Power Hour Drinking Game: 60 Minutes of Thrills

Welcome to the ultimate test of your party prowess: the Power Hour drinking game. Imagine a whirlwind 60 minutes where the laughter grows louder, the bonds deepen, and the fun reaches new heights.

This isn’t just any drinking game – it’s a challenge, a thrill, and an unforgettable experience. In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to master the Power Hour and take your party to the next level. Let the countdown begin!

What Is The Power Hour Drinking Game?

Power Hour Drinking Game is a social drinking game that requires players to drink one shot of beer per minute for sixty minutes straight. The basic idea is simple — everyone has to take a shot every time the song changes!

As the game progresses, it becomes more and more difficult as each player’s threshold for alcohol increases over the course of an hour.

The progression makes Power Hour unique from other traditional drinking games because there are no cards or complicated rules involved — just you vs yourself in an endurance competition.

To play Power Hour, all you need is access to either a smartphone with music streaming capabilities or a turntable with speaker system connected to your favorite playlist.

You don’t even necessarily have to finish an entire beer within each minute if desired; whatever pace works best for you is completely up to players but it should be consistent across all rounds.

Power Hour Drinking Game Rules

The rules of the Power Hour Drinking Game are simple – one shot of beer, wine or hard liquor per minute for sixty minutes! See what other fun variations and tips you can find to make your power hour extra enjoyable.

One Shot Per Minute

The Power Hour Drinking Game is very simple – each player takes one shot of beer every minute for sixty minutes. While this may not seem like a lot, it can quickly add up over the course of an hour and players must stay aware to maintain their game speed and drink responsibly.

Keeping up with the pace can be challenging, but following some basic tips such as staying hydrated will make it easier. Doing more than one shot every minute should also be avoided, as this increases the risk of becoming too intoxicated before finishing the game.

Many resources are available online to help guide players through the round better such as timers and music mixes specifically created for power hours.


Timing is an important factor in the Power Hour Drinking Game and helps control the difficulty of this endurance test. Players must drink a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes, so they need to be aware of how fast they’re increasing their levels of intoxication.

If you take your shots too quickly, you are likely to become excessively drunk by the end of the hour. To avoid this problem, it can help to assign certain tasks or games associated with each round to give players something else to focus on while keeping track of time.

You could choose an arbitrary goal like chanting a rap song or answering trivia questions that has one correct answer per shot – as long as it keeps people from just rushing through their drinks without paying attention.

Drink Choices

In the Power Hour Drinking Game, players must consume one shot of beer or other beverage every minute for an hour. Although traditional power hour involves drinking only beer, some variants allow for more creative drink choices.

Liquor can be consumed instead of (or in addition to) beer if desired and there are many non-alcoholic beverages that may also be used as substitutes.

Beer is a popular choice for the game since it’s light and easy to drink quickly. The downside is that downing several beers within an hour can get you pretty drunk fast.

Centurion Variation

The Centurion Variation of the Power Hour Drinking Game is one of the most popular drinking games involving beer. Unlike the traditional game, where players have to drink 60 shots over an hour, this variation requires a whopping 100 shots in within 60 minutes instead.

That’s two shots per minute! Players can choose whether to spread out their drinks during the course of an hour or complete them all by the end; either way, they won’t be easy to do.

While consistently downing beers every minute might seem daunting at first glance, there are some ways in which players can remain safe while standing up to this challenge.

First and foremost, it’s important that all participants finish a beer before taking their shot for every song change; otherwise, you could end up with an insurmountable amount of unfinished beers on your hands – not fun!

Also wise is finding great music that not only motivates but also makes sure everybody can hear when a song changes so no-one misses their next shot.

Any good power hour mix should sample a consistent sound throughout its duration to help create equal intervals between songs too.

Detailed Breakdown Of Game Progression

The Power Hour Drinking Game requires players to take a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. The goal is to make it through all the rounds in an hour, but taking breaks and drinking responsibly is encouraged.

Setting up the game includes assembling all necessary materials and coming up with a suitable playlist for drink changes. A timer should be used to keep track of each minute within the game progression, so that no one falls behind or gets too ahead of everyone else.

Since each round lasts only around ten seconds, there needs to be enough time between songs to refill drinks when needed or stop playing if someone’s had enough. During each round, a player must finish their drink before they can proceed onto the next one since they will not have another chance until the following minute has passed.

In addition, participation in activities like shout-outs can also determine rewards such as exemptions from having to take shots on certain rounds during gameplay.

Explanation Of Player Turns And Actions

As part of the Power Hour Drinking Game, each player takes turns drinking a shot of beer within 60 seconds. For example, when it’s your turn you will hear a song change and then need to take your shot quickly before the next song starts.

When playing in teams or with multiple opponents, players can alternate between rounds for faster gameplay. During the drinker’s turn per round (aka time), they must consume one full beer and keep track of time using a timer or smartphone app.

During this time period, players must also ensure that they are keeping up with other participants by either drinking as they go or by taking their shots on their own respective turns.

At the end of 60 minutes everyone that has successfully consumed all 60 shots is declared winner(s).

Materials Required For The Power Hour Drinking Game

Before you can begin the Power Hour Drinking Game, you will need to make sure that you have all of the necessary materials on hand. These items include: shot glasses, beer or alcoholic beverage of your choice, a timer or clock and music (digital music, CD player, smartphone playlist etc.) for the background.

Shot glasses should be filled with one shot of beer or other alcoholic beverage before the game starts. Depending on your guests’ liqueur preferences and a certain number of sober players, it is possible to fill in some shot glasses with non-alcoholic beverages as well. Beer is usually the most popular choice, however shots such as tequila, wine or whiskey can also be used.

Set up a stereo system and prepare a Power Hour playlist with one song for each minute interval during the sixty minutes game session. Make sure that everyone can hear when each new song starts so that everybody knows when it is time for next shot. An alternative way to keep track of time is by using a timer or clock that all players can see easily.

Keep in mind that you will need enough beer and other drinks to ensure each player has one shot per minute, as well as additional drinks to replenish once people finish their six packs.

If you are playing with additional variations such as Team Challenge Power Hour or Centurion Variation which involves drastically increasing the number of shots taken per hour, consider buying larger amounts of beer and beverages accordingly.

Suggestions For The Ideal Playing Environment

Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to playing the Power Hour Drinking Game will make it a more fun and enjoyable experience. To start, choose a comfortable location where everyone feels safe.

A living room or backyard area works best as there are usually fewer distractions than in loud pubs or bars.

Having the right music is essential for setting up the perfect environment. Create your own playlist with upbeat and dynamic tunes that flow together well and are ideal for dancing around during breaks between shots of beer.

When it comes to lighting setup, think about using soft indirect light through fairy lights or up lighters rather than glaring fluorescent bulbs which might distract people while they take their shots each minute.

Tips For Winning The Power Hour Drinking Game

• Know your limits – drink safely and don’t push beyond what you can handle.

• Start with cooler drinks if you’re not used to drinking, then switch to warmer drinks like whiskey or vodka as the night goes on.

• Don’t rush it; take small sips in between shots so that you remain in control throughout the game.

• Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids when needed. This will help slow down consumption of alcoholic beverages and reduce intoxication levels

• Try dividing each minute into multiple parts to have just a sip at time for each part instead of guzzling one entire shot before another arrives on the table.

• Alternate stronger drinks (shots) with lighter beers every few rounds to help keep up energy levels and prevent fatigue from too much alcohol intake at once.

• Choose songs wisely – pick fast paced music so that players are encouraged to finish their respective rounds quickly without going overboard or missing out on any song change cues midgame.

Fun Variations Of The Power Hour Drinking Game

Centurion Variation

The Centurion Variation of the Power Hour Drinking Game is a highly challenging variant requiring players to consume 100 shots of beer within an hour. This unique and taxing form of the game requires discipline and stamina as players will be taking a shot every 60 seconds until they have completed their hundredth drink.

The variation can be played with either beer or any other alcoholic beverage, depending on player preference. Although this version of the classic drinking game can be grueling, accomplishing it rewards one with bragging rights amongst their peers as they persevere through the tough feat.

It has become increasingly popular due to its ability to provide both physical and mental entertainment for participants in group settings .

Team Power Hour

Team Power Hour is a variation of the classic drinking game, Power Hour. In this version, playing in teams adds an extra level of competition and fun to the traditional game.

The basic rules are still the same; each player must finish one shot of a specified drink within 60 minutes – only now they have to do it as part of their team’s larger strategy! A typical structure for Team Power Hour involves dividing players into two or more groups, with each group competing against the others by finishing either fewer shots than other teams or having finishes that add up to less overall than other teams.

An additional rule determines how many drinks each person in the group may take during their turn, which encourages cooperation and helps prevent any team from running away with too many advantages.

Double Power Hour

The Double Power Hour is an intense variation of the classic Power Hour Drinking Game. In this version, players are expected to drink two shots of beer per minute for a total of 120 shots within one hour.

This means they would need to consume twice as many drinks compared to playing the traditional game and thus requires a high level of concentration and endurance. To make things more challenging, some will choose beers that are higher in ABV or add additional rules such as chugging each beer as quickly as possible before continuing on with their next shot.

Consuming large quantities of alcohol in such short period may have adverse effects on health so it’s important to pay attention while drinking during the Double Power Hour game and hold off from participating if necessary.

Genre Power Hour

The Power Hour drinking game can involve a variety of variations and one such variation is the “Genre Power Hour”. The objective remains the same as in the standard game, which is to consume one alcoholic shot each minute within an hour, but with this variation music that only belongs to a single genre playlists are used.

This musical Genre Power Hour allows players to take their pick on what type of music they want to listen while playing. Popular genres include classic rock, hip-hop/rap/R&B and country music or decades such as ’80s hits or jazz standards from the 1930s–1960s.

The main advantage of Genre Power Hour compared to its traditional counterpart is that it makes for unique entertainment because friends will have more interest in tuning into some specific genre of songs rather than just any song from different periods and styles.

As long as you make sure everyone knows what type of music will be played before starting the game, your group can better adjust themselves accordingly by drinking slowly if it’s slow tunes like classical or roots style blues; however, partying hard if rocking beats fill up your playlist! And for those who aren’t familiar with certain genres – think about getting creative with categories like “Grammys Nominated Artists” so everyone has fun interpreting these titles.

With all drinking games safety should still be taken into account when playing no matter how exciting the challenge may be which means drink responsibly since metabolic rates vary between people due to weight differences etc leading apparent alcohol tolerance difference among partygoers no one should strive pressure others into finishing earlier while they sip away their drinks slowly even if someone finish last he could still get drunk faster then his imaginary self projected apperance thus be prepared for potential accidents especially during Genesis power hours because this version typically involves quick paced drink sessions lasting around 10min intervals throughout 55mins od gameplay although many would push beyond 60 mins!

Decades Power Hour

The Decades Power Hour is a variation of the traditional Power Hour Drinking Game which involves drinking a specified number of alcohol shots within an hour. This game, however, has one twist – players must drink to a mix from different decades in music.

Each song change signifies that it’s time to take another shot while all players shout out which decade they think the new song is from.

To make sure you don’t lose track of time during this version of the power hour, it’s important to assign someone as the “DJ” whose job is to watch for when each new round starts according to how many minutes have passed (since most songs usually last around 3-4 minutes).

Power Hour Roulette

Power Hour Roulette is an increasingly popular variation of the traditional Power Hour Drinking Game. As with a regular game of Power Hour, the basic goal is to drink one shot glass of beer every minute for 60 minutes without dying – but with this version, there’s an added twist.

During each round, players must choose a different type or flavor of beer and take their shot at random intervals instead of every minute. This adds excitement to the game and makes it much more challenging since you never know when your next sip will be coming! To make sure everyone stays in the game until the end, most groups also opt for taking longer rest breaks between rounds so that people don’t become too intoxicated too early on.

Alphabet Power Hour

The Alphabet Power Hour is an exciting variation of the popular Power Hour drinking game, in which players take a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes.

To keep things smooth, create a list at the beginning of all 26 letters and brainstorm some possible words beforehand that can be used if someone gets stumped.

Artist Power Hour

Similar to the traditional Power Hour game, Artist Power Hour involves a similar format where players take shots of beer every minute for sixty minutes. However the difference here lies in giving each player one artist or band in which they can choose music from that artist/band to play during their turn.

Popular artists to incorporate into Artist Power Hour include Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and any other current favourites. The purpose of this variation is not only to test who has the best taste in music but also who can hold their liquor while enjoying it! To add an extra challenge, players should incorporate aspects such as having songs chosen at random during a turn or creating categories out of titles called “Name That Tune”.

Movie Power Hour

The Movie Power Hour is a fun variation of the classic drinking game, Power Hour. This fast-paced, creative version of the already intense and competitive original entails taking one shot every minute for an entire hour with snippets of popular movie clips replacing listening to songs between each drink.

For those wanting to amp up their time in front of the screen, this entertaining twist can be added to tradition as friends face off by popping open beers and test their accuracy have quick reactions when it comes to guess what scene from which film appears onscreen next.

This party game stresses rules similar to that in regular power hours but utilizes movies rather than music. Players must decide upon a selection of films beforehand that they want represented while playing – they could choose specific themes like Disney movies or cult classics if so desired – and make sure everyone involved has seen them all prior! Once selections are made, you’ll need clips chosen from said films (these can come straight from YouTube) that last about 10 seconds for each round during gameplay; these will transition on cue by using something like an online timer or PPT slide transition usually associated with initial music stanzas before videos kick in).

TV Show Power Hour

The TV show Power Hour has been around since the late 90s and is an iconic cult classic to many. It featured clips of one minute in duration, usually packed with controversy or humor, making it an interesting watch.

This format made a huge impression on viewers as they were used to watching shows that aired for at least half an hour or more. The concept of one-minute snippets of entertainment inspired the rules for the game called ‘Power Hour’ – every player must take a shot of their beverage of choice within sixty seconds throughout the course of one hour.

When news spread about this fun drinking game filled with loads laughter and excitement, people quickly came up with various variations like Team Power Hour, Double Power House and Alphabet Power Hour; adding even more energy to the playing experience! Some come complete with props while others revolve around timely music transitions such that players must drink before the next song starts or else risk being cut out from playing further rounds! The TV show definitely fuelled additional interest into these high-spirited encounters!

Other Popular Drinking Games To Explore

• Waterfall: A card-based game where players drink and pass the drink on a “cascading” basis.

• 21 for 21: Players must consume a specified number of alcohol shots within one hour.

• Zoom Drinking Games: Virtual happy hours made more fun and interactive with these drinking games.

• Yard of Ale/Yard Glass Challenge: Players must finish an entire yard glass filled to brim with beer in as little time as possible.

• Beer Olympics: Teams play various drinking games to compete for the title of “Beer Olympic Champions”.

• Flip Cup: Players race each other by “flipping” their empty cup to fill and race against their opponents.

• Kings/Circle of Death/Ring of Fire: Cards are spread around a table and players must follow predetermined rules resulting from each picked card.


The Power Hour Drinking Game is an intriguing and unique drinking game that provides an intense challenge to players. It requires smart strategy, self-awareness, and discipline from the players in order to make it through all sixty minutes.

While this game can be a lot of fun if done responsibly, it is important for everyone involved to remember that you should always drink responsibly and stick within your limits – too much alcohol consumption can have serious health effects.

Always ensure there are snacks available, plenty of water on hand, and a designated driver who abstains from playing in order to maintain safety throughout the duration of the game.

Power Hour Drinking Game FAQs

What is the Power Hour Drinking Game?

The Power Hour Drinking Game, sometimes referred to as Ring of Fire, Buzz or 21 for 21, involves drinking a shot of your favorite beverage every minute for one hour with friends and family. It’s a great way to have some fun and relax without worrying about complex rules or counting drink totals beyond what’s in front of you.

Do I need special equipment for playing the game?

No special equipment is required besides glasses filled with your chosen beverage and something to keep track of time (like an alarm clock), although many people prefer chips, crackers or other snacks on hand while they play just in case they become lightheaded after that first half hour has gone by! Plus – music can be played throughout which will make it more enjoyable & distracting as well.

How much should I drink during Power Hour?

It’s always important to practice safe drinking habits and never over-indulge during a drinking game such as this one – it’s suggested sticking to 1-2 shots per player depending upon their size & tolerance level so everyone remains conscious long enough enjoy the experience together without risking any harm from excessive alcohol consumption! Furthermore – teams are split into 2/3 if there are larger groups/parties participating.

Are there variations of the Power Hour game depending on age range?

Yes – variants like Minute To Win It For The Kids allows young drinkers at least 8 years old (with parental permission) participate using water instead beer/wine (which come later when maturity sets in). Also ‘The Boilermaker Challenge’ relies upon similar strategies but consists of downing several beers consecutively before consuming spirituous liquors like whiskey at end prior exiting stage successful completion!

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