shandy: For those in the mood for something a tad zesty.
  8. One & Only Mosaic Pale Ale: A mosaic of flavors that’ll appeal to the hoppy-hearted.
  9. Lock 17 IPA: The reviews paint it as “incredible”, worth giving a shot.
  10. Black Warrior Crimson Ale: One of the go-to brews that makes the visit worthwhile.

With this list in hand, you’re all set for a beer journey at Black Warrior Brewing Company. Remember to savor each sip, and maybe even try a flight to get a taste of multiple brews in one go. Cheers! 🍻

🍺The Final Sip on Black Warrior Brewing Company

Black Warrior Brewing Company isn’t just another brewery; it’s an experience. Every visit promises something new, from their diverse beer menu to the infectious local atmosphere.

Looking for a chill spot in Tuscaloosa? This place ticks all the right boxes. Don’t just take my word for it – pop in and see for yourself. Cheers to unforgettable moments and great brews!

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