How Many Beers Are in a Tall Boy

How many beers are in a tall boy?

If you frequent your local bar, you’ve probably heard people order a tall boy or one of your drinking mates has asked you what your favourite tall boy is.  But what exactly is the infamous tall boy?

Also known as a pounder or king can, a tall boy refers to 24 ounces (710 ml) of beer, equivalent to two standard 12-oz cans.  But supposing you know little about it, don’t sweat it. 

This article endeavours to help you understand a tall boy and the number of beers in each. Read on! 

Understanding Tall Boy Beer Sizes

Tall boys – now reign over the craft beer market –  are  24-oz cans or beer bottles, representing two 12-oz standard drinks and measuring roughly 16 ounces in volume. These large beer cans are incredibly popular in the United States and other parts of North America. 

Typically, tall boys hold 16 US fluid ounces (473 ml), equivalent to two British imperial pints or one US pint. 

In comparison, most American 12-ounce cans only contain 11–12 oz on average per serving, though a standard craft beer will generally be closer to 13–16 ounces per serving. 

The term “tall boy” comes from the can’s cylindrical shape, as it’s usually taller than a standard beer can, making it easier to spot and grab while browsing shelves at liquor stores or coolers at parties and bars. 

Over time, tallboys have earned most people’s favour in the craft beer market, which is for a good reason. For starters, they’re distinctive and conveniently sized, allowing brands to pack multiple of them in a single package. Moreover, one 24-ounce tall boy equals two regular 12-ounce beers, which means more beer for consumers! 

But despite their well-deserved popularity, some people question tall boys’ benefits, arguing they have a larger carbon footprint than smaller 12-oz or even 7-oz cans.

Dimensions of a Tall Boy

Tallboy beers are significantly larger than the standard 12-oz cans. Their conveniently large sizes are part of the reason they’ve become so popular worldwide. 

Popular brands like Corona Extra and Heineken often use tall boy beer cans for promotional purposes or limited edition releases. While the dimensions of each brand’s tall boy may vary slightly between regions, it’s still taller than regular 12-oz beer cans.  

Consequently, they hold more liquid volume, with 16 ounces being the most common size—equivalent to two regular 12-ounce beer cans. You might find some 24-oz tall boys on the market, though.  

Comparison to Standard Beer Sizes (12 Oz, 16 Oz)

For most people, beer size comparison can be tricky. But learning how to differentiate standard beer sizes from tall boys is critical, especially if you intend to be in the craft beer arena in the long term. 

Here’s a table comparing the standard 12-oz and 16-oz beer sizes to a typical tall boy size.

Standard 12 oz canStandard 16 oz canTall Boy
Volume (ounce)12 oz16 ozUsually 16 oz
Volume (pint)0.75 pint1 pint1 pint
Volume (ml)Approx. 355 mlApprox. 473 mlApprox. 473 ml
Equivalent to the number of standard 12 oz cans11.331.33

Remember that tall boy sizes may differ slightly, depending on the brand. We hope you now have a general sense of how these dimensions compare.

How Many Beers Are in a Tall Boy?

A tall boy is equivalent to two standard 12-ounce beer cans, approximately 24 ounces. Let’s show you how to determine the number of beers in a king can. 

Calculation Based on the Standard Beer Can Size (12 Oz)

To calculate the number of standard drinks in a tall boy beer can (24 oz), use the equation: Standard Drinks = Volume/Volume(Drink). The volume figure is based on the size of a standard beer can (12 ounces, or 355ml) as 8.4% ABV contains one full drink.

Since a tallboy holds two standard beers, double this equation: 2 x 12 oz / 12oz = 2 drinks.

For example, if there was 500 ml of an 8.4% ABV beer in your tallboy can, you could apply the equation: 500ml/355ml=1.407, then multiply that by two (2 x 1.407), which would give you around 2.8 standard drinks per 24 ounces tallboy can, meaning that a single 24-ounce tall boy has roughly three regular-sized cans’ worth of beer. 

Calculation Based on the Average Volume of a Tall Boy (16 Oz)

Here’s another way to figure out how many beers are in a tall boy. So, the average volume of a tall boy can is 16 ounces or 473 ml. This is larger than the standard 12-ounce beer can size, meaning more liquid is inside. 

To calculate the number of beers in a tall boy, divide the total volume (473 ml) by the standard individual beer can size (355 ml). This gives you 1.33 beers per every 16-ounce (473ml) tall boy. Therefore, one tall boy would contain at least one and third of 12-oz beer cans.

Popular Brands of Tall Boy Beers

These should be among your top options if you’re in the market for the best tall boy beers: 

Corona Extra

Corona Extra is one of the popular beers produced by Constellation Brands. The pale lager boasts an ABV of 4.6%, with each 12 fl. oz serving to provide 148 calories, 13.9 grams of carbohydrates, 1.2 grams of protein, and 0 grams of fat.

Most Corona Extra American consumers like its 24 oz tallboy can, which equates to two regular-sized beers. While some enjoy the beverage alone, others use it as an ingredient to make the Michelada cocktail,  a spicy, savoury drink that also requires other ingredients, including: 

  • Lime juice
  • Worcestershire sauce 
  • Tomato juice
  • Soy sauce
  • Pepper sauce 
  • Teriyaki sauce 

Corona Extra is known for its bright summery taste, thanks to the American hops and barley used to brew it. Combined with its other ingredients, including yeast and corn, the beverage is smooth and refreshing, making it perfect for all occasions! 


Heineken is a valuable Dutch brewery Gerard Adriaan Heineken founded in 1864. The giant company owns over 300 beer brands, including popular tall boy beers like Amstel, Desperados, Sol, Strongbow cider, and Dos Equis.

Heineken focuses on pale lagers, which has made it one of the most valuable breweries worldwide. Its beers have distinctive characteristics, including taste and alcohol content (% ABV). For instance, the Heineken Premium Lager beer has a mild but bitter taste, hinting at green apples or corn.  

The company’s high-quality beer production makes it an emerging industry standard for craft brewers and a source of pride for many customers. Its 24 oz cans are also known as “tall boys” due to their larger size when compared to the traditional 12 oz cans found within American markets.

Coors Light

Coors Light is a famous tall boy beer brand brewed across the US in states like Colorado, Albany, Georgia, Elkton, Virginia, Fort Worth, Texas, Irwindale, California, and Milwaukee. It comes with an alcohol content of 4.2% ABV and contains 102 calories, 5 grams of carbs, 1 gram of protein, and no fat. 

Typically, Coors Light is brewed with traditional two-row lager malt and four-hop varieties, giving it a distinct flavour profile that makes it easy to drink. The brand shipped 16.5 million barrels in 2017 alone, making it the second best-selling beer in the US. 

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita is a popular tall boy beer that has garnered much attention for its unique blend of Margarita flavour and splash of Bud Light Lime. Bursting with refreshing citrus flavour, it’s now a favourite for many drinkers nationwide. 

The 24 oz cans, or tall boys, are usually available in packs of 4 and 15, rendering them perfect for outdoor getaways or gatherings with friends. With its distinct margarita flavour, you might enjoy it more than many other beers today. 

With an 8% ABV, Bud Light Lime-A-Rita’s alcohol content is higher than standard lager beers. Nevertheless, Americans love it for its bold flavour merged with a refreshing, balanced finish. 

FAQs on How Many Beers Are in a Tall Boy

How many beers are in a tall boy can?

A tall boy typically holds 16 ounces (approximately 473 millilitres) of beer, equivalent to one-half standard 12-ounce cans.

What type of beer comes in a tallboy can?

Tallboy cans come in various types of beer, including lager, ale, stout and wheat styles from craft breweries and larger national companies such as Miller Lite or Coors Light.

Are there any health benefits associated with drinking tallboy beers compared to other sizes of cans?

Unfortunately, choosing to drink tallboy beers over other smaller beer cans doesn’t present any benefits. All of them are alcoholic beverages with substantial health hazards when consumed beyond moderate amounts.  
Therefore, we recommend drinking responsibly, no matter where you are or the tall boy beer brand you pick. 

Is buying beers in a multi-pack cheaper than individual bottles/cans? 

Yes, buying beer in bulk helps you save some extra bucks. Be that as it may, beer prices vary from region to region based on local tax regulations, beer availability on the market, and specific brands since some are pricier than others. 

Final Take On How Many Beers Are in a Tall Boy

Looking for a way to get more bang for your buck? Get a tall boy! Tell you what, it comes with more beer and saves you the inconvenience of carrying two standard 12-ounce beers. 

Even better, the craft beer market is awash with various tall boy beer brands, such Corona Extra, Heineken, Coors Light, and Bud Light Lime-A-Rita, meaning you have plenty of options to mull over. 

Remember that one standard drink equals 12 ounces, while 16 ounces would equal one and a half standard beers. Knowing these measurements helps save money in the long run and keep track of the calories you consume during your drinking sessions. 

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