How Many Beers In A Beer Ball

Are you planning a beer party and must serve beer in large quantities? You might wonder how many beers in a beer ball to buy or how you will distribute the beers to your friends. Luckily, there’s a convenient and portable alternative—a beer ball. 

So what is a beer ball, and how many beers can it hold? 

This post discusses everything you need to know about beer balls, including the advantages of using them and their evolution and popularity over the years. 

What is a Beer Ball?

A beer ball, also called a “party ball”, is a disposable plastic sphere or container designed for easy transportation and dispensing of beer. This unique beer container typically holds about 5.2 gallons or 20 liters of beer, equivalent to approximately 55 twelve-ounce cups.

The plastic makes it lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for parties and gatherings. Beer balls are usually decorated in bright colors to stand out during activities like pool parties or outdoor cookouts.

They come in cardboard boxes for convenient transportation and are designed for one-time use. Once all the beer has been consumed, it can be disposed of afterward. 

Over the years, beer balls have become synonymous with fun social occasions thanks to their distinctive look, convenient size, portability, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and refreshment benefits.

How Many Beers Are in a Beer Ball?

On average, a beer ball can dispense around 55 12-ounce beers, but the exact quantity varies depending on size and type. 

Standard size and capacity of a beer ball

A beer ball typically weighs about 55 lbs or 25 kg, and its size standardly measures 8.5″ x 25″. One case of 12-ounce beer holds approximately 2.25 gallons of beer. It takes two cases to fill a beer ball, making the overall capacity ideal for large parties or events where significant amounts of beer are needed.

Beer balls are usually inexpensive and easy to set up. As a result, many brewers produce and sell them to consumers who want convenience in serving draft beers, such as Coors Light’s popular option.

The Advantages of Using a Beer Ball

Convenience and Portability

Beer party balls are convenient and portable, so they are favorites among beer drinkers. These lightweight kegs, also known as “beer ball” or “party ball” containers, are filled with 5 gallons (around 55 12-ounce beers) of draft beer that is contained in a disposable plastic ball.

Party balls require different effort from set up to clean up than traditional kegs. This makes them popular for large gatherings and events where someone may want to dispense multiple beers quickly.

They are also designed for easy transport—pairs of handles make them easy to carry around, eliminating any deposits needed when returning a keg after use. 


Using a beer ball as an alternative to buying an entire keg can be incredibly cost-effective for parties. You could save up to two-thirds on the price of beer. Though smaller than traditional kegs, these balls can offer plenty of refreshments. They contain five gallons of draft beer equivalent to 55 12-ounce beers.

Refreshments for large gatherings and events

Beer balls offer convenient and cost-effective refreshment options for large gatherings. Each beer ball has a built-in tap system, allowing for efficient draft beer service without additional equipment or dispensers.

Filled with 5 gallons of brew at a time, equivalent to 55 twelve-ounce beers each, they can quickly provide refreshments to many guests. 

What’s more, these plastic spheres are durable and sturdy, ensuring that the quality of served beer won’t be compromised even during an intense period of partying.

The Evolution and Popularity of Beer Balls

Beer balls were created as an affordable way to serve large amounts of beer for parties and gatherings. 

Initially popular, their popularity declined over time as craft beers gained prominence, and people sought more drink variety than the standard offerings that came with them. 

Historical background and popularity of beer balls

The beer ball had its roots in the late 1970s and early 1980s when it was first produced by the F.X Matt Brewing Co, who marketed it as “The Party Ball.” 

The beer ball quickly gained popularity due to its convenience, portability, and cost-effectiveness – perfect for social gatherings and events.

Beer Ball Comparison to other beer containers

Regarding beer containers, beer balls present unique features and advantages, setting them apart from the rest. Their charm can make any party or gathering more enjoyable and exciting. Here’s how they stack up against other beer containers:

Beer ContainerCapacityPortabilityCostAesthetics
Beer BallIt holds around 5.2 US gallons or approximately 55 twelve-ounce beersHighly portable due to its compact and spherical designCost-effective for large gatheringsVisually appealing and crowd-pleasing
Beer CanIt can hold 12 ounces of beerPortable but requires a cooler for multiple cansInexpensive for single servingsIt depends on the brand and design
Beer BottleTypically holds around 12 ounces of beerPortable but can be heavy and fragileIt can be more expensive than cansClassic look, but it depends on the brand and design
Beer KegStandard size holds 15.5 US gallons or approximately 165 twelve-ounce beersLess portable due to its weight and sizeCost-effective for large quantities but requires a depositFunctional but not aesthetically pleasing

The beer ball is a winner in balancing capacity, portability, cost, and aesthetics, making it a popular choice for enthusiasts.

FAQs on How Many Beers In A Beer Ball

What is a beer ball?

A beer ball is an inflatable cooler that usually holds between 25-30 cans or bottles of beer, depending on the size and shape of the container. It is also called “party balls” and can be found in various sizes, from small thumpers to large ones with 50 – 60 beers.

How long does it take for my Beer Ball to be ready?

It generally takes 12 hours for your Beeball to refrigerate its contents thoroughly if you keep it outside in average weather conditions. To speed up this process, place ice packs around the inside walls or store them somewhere cold such as a fridge or cooler, before use.

Are there any safety tips when using a Beer Ball?

Always check that all seams are airtight before inflating your Beer Ball with helium gas. Otherwise, you might experience collapse after some time with some pressurized gas released outwards, endangering people nearby. Additionally, ensure you don’t place sharp objects near them so they don’t get punctured accidentally, which could deflate & ruin party moods quickly!

Can I improve my Party Balls’ usability?

Yes, adding several plastic straws (or even tubes) to each side of your Party Balls will enable quicker & better dispensing capabilities while preventing spillage. Keeping them pointed downward at all times creates more convenience during consumption sessions!

Final Take on How Many Beers In A Beer Ball

All in all, a beer ball brims with a staggering 55 twelve-ounce beers! This spherical marvel is more than a booze vessel—it’s a beacon of camaraderie and fun. Next time you crack one open, remember it’s not just about the quantity—it’s about the shared laughter and good times. So, here’s to the beer ball, our unique companion in celebrations!

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