How Many Coronas to Get Drunk?

Getting drunk off Coronas depends on individual factors, such as body weight, metabolism, and tolerance for alcohol. Women generally have a lower tolerance for alcohol compared to men, so fewer Coronas are likely needed to affect them than men.

Men get drunk from four bottles of coronas over 1-2 hours. Women, on the other hand, only need two or three beers over the same period to feel lightly intoxicated and five or more to get heavily drunk.

However, this depends on how fast they are drunk and an individual’s tolerance.

Generally, one Corona Light beer contains about 4.6% alcohol, lower than other beers like Budweiser and Coors, which can contain up to 5%.

It’s important to note that alcohol affects individuals differently based on factors such as body weight, tolerance, metabolism, and other variables.

Factors that affect how drunk you will get drinking Corona;

  • Body weight and muscle mass can dilute alcohol absorption.
  • Metabolism: Genetic differences in liver enzymes contribute to varying alcohol metabolism rates.
  • Food slows down alcohol absorption while drinking on an empty stomach speeds it up.
  • The higher alcohol concentration in beverages leads to faster absorption.
  • Medications and health conditions also influence alcohol metabolism and absorption.

In other words – if you are skinny, have a poor metabolism, and hungry or using medication, expect to get drunk faster on less than 3 to four beers.

But if you have a good bit of weight on you – you are sticking to just drinking Coronas and you have had a big feed before you consume, you could expect to handle a lot more.

Also, if you spread them throughout a few hours, you will last a lot longer before getting drunk.

However, if you are wondering how many coronas it takes to get drunk straight out – knocking back 3-4 will do it for most people.

Importance Of Drinking Responsibly

Drinking alcohol in moderation is essential for people to stay healthy and avoid potential health risks.

Coronas, like many other alcoholic beverages, should be consumed responsibly and not excessively.

Note that too much drinking can cause health problems such as liver damage, heart disease, depression, increased risk of cancer, and weakened immune system.

Responsible Drinking Practices

If you must consume alcohol, you should do it responsibly. Here are some responsible drinking practices:

  • Set a limit – Determine your limit for the amount of Coronas you should have in one sitting; establish a standard number or percentage of Corona bottles you intend to consume each day/night before even starting. This way, you won’t overindulge due to peer pressure.
  • Track Intake – Keeping track of how many Coronas you consume during an outing can help you limit alcohol intake. Avoid consuming too many Coronas at once. This gives you enough time between drinks to slow your consumption rate while having more time and control over the night’s outcomes.
  • Space Out Consumption Evenly– Consuming an appropriate amount of Corona within reasonable intervals (4-5 hours) gives your body enough time to recover from any impairments caused by alcohol intake. This also decreases the risk of gradual intoxication due to spikes in blood alcohol levels over time created by binging on multiple beers close together.
  • Know When To Stop – You need to know your maximum level and when to stop drinking. You shouldn’t reach a point where you feel impaired. 
  • Avoid Peer Pressure – Don’t let friends, family members, or strangers influence you into overindulging in alcohol. If you feel pressured, leaving the party early is better to avoid temptations. 

Potential Health Risks Of Drinking Too Much Corona

Short-Term Risks

Consuming too many coronas can cause;

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of balance while walking or standing up.

FAQs on How Many Coronas To Get Drunk:

How many coronas is it safe to consume alcohol?

Alcohol consumption should always be done in moderation and with responsibility. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommend no more than one drink per day for women or two drinks per day for men to minimize potential health risks associated with excessive drinking.

What are the effects of drinking too much Corona?

Drinking too much beer, such as Corona, can lead to dehydration, loss of coordination, upset stomachs, and headaches caused by alcohol poisoning. Additionally, heavy alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing addiction & specific medical issues (i.e., liver cirrhosis).

Are there alternative ways to get drunk without consuming beer or liquor?

You can become intoxicated by other alcoholic beverages like wine coolers or hard seltzer. Other popular methods include smoking cannabis/marijuana (if legal in your location) or taking controlled substances such as LSD/ecstasy. These substances contain psychedelic properties, which alter your perception & sensations in various ways. 

Final Take on How Many Coronas To Get Drunk

The number of Coronas required to get drunk varies depending on several factors, including individual tolerance, body weight, metabolism, and other variables. However, as a general rule of thumb, knocking back 3-4 in a row will get you drunk for most people.

If you have concerns about alcohol consumption or need guidance, consulting with healthcare professionals or seeking support from addiction specialists can provide valuable assistance. Remember, responsible drinking habits contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable relationship with alcohol.

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