German Pilsner Recipe

German Pilsner is a classic style of beer that originated in Germany and is characterized by its clean, crisp taste and bitter hoppiness. This beer is traditionally made using Pilsner malt and Spalt Select hops, which give it a distinct flavor profile. If you’re looking to brew your own German Pilsner, here’s a recipe that you can follow to make a delicious batch at home.

German Pilsner

A clean, crisp beer with a fairly bitter hoppiness. These flavour characteristics were traditionally accentuated by the high sulphate content in the German water profile.
Prep Time1 hour
Cook Time1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time28 days 2 hours 15 minutes
Course: Beer
Cuisine: Larger
Servings: 40 pints
Calories: 155kcal
Author: Dan Smullen


  • 1 Mash tun
  • 1 Brew kettle
  • 1 Wort chiller
  • 1 Fermenter (carboy, bucket or conical)
  • 1 Airlock and stopper
  • 1 Auto-siphon and tubing
  • 1 Hydrometer and test jar
  • 1 Thermometer
  • 1 Sanitizer
  • 1 Bottling bucket
  • 1 Bottles and caps (or keg and CO2 tank/regulator)
  • 1 Bottle capper (if bottling)
  • 1 Brewing spoon or paddle


For the Mash – Liquor 11.3 Litres (20 Pints) – Mash Time 1 hr – Temperature 65°C (149°F)

  • 10 lb Pilsner malt Quantity 4.55 kg

For the Boil – 27 Litres (47 1/2 Pints) – Boil Time 1 hr – 15 mins

  • 1 3/4 oz (Hops) Spalt Select 4.5% When to add – At start of boil (IBU 25.7)
  • 1 oz (Hops) Spalt Select 4.5% When to add – For last 10 mins of boil (IBU 4.5)
  • 2/3 oz (Hops) Spalt Select 4.5% When to add – At turn off (IBU 0.0)
  • 1 tsp Protofloc Other – When to add – For last 15 mins of boil

To Ferment – 12°C (54°F) – Conditioning 4 weeks at 3°C (37°F)

  • 1 Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager yeast



  • Heat 11.3 liters (20 pints) of water to 65°C (149°F) in a mash tun.
  • Add the 10 lbs of Pilsner malt and stir.
  • Mash for 1 hour at 65°C (149°F).
  • Sparge with 27 liters (47.5 pints) of water at 75°C (167°F).


  • Bring the wort to a boil.
  • Add 1 3/4 oz of Spalt Select hops at the start of the boil and boil for 1 hour.
  • Add 1 oz of Spalt Select hops for the last 10 minutes of the boil.
  • Add 2/3 oz of Spalt Select hops at turn off.
  • Add 1 tsp of Protofloc for the last 15 minutes of the boil.


  • Cool the wort to 12°C (54°F).
  • Pitch the Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager yeast.
  • Ferment for 4 weeks at 12°C (54°F).
  • After fermentation is complete, transfer the beer to a secondary fermenter or keg.
  • Condition the beer for an additional 4 weeks at 3°C (37°F).


  • Carbonate the beer to a desired level.
  • Bottle the beer using priming sugar.
  • Age the bottled beer for 1-2 weeks at room temperature before drinking.
Makes 🍻Ready to Drink 🍺Estimated ABVBitterness RatingColor Rating
23 Litres (40 Pints)5 Weeks4.5%30.2 IBU5 EBC

Delicious German Pilsner Recipe to Try

If you’re a fan of classic beer styles and enjoy a clean, crisp taste with a bitter hoppiness, then this German Pilsner recipe is a must-try. Made with Pilsner malt and Spalt Select hops, this recipe captures the essence of this beloved beer style. Plus, with detailed instructions for each step of the brewing process, it’s easy for both novice and experienced brewers to follow along and create a delicious batch of beer. So why not give this German Pilsner recipe a try and experience the satisfaction of brewing your own beer at home?

FAQ on Making this German Pilsner Recipe

What is the prep time and cook time for this German Pilsner recipe?

The prep time is 1 hour and the cook time is 1 hour 15 minutes.

What ingredients are required to make this German Pilsner beer?

The ingredients required are Pilsner malt, Spalt Select hops, Protofloc, and Pilsen Lager yeast.

What is the estimated ABV and bitterness rating for this beer?

The estimated ABV is 4.5% and the bitterness rating is 30.2 IBU.

How long does it take to ferment and condition the beer?

The beer should be fermented for 28 days at 12°C and conditioned for 4 weeks at 3°C.

What temperature should the beer be fermented at?

The beer should be fermented at 12°C.

What type of yeast is used in this recipe?

Pilsen Lager yeast (Wyeast 2007) is used in this recipe.

What is the role of Protofloc in this recipe?

Protofloc is added during the last 15 minutes of the boil to help clarify the beer by coagulating proteins.

How many pints of beer does this recipe yield?

This recipe yields 40 pints (23 liters) of beer.

What food would pair well with this German Pilsner beer?

This beer pairs well with German-style cuisine, such as sausages, pretzels, and sauerkraut.

Can this recipe be modified to suit different taste preferences?

Yes, this recipe can be modified by adjusting the quantity or type of hops used or by changing the fermentation temperature.

Is it possible to substitute the Spalt Select hops with another type of hops?

Yes, other varieties of hops with a similar

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