Does Corona Beer Expire? How to Tell if Your Corona Beer Has Gone Bad

As one of the most popular beer brands in the US and other countries, millions of people drink Corona daily. People frequently keep Coronas in their refrigerators for extended periods, leaving you wondering if coronas expire.

While two years is the sweet spot, several variables can shorten a Corona’s lifespan.

Usually, each bottle of Corona beer has an expiration date. However, you can still drink the beer after its expiration date, but there’s no guarantee that it will be as enjoyable.

How long does Corona beer last before it goes bad?

According to the makers of the Corona, the beer lasts for about 180 days (6 months) after its production date. After this point, the beer gradually loses its flavor and becomes unappealing.

Also, the taste is very subjective, and what one person deems drinkable might be offensively unpalatable to another. Even though each beer bottle has its expiration date, drinking beer after the date may not be harmful.

Every bottle of Corona has an expiration code written on the neck of the bottle. This expiration code reveals the beer’s production details. In addition, you can find the code date at the base of the can. Code dates are also printed on the panel of the Corona carton.

How To Read The Corona Beer Expiration Date?

In the US, the date on the bottle or can of Corona beer represents its “born date,” not its expiration date. Therefore, always check the drink’s expiration date before consumption to ensure you’re consuming a good product. However, you should not worry much about that, as Corona beers are popular and do not stay long on the fridge shelves due to high demand.

The code date on a Corona beer product indicates its production details. It’s best to consume the beer in bottles and cans six months after the date printed in the code on the can or bottle. This 8-character code looks something like this: B061A019. Here’s what each character in the code means:

  • The first letter signifies the month of production/bottling. In our example, B stands for February, as the months of the year are labeled A to L chronologically.
  • The following two characters represent the day the beer was produced/bottled. In our example, ‘06’ represents the sixth day of the month.
  • The fourth character represents the expiration year. For example, 0 represents 2020, 1 represents 2021, and so forth.
  • The fifth character in this code represents the shift in which drink was produced/bottled. In our example, A represents the first shift.
  • The next two digits represent the line it was produced. In our example, “02” represents Line 2.
  • The last digit represents the brewery that produced the drink. In our example, “9” represents Nava Brewery.

This code format is used in all Constellation Brands’ beer products. As stated earlier, Corona beer is best consumed within six months of production and bottling. In our example, the beer is in its best condition before the 6th of August, 2021.

How Long Can an Unopened Corona Last?

The beer in the Corona bottle is pasteurized, ensuring its shelf life remains optimized. The manufacturers of Corona beer state that it has a shelf life of six months. However, it’s likely to last for a few more months (up to nine months) if kept at room temperature.

If you refrigerate a Corona Beer (53 to 59 degrees, according to the manufacturers), it can last for a long time, up to two to three years. A Corona beer will still be drinkable past its expiration but might not be as flavorful as it should be.

How Long Does an Opened Corona Last?

After opening a bottle of Corona Beer, it’s best to consume it immediately or within a few hours. However, it can last for about 24 hours to three days if you open and refrigerate it.

If you leave the drink at room temperature after opening it, it will go bad within a few hours.

Note: “Going bad” means the beer will get flat quickly and lose its flavor.

However, the taste of the beer is subjective, and some people might enjoy it after several hours.

Corona canned beers might last longer than bottles. Cans are not transparent like bottles and can hinder UV rays from entering the beer, potentially increasing its shelf life.

Can I Drink Expired Corona Beer?

Some experts say that the expiration date is more of a “pull date” than an expiry date. This means the manufacturers advise retailers to pull the drinks off the shelves after that day as it’s no longer in their best shape.

However, if you’ve had a bottle of Corona in your fridge, you can consume it after it expires. The drink inside is not expired. Instead, it might be less flavorful and generally not deliver a pleasant experience.

After its expiration, check for other signs that the beer is terrible. For example, if its flavor is way off and its color has changed, it’s best to dispose of the drink.

How to Store Corona Beer?

The best way to store your Corona beers is in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. Proper storage plays a huge role in the beer’s quality and longevity.

Corona bottles are transparent; thus, direct sunlight can affect them adversely as the beer can absorb UV light. Ensure to keep them refrigerated to prolong their shelf life.

Also, contrary to some beliefs, storing them standing and not lying sideways is best. Keeping them sideways allows a larger surface area of the drink to be exposed to the oxygen inside the bottle, thereby speeding up its spoilage.

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Corona Beer Expiration FAQ

Does Corona Go Bad If It Gets Warm?

Storing beer at average room temperature can drastically reduce its shelf life from almost half a year to only a handful of weeks. Exposure to high temperatures can influence its taste within a couple of days. Fortunately, it will never make you ill. It just might not be as delicious as it should be. Therefore if your corona gets warm, it may taste like it has expired or gone off – but in reality, it would still last a couple of days.

What is the Shelf Life of Corona Beer?

According to the manufacturer, Corona beer has a shelf life of up to 180 days, approximately six months.

How Long can an unopened bottle of Corona Last in the Fridge?

An unopened bottle of Corona stored in the fridge will last up to two years.

How Long Will Corona Beer Last if it is Stored at room temperature and not in the fridge?

Stored at room temperature, the corona beer lasts six to nine months.

Will your Corona beer taste as good after two years in the fridge?

Provided that your fridge is both cool and dark and the door is not left open – a corona beer may taste fine and be suitable for up to two years after its expiration date. However, it is important to note that although storing beer in the fridge can slow down its natural aging process – it doesn’t mean that a corona will last forever if left in the fridge.

Do Bottles of Corona or Cans of Corona Last Longer?

The more light that beer is exposed to, the faster it expires – as more light can pass through into a clear bottle of the corona – a can of corona may last longer if all other conditions are kept equal. Ideally, a darker place that is refrigerated.

What Happens If You Drink Expired Corona Beer?

Although the taste of a Corona will depreciate over time, it may still be safe to drink for up to a day or two. But take that advice with your mercy, as when beer is exposed to light, oxygen, and heat, the organic compounds that make beer smell and taste significantly degrade.

Will Drinking an Expired Corona Get You Drunk?

An expired corona beer won’t get you drunk, but you may be subject to digestive distress or bacterial contamination if the beer has been improperly stored. Proceed with caution.

Is the lime wedge related to Corona beer expiring?

The myth behind the lime wedge in a bottled corona beer was to keep the flies away. Others believe it is a way to make beer more pleasant for people who don’t like the flavor and aromas of the beer. However, suppose a lime wedge is placed inside the bottle. In that case, it will allow less air into the bottle and prevent some oxidation processes. However, most people push their lime wedge straight away into the bottle once they open it, negating any benefit of the lime wedge to make the beer last longer.

Final Note

Corona beer is best consumed six months after production. However, if it’s refrigerated, it can last for up to two years or more and still be somewhat enjoyable.

After opening a can or bottle of Corona, consuming the content in a few hours is best.

To enjoy Corona at its best, drink it chilled within six months of its production and consume it as quickly as possible, as the drink rapidly goes bad after exposure to air.

But most of all, use common sense; if a corona beer is past its expiration date, it may not taste great, so when in doubt, throw it out 😉


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