Beer Questions

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of beer or are a seasoned drinker, get your beer questions answered.

From the different types of beer, the brewing process, food pairing, and more.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What is the Beer Capital of the World?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has long held the Beer Capital of the World title. This is where titans like Miller, Blatz, Schlitz, and Pabst made their mark. While Miller remains, the legacy of all four is strongly felt even today.

what is a beer mile

What is a Beer Mile?

A beer mile is a race that involves both running and drinking. Imagine running four laps around a track. Now, add in a 12-ounce beer before each lap. You drink, you run. That's a beer mile for you.

Why Are IPAs So Popular

Why Are IPA’s so Popular?

You might be wondering why IPAs have gained such popularity in craft beer. The rise of IPAs can be attributed to several factors, such as their unique flavor profiles, consistent quality, and the role they played in the growth of the craft beer movement.

how many beers to get drunk

How Many Beers To Get Drunk?

Learn the factors that affect how many beers it takes to get drunk and how to drink responsibly. Understand the impact of weight, gender, tolerance, and alcohol content on your level of intoxication. Tips on how to prevent overdrinking and stay safe included.

bud light

What Kind of Beer is Bud Light?

Bud Light is a refreshing lager beer with a light and crisp taste. Made from top-notch ingredients like barley, hops, water, and rice, it's known for being easy to drink and low in calories. This makes it a popular pick for folks who want a tasty beer without the extra calories.

how to open a bottle without a bottle opener

How to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

Don't panic, there are plenty of ways to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener. Whether you use a lighter, key, ring, fork, or even a pair of scissors, you'll be enjoying your drink in no time. And, the best part is, these alternative methods are easily accessible and don't require any fancy equipment.

What is Domestic Beer

What is Domestic Beer?

Domestic beer is a type of beer that is brewed, produced, and sold within the borders of a particular country. It is often considered the opposite of imported beer, which is brewed and sold in a country from outside its borders.

beer and plants is it any good

Is Beer Good for Plants?

Are you looking for a unique way to give your plants a boost? You might be surprised to learn that beer can be a great addition to your gardening routine! But is beer good for plants and should you use stale beer in your garden, we break down the answer to this popular question.

How Long Does Beer Last?

Wondering how long your beer will last? The shelf life of beer depends on a number of factors, including the type of beer, storage conditions, and the date of production. In this blog post, we'll explore the different factors that influence the shelf life of beer and provide tips for ensuring your beer stays fresh for as long as possible.

what is a bar crawl two men cheers with beers at a pub

What is a Bar Crawl?

Ready to experience a night out like no other? Join the ultimate social event - a bar crawl! But what exactly is a bar crawl? Discover everything you need to know and why this is the perfect way to bond with friends and have a wild time. Don't miss out on the fun - read on to learn more!