Is a Case of Beer 12 or 24? Unpacking Beer Case Sizes

Have you ever discussed a case of beer with your drinking buddies and wondered if it refers to 12 or 24 bottles or cans?  

Or imagine this: you’ve been tasked with supplying enough beer for a party but can’t decide on the cases to buy because you have no idea how many bottles are in each. Well, most of us have been there.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a professional party planner, or a curious soul looking to amass more knowledge about the beer world, we’ve written this piece just for you.

Join us as we plunge into the frothy waters beer terminology, and provide the answers you want. Besides helping you grasp beer cases, we’ll also explain why brands package their offerings in them.

Understanding Beer Case Sizes

Usually, a standard case comes with 24 12-oz cans or bottles. But that isn’t always the case. 

Some brands offer cases with 12, 18, or more cans or bottles. This widespread convention is a convenient way to purchase and store your favorite brews in bulk. Plus, it makes transportation much easier. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that most canned beers come in 12 oz sizes. In contrast, bottled beers average around 16-22 ounces per bottle, meaning a case of 24 still fits perfectly into these standard measurements.  

The Popularity of 30 Packs and Their Variations

The popularity of 30-pack beer has surged within the past few years. The trend reflects the changing consumer preferences and brewers’ efforts to cater to these emerging tastes by offering value-packed options for those looking for more beer at an affordable price.

Buying 30 packs is more pocket-friendly than getting individual six or twelve-pack containers. Ideally, it’s also more efficient because it requires less packaging material and has a lower carbon footprint since most brands offer cans instead of bottles. 

On top of that, 30 packs with 12-oz cans allow craft breweries to differentiate their product line from larger beer brands that offer 12-packs only.  

Again, these packs are super convenient for any beer lover. Why lug multiple beer bottles or cans in both hands when you can carry a single package in one? 

How Much Does a Case of Beer Weigh?

A standard case of beer with 12-oz cans weighs around 20 lbs. But a case’s weight will depend on the beer you’re buying and its packaging. 

For instance, cans usually weigh less than bottles because they’re made of aluminum instead of glass. Therefore, a case with bottled craft beer could weigh up to 40 lbs.

Dimensions of a 24-Pack of Beer

The dimensions of a 24-pack of beer vary, depending on the size and shape of the cans or bottles. Nevertheless, beer cases are designed to fit in refrigerators for easy storage. 

Again, the brand may also come into play when determining the dimensions of a 24-pack of beer. For instance, a Bud Light Beer 24 pack with 12-oz cans measures  4.95” length x 15.96” width x 10.75” height. 

Why Are There 24 Beers in a Case?

The exact reason a case comes with 24 beers is unknown. Still, several assumptions could explain this popularization of the 24-beer pack.

For starters, making bottles or cans with circular bases requires vertical fissures that divide them into even segments. In this case, 4 x 6 = 24 beers, which comprise an entire cylindrical block. Therefore, this combination is much easier to use than others. 

Additionally, manufacturers might have discovered that packaging more than 24 beers was too heavy to safely or conveniently transport. Thus, twenty-four cans/bottles as the standard case size made more sense from an aesthetic and practical standpoint. 

Final Take On Is a Case of Beer 12 or 24

Most beer cases on the market come with 24 beers.  However, that’s not written in stone, as some companies offer cases with 12 or more bottles of cans.  

That’s why it’s critical to research a brand before buying beer for your upcoming party or to enjoy or store at home. 

Nevertheless, keep an open mind. The beer world is diverse, so how brands package their beers will always vary.

FAQs on a Size of a Case Beer

Is a case of beer always 12 or 24 bottles?

A standard case contains 24 bottles or cans in most parts of the world. However, the term “case” is also used to refer to a pack of 12 beers.  

Can the bottle or can size affect the number of beers in a case?

Yes. Typically, the larger the volume of the bottle or can, the fewer beers you’ll find in a case.

Does the type of beer affect the case size?

Although there are no hard and fast rules, the type of beer may affect the case size. For instance, most specialty or craft beers come in 12-pack cases to make them more accessible and affordable. 

Does a beer case have a standard weight?

The weight of a beer case varies significantly based on the number and size of the bottles or cans it holds. The containers’ material and the beer type may also affect a beer case’s weight.  

Why is it essential to know what a ‘case’ means?

Understanding what a case means and the beers to expect in one is crucial as it helps you plan events, make informed purchase decisions, and even hold factual beer-related conversations with friends.  
If you’re playing a trivia game with your buddies, knowing the beers in a case could be all you need to win!

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