How Many Beers Are in a Liter

Are you contemplating buying a boot or a liter mug of beer? Whether you’ve just joined the drinking arena or been around longer, it’s a bold choice! 

But before you down that enormous amount of your favorite drink, find out the number of beers you’ll be consuming to keep your drinking habits in check.  

This blog will show you how to calculate the number of beers that fit into a single-liter mug or container.  We’ll also take a closer look at some factors and variations affecting the conversion of a liter to beer. Let’s dive in!

How Many Beers Are in a Liter: Popular Beer Sizes

A standard beer can or bottle in the US typically holds 12 ounces, while a liter of liquid is 33.8 ounces. Therefore, there are about 2.817 beers in a liter. 

Understanding the Conversion of Beers to Liters

Knowing the standard size of a beer can or bottle and the volume of a liter is essential since they’re the two figures used to calculate the number of beers in a liter.

In the US, 12 fluid ounces equals 355 milliliters or 0.355 liters of liquid. This is the size of most types of beer on the market, including lagers, ales, and stouts. 

Most brewers prefer it because of its convenience, plus it’s a reasonable volume rationing that makes it easier for drinking enthusiasts to purchase the beverages in different quantities. 

On the other hand, a liter of water weighs 1000 grams or one kilogram. But although some people measure liquids like beer in liters, others do it in 500 milliliters, or “small beers.” And there’s another lot that considers 330 ml cans as full pints as per regionally accepted conventions. 

Hence, the conversion of beers to liters or vice versa isn’t always exact. But we can use basic math skills to approximate the number of beers you can get from a liter. 

Calculating the Number of Beers in a Liter

To calculate the number of beers in a liter, we should factor in the standard size of a 12-ounce can or beer bottle and the volume of a liter, which is 33.8 ounces.  Dividing the latter with the volume of a beer (33.8/12) shows there are approximately 2.8 beers in a liter. 

However, you could have a smaller or larger beer, such as an 11.2-oz or 16-oz bottle, which automatically changes the number of beers in a liter. 

Ultimately, calculating the exact number of beers in a liter comes down to determining the beer can or bottle size and the beverage’s alcohol content.

Number of Beers in a Liter Based on Standard Size

A typical 12-ounce can or bottle would fit 8.33 in one liter, 16-oz containers fit 6.25 per liter, and 25-oz “tall boy” can fit 3.92 per liter.

Also, keg sizes may differ. For example, a 50-liter keg holds approximately 105 16-ounce pints or 140 12-ounce cans or bottles. Comparing this to other units of measure, such as an imperial pint of 20 fluid ounces, means there are roughly five imperial pints in a liter of beer.

Thus, when calculating the number of beers in a liter, you must consider the volume (liters) and the beer can/bottle size (ounces/mLs/centimeters). 

What May Affect the Conversion?

Beer bottles and cans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and weights. Ultimately, different beer bottles or serving sizes can affect the conversion of beers to liters. 

For instance, one 12-ounce beer can contains 0.354883 liters of liquid—so that’s the figure most people use to determine the drinks in a liter.  

However, popular variations, such as 330ml and 500ml beers, may hold more or less liquid, affecting the conversion of beers into liters. These differences may also arise from a beverage’s origin. For example, lagers in Europe are traditionally drunk from 500 ml (1/2 liter) glasses, which hold roughly 19.2 ounces. 

Conversely, kegs come with 15-50 liters, equating to 30-200 beers. That accounts for much higher ABVs, based on a region’s local regulations. 

Comparing Beer Quantities: Liters vs. Packs

If you’re a massive fan of beer packs, you should also go out of your way to know the drinks in a liter or vice versa. Since beer bottles boast different sizes, the exact number will vary. 

Still, you can use a conversion calculator to work out the liters in a six-pack. For example, the latter equals 2.13 liters. 

Comparison of Beer Quantities in Terms of Liters

This table acts as a visual guide to help you approximate the volume of beer quantities converted to liters: 

Beer QuantityVolume in Liters
Standard Can (12 oz)Approximately 0.355 liters
Large Bottle (22 oz)Approximately 0.650 liters
6-Pack of Standard CansApproximately 2.13 liters
Growler (64 oz)Approximately 1.89 liters
Keg (15.5 gallons)Approximately 58.67 liters

Understanding the conversion from ounces to liters is vital to understanding the beer quantities’ size and volume.

That also makes it easier to know your drink’s alcohol content before consumption. Speaking of which, research presented at the 2016 LCA Food Conference revealed that the carbon footprint per every liter of beer in craft breweries is more than twice that of other breweries. 

This is worth considering when deciding the type of beer to consume and the amount. 

Managing or reducing the beer you consume weekly is an ideal way to minimize the beverage’s environmental impact. 

Final Take On How Many Beers Are in a Liter

As we’ve seen above, a liter has approximately 2.8 beers. However, it could hold more or less than that, based on factors like regional beer bottles or can sizes. 

Either way, always try to know how much beer you consume daily. We recommend responsible drinking to shield you from the countless problems associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, including the development of chronic diseases like liver disease and mental health problems. 

FAQs on How Many Beers Are in a Liter

How many beers are in a liter?

The number of beers per liter varies depending on the beer bottle size or can. A liter (33.8 ounces) typically has about 2.8 standard beers since each is about 12 ounces. 

How many 500-milliliter beers are in a liter?

A 500-milliliter beer bottle is equivalent to half a liter. Therefore, a liter has two 500-milliliter beers. 

How many beers can I get from a growler?

Growlers are large containers that can move up to 64 ounces of beer, equivalent to a little over five cans or four pints of the beverage.  

Is drinking a liter of beer daily too much? 

One drink for women and two for men daily is deemed as moderate drinking. Consuming more than that could bring dangerous repercussions like addiction and kidney diseases. Since a liter holds more than two beers, it could be a lot for both genders. 

Will drinking a liter of beer daily make me fat? 

Consuming more than two beers every day will undoubtedly increase your daily caloric intake and might lead to weight gain.

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