The Problem Solver

Inspired by Jennifer Wiley’s research, the Danish brewery teamed up with agency CP+B Copenhagen to create “The Problem Solver” – the most creatively inducing IPA ever made.

After finding the agency was more creative after a few drinks, they brought this product to market.

Sadly, it is no longer available.

However, here is everything you need to know about the Problem Solver Beer.

What Did It Taste Like?

This beer tasted great! It was just like other pale ales, a little sweet and a little bitter. People who tried it really liked it. Even if you weren’t into the creative part, you could enjoy it just for its yummy taste.

How Could It Make You Creative?

The bottle had a special chart on the side. You’d look at your weight; the chart would tell you how much to drink to get your creative juices flowing. It was like magic, but it was all in good fun! This made people curious and excited to try it.

Where Could You Get It?

You could find it in some special beer shops. People in Denmark and even other countries were talking about it. It wasn’t in every store, but if you looked hard enough, you could find it. Some folks even saved a bottle as a souvenir.

Did It Really Work?

Some people thought it did, and others didn’t. Either way, it was a big hit at parties. People loved discussing, trying, and seeing if it sparked any brilliant ideas. Whether it worked or not, it was a blast to try!

Is It Still Around?

Sadly, no. It was a limited edition, and now it’s all gone. Some folks still have a bottle or two as a keepsake. If you didn’t get to try it, you might hear stories from those who did. It became a bit of a legend!

The Problem Solver Beer Research: Can Alcohol Make You More Creative?

The beers concept was based on research paper by research paper by Andrew F. Jarosz, Gregory J.H. Colflesh, Jennifer Wiley, titled “Uncorking the muse: Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving

The scientists tested whether a bit of alcohol helps with creativity? Well, they found some exciting things.

They gave grown-up men either two glasses of wine or two pints of beer and then asked them to solve tricky puzzles.

The Surprising Results Hold on to your hats because the men who had a little alcohol were quicker and better at the puzzles!

  • They got more answers right.
  • They came up with the answers faster.

Why Did This Happen? Professor Jennifer Wiley, who led the study, found out why.

She thought that the alcohol helped them think creatively by letting their minds wander a little. It’s like they weren’t stuck in their normal way of thinking.

But Wait, There’s More Other scientists have found that being really good at focusing (that’s called “working memory capacity”) is good for other types of problem-solving.

But for creative thinking, a little bit of distraction might be just the thing!

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