Munich Dunkel Recipe

Munich Dunkel Recipe is a classic German lager that is known for its rich, malty sweetness and smooth finish. This beer style has been brewed in Munich since the 16th century and is still popular today, both in Germany and around the world. With hints of chocolate and caramel, Munich Dunkel is a flavorful beer that is perfect for any occasion.

Munich Dunkel

Hints of chocolate and caramel marry perfectly with the rich, malty sweetness of the Munich malt here. The result is a lager full of character with a classic, smooth finish.
Prep Time1 hour
Cook Time1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time28 days 2 hours 15 minutes
Course: Beer
Cuisine: Larger
Servings: 40 pints
Calories: 225kcal
Author: Dan Smullen


  • 1 Mash tun or large pot
  • 1 Heat source (such as a stovetop or propane burner)
  • 1 Thermometer (digital or analog)
  • 1 Grain mill (if using whole grains)
  • 1 Mash paddle or large spoon
  • 1 Large strainer or lautering device
  • 1 Boil kettle or large pot
  • 1 Immersion or plate wort chiller
  • 1 Fermentation vessel (such as a plastic bucket or glass carboy)
  • 1 Airlock and stopper
  • 1 Hydrometer and test jar
  • 1 Sanitizer (such as Star San or iodophor)
  • 1 Bottling or kegging equipment (if carbonating and packaging the beer)
  • 1 Cleaning supplies (such as PBW or OxiClean)


For the Mash – Liquor 14 Litres (24 1/2 Pints) – Mash Time 1 hr – Temperature 65°C (149°F)

  • 4 1/2 lb Lager malt Quantity 2 kg
  • 6 oz Munich malt Quantity 3 kg
  • 7 oz Biscuit malt Quantity 200 g
  • 3 1/2 oz Chocolate wheat Quantity 100 g
  • 2 3/4 oz Carafa special II malt Quantity 80 g

For the Boil – 27 Litres (47 1/2 Pints) – Boil Time 1 hr – 15 mins

  • 3/4 oz (Hops) Magnum 11% When to add – At start of boil (IBU 26.9)
  • 1/4 oz (Hops) Hallertauer Mittelfrüh 5% When to add – For last 5 mins of boil (IBU 0.5)
  • 1/3 oz (Hops) Hallertauer Mittelfrüh 5% When to add – At turn off (IBU 0.0)
  • 1 tsp Protofloc Other -When to add – For last 15 mins of boil

To Ferment – 12°C (54°F) – Conditioning 4 weeks at 3°C (37°F)

  • 1 White Labs WLP830 German Lager Yeast



  • Heat 14 litres of water to 65°C and add the malted grains (Lager malt, Munich malt, Biscuit malt, Chocolate wheat, and Carafa special II malt) into a mash tun or large pot. Stir well to ensure there are no clumps or dry spots. Allow the mash to rest for one hour, maintaining the temperature at 65°C.

Lauter and Sparge:

  • Drain the liquid (wort) from the mash tun or pot into a separate container, leaving the grains behind. Pour 27 litres of water over the grains to rinse off any remaining sugars (sparging). Collect this liquid and add it to the wort.


  • Pour the wort into a large pot and bring to a boil. Add the Magnum hops and boil for one hour. In the last 5 minutes of the boil, add the Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops. In the last 15 minutes of the boil, add the Protofloc.


  • After the boil is complete, chill the wort rapidly to 12°C using a wort chiller or an ice bath.


  • Transfer the cooled wort into a sanitized fermenter and pitch the White Labs WLP830 German Lager Yeast. Allow the beer to ferment for 2-3 weeks at 12°C.


  • After primary fermentation is complete, move the fermenter to a cooler environment and condition the beer for four weeks at 3°C.

Carbonate and Package:

  • Once conditioning is complete, carbonate the beer using either priming sugar or force carbonation. Bottle or keg the beer and let it sit at room temperature for a few days to allow the carbonation to fully develop.
Makes 🍻Ready to Drink 🍺Estimated ABVBitterness RatingColor Rating
23 Litres (40 Pints)5 Weeks5.5%27.4 IBU34.4 EBC

Rich, Malty Flavor

If you’re a fan of beers with a complex, malty flavor profile, then this Munich Dunkel recipe is definitely worth trying. The combination of Munich malt, biscuit malt, chocolate wheat, and Carafa special II malt creates a rich, deep flavor that is perfect for sipping on a cold day.

Classic Style

Munich Dunkel is a classic German beer style that has been brewed for centuries. By brewing this recipe, you can experience the traditional flavors of Munich Dunkel and learn more about the history of this popular beer style.

Smooth Finish

Despite its rich flavor, Munich Dunkel is known for its smooth, clean finish. This recipe uses White Labs WLP830 German Lager Yeast for fermentation and conditioning, which helps to create a crisp, refreshing beer that is easy to drink.

Impress Your Friends

If you’re looking to impress your friends with your brewing skills, then this Munich Dunkel recipe is a great choice. With its complex flavor profile and classic style, this beer is sure to be a hit at your next gathering or party.

FAQ on Making this Munich Dunkel Recipe

What is the estimated ABV of this Munich Dunkel recipe?

The estimated ABV of this beer is 5.5%.

How long does it take to ferment and condition this beer?

It takes 28 days to ferment and condition this Munich Dunkel beer recipe.

What is the mash time and temperature for this recipe?

The mash time for this recipe is 1 hour, and the mash temperature is 65°C (149°F).

Which hops are used in this recipe, and when are they added?

Magnum hops are added at the start of the boil, and Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops are added for the last 5 minutes of the boil and at turn off.

What type of malt is used in this recipe?

The recipe calls for lager malt, Munich malt, biscuit malt, chocolate wheat, and Carafa special II malt.

What type of yeast is used in this recipe?

This recipe uses White Labs WLP830 German Lager Yeast.

What is the bitterness rating of this beer?

The bitterness rating, or IBU, of this beer is 27.4.

How many pints does this recipe make?

This recipe makes approximately 40 pints of beer.

What is the color rating of this beer?

The color rating, or EBC, of this beer is 34.4.

Can I adjust the hop schedule to make the beer more or less bitter?

Yes, you can adjust the hop schedule to increase or decrease the bitterness of the beer.

What temperature should I store this beer at after it has finished conditioning?

After conditioning, this beer should be stored at 3°C (37°F).

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