30 Best Beer Drinking Games To Play

Are you looking to spice up your next party or gathering with friends? Beer-drinking games can be a great way to get that done. They bring an extra level of excitement to any event and provide the perfect excuse to indulge in some cold brews. 

With classic favourites like beer pong and flip cup, as well as more creative options like drunk Jenga and virtual drinking games, there’s something for everyone.

Having reviewed them all, here are the 30 best beer drinking games that will surely be a hit at your next party.

Classic Beer Drinking Games

Classic beer-drinking games, such as traditional beer pong, Beirut pong, around-the-world beer pong, flip cup, and quarters, are popular among party-goers for their simplicity and competitive nature and are an excellent option to play at your next party.

Traditional Beer Pong game

Traditional beer pong is a classic American drinking game that has become a staple at college parties and tailgates.

The rules are simple: players stand on opposite sides of a long table, each with six cups of beer arranged in a triangle formation.

The objective is to throw ping pong balls into the other team’s cups, forcing them to drink when successful.

While traditional beer pong may seem straightforward, it can get quite competitive and intense as players start perfecting their throwing techniques and strategies.

Some variations include re-racks (rearranging the remaining cups), bouncing shots for double points, or even declaring a “death cup,” where one specific cup becomes an instant game-ender if made.

Traditional beer pong is a fun way to socialize with friends while enjoying cold brews.

Remember to drink responsibly and always have designated drivers or alternative transportation options available after your games end!

Beirut Pong

Beirut Pong is a classic beer-drinking game in the Middle East. It’s similar to traditional Beer Pong, but instead of throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer, players toss them into cups partially filled with water.

This game requires ten solo cups arranged in a pyramid shape on each side of the table, and teams take turns attempting to sink their balls into their opponent’s cup.

The losing team must drink all the remaining beers in both pyramids or finish any half-filled cups before losing again in the next round.

Beirut Pong can be played with just two people or up to four teams of two, making it an excellent choice for parties and gatherings. This game is perfect for those who want to test their hand-eye coordination skills while having fun and enjoying some cold beers!

Around The World, Beer Pong

Around the World Beer Pong is a classic variation of beer pong that adds an extra level of difficulty to the game. Instead of just shooting at one cup on each end, players must shoot into cups in a circular or diamond pattern around their opponent’s side.

This makes it more challenging, as players have to adjust their aim and strategy based on the placement of cups.

To play, each team sets up 6 cups in either a circle or diamond formation on their end of the table.

The objective is to eliminate your opponents’ cups by throwing ping-pong balls into them while they try to do the same to yours.

However, with this variation, players must note which cups have been made and adjust their shots accordingly.

Overall, Around the World Beer Pong is a fun twist on traditional beer pong, and it will be a hit at any party or gathering. Remember to drink responsibly and know your limits when participating in drinking games!

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a classic, easy-to-play beer-drinking game played by two teams of equal members. Each player has to chug their drink, place the empty cup upside down on the table’s edge, and then flip it over so it lands face up.

Once one member completes this task, then the next player in line begins.

This fast-paced game requires teamwork and quick reflexes as players rush to finish their drinks and flip their cups before the opposing team. It’s a great way to get everyone excited for a fun night and socializing while enjoying some cold brews.

Flip Cup remains one of the most beloved beer games due to its simplicity yet competitive nature. Remember to play responsibly, stay hydrated with water between rounds, and always have someone sober around if things get too rowdy.


Quarters is a classic beer-drinking game that has been around for decades. You only need a quarter and a hard surface, like a table or countertop.

Players take turns attempting to bounce the quarter off the table and into a cup of beer. If they are successful, they get to choose someone else at the table who must drink the entire cup before play continues.

One reason quarters are so popular is that they require minimal setup or equipment, making them perfect for impromptu gatherings with friends. It’s also easy to modify and add rules to keep things exciting and unpredictable.

Some variants require players to switch hands, use their non-dominant hand only, or attempt trick shots for extra points.

As with any drinking game, it’s important to remember that playing responsibly is crucial. Don’t pressure others into drinking more than they can handle, and always know your limits before starting any new games.

Creative Beer Drinking Games

Get ready to take your beer-drinking game to the next level with these creative options – from Drunk Jenga and Beer Checkers to Thumper and Three Man.

Drunk Jenga 

Drunk Jenga is a classic drinking game that takes the traditional block-stacking game to a fun new level. The idea behind this game is simple: players take turns pulling out blocks from a stack and placing them on top of the tower.

However, each block has a different rule written on it that must be followed before or after stacking the block.

The rules written on each block can range from taking a drink, choosing another player to drink, skipping your turn, or even creating a new direction for everyone to follow.

As the tower gets higher and more unstable, players become more intoxicated, and the game becomes hilariously challenging. Drunk Jenga is perfect for any party or gathering with alcohol and promises an unforgettable night with friends.

This creative beer-drinking game requires strategic thinking and steady hands while maintaining a fun atmosphere among players. So grab some drinks, gather your friends, and see who will be the last standing in this boozy version of Jenga!

Beer Checkers

Beer Checkers is a popular spinoff of the classic board game that adds a drinking element to make it even more fun. The game combines two things people love – beer and checkers.

To start playing, set up the checkers board as usual and fill small cups with beer, placing them on each player’s side. Whenever a checker piece gets jumped or taken by an opponent, that player must take a drink from their cup.

The catch is that players can only move their pieces once they’ve finished their drink. This makes the game more challenging as players need to balance strategy with chugging down their beers quickly. Beer Checkers can be played in teams or one-on-one, making it suitable for both small and large groups of friends looking to have some fun while enjoying cold beers.

Overall, Beer Checkers takes simple gameplay mechanics and spices things up with alcohol consumption rules – perfect for parties, get-togethers, or just hanging out at home with your buddies!


Thumper is a fast-paced and exciting beer-drinking game that requires participants to have quick reflexes and listening skills.

To play, everyone sits in a circle and begins by thumping their fists on the table twice, followed by pointing at another player, who must then repeat the pattern.

The game continues with each participant adding their unique move until someone messes up or forgets the sequence.

While it may sound simple, Thumper can quickly become chaotic as players get drunker and the patterns become more complex.

It’s an excellent option for those looking for a fun and challenging drinking game that doesn’t require any special equipment or setup. So grab some beers and see if you have what it takes to keep up with your friends in this high-energy game of Thumper!

Three Man

Another creative beer-drinking game is called Three Man.

This game involves rolling two dice and assigning a player to become the Three Man, who must drink whenever certain number combinations are rolled.

For example, if both dice show a three, the Three Man takes a drink and moves again until another person becomes the Three Man.

To make things more interesting, there are additional rules for other numbers.

If someone rolls a seven, everyone at the table must quickly put their hands on their head; whoever is last to do so has to take a drink. And if one die shows a one while the other shows anything else but one or six, then all players except for the roller have to take a drink.

Overall, Three Man is an entertaining way to incorporate some chance into your drinking games while testing your reflexes and coordination skills.

Rage Cage

Rage Cage is a fast-paced, exciting, beer-drinking game that requires quick reflexes and steady aim. The game is usually played with two teams facing off against each other at a ping-pong table.

Each unit has its own set of cups arranged in the centre of the table. Players take turns bouncing a ping pong ball into their opponents’ cups, then quickly move on to the next cup before their opponent can successfully bounce the ball into one of theirs.

The object of Rage Cage is to be the first team to eliminate all of their opponent’s cups by sinking your shots as quickly as possible while keeping your cups safe from elimination.

The game’s name comes from its intense, competitive nature; players get angry when they miss shots or are slow to react, hence “rage.”

With its high-energy atmosphere and emphasis on skill and strategy, it’s no surprise that Rage Cage has become one of the most popular beer-drinking games.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening with friends over drinks and good company, give Rage Cage a try! It may take some time to get used to playing, but once you’ve mastered it – prepare yourself for an intense yet fun-filled night!

International Beer Drinking Games

International Beer Drinking Games bring a unique twist to the classic games, with Kastenlauf from Germany, Boat Races from Australia, and the popular Roxanne game from Canada.

Boat Races

Boat Races is a popular beer-drinking game in the UK and is perfect for large groups. The competition aims to race through beer cans as if they were boats. The players split into teams and sit opposite each other on a table with their beers lined up.

The first player from each team cracks open their can, chugs it until it’s empty, and then places it upside down on their head.

Once the first teammate has finished their drink, they pass the can to the next player, who repeats this process until all cans are empty.

The winning team is the one that finishes drinking all their beers first! It’s an energetic and challenging game that will get everyone laughing and having fun.


Roxanne is a fun and competitive beer-drinking game perfect for larger groups of people. The game requires two teams, each with an equal number of players, to compete against each other.

To start the game, both teams must select their “Roxanne.” One group will have a player named Roxanne, while the other team will have a player called Red Light.

The objective of Roxanne is simple: Players from one team must chug their beers continuously while the opposing team’s Roxanne and Red Light alternate saying “Roxanne” or “Red Light.”

When Roxanne says her name, the chugging stops for everyone until she repeats it. However, when Red Light says his name, anyone still chugging their beer has to finish it before play continues. The first team to complete all their drinks wins!

Pyramid Drinking Card Game

Pyramid is an exciting beer-drinking game that requires skill and cleverness. The game involves arranging a set of cards in the shape of a pyramid on a table, with each card face down.

To play Pyramid, players take turns flipping over two cards at once. If they match, the player can choose another player to drink. But if they don’t check, the player must sip their drink.

Unlike some other drinking games on this list, Pyramid doesn’t require much physical activity but challenges one’s memory and concentration skills instead.

It also has different variations and rules depending on where you play it! So grab your deck of cards and see how good your matching skills are while enjoying a cold beer with friends!


Fingers is a fun and competitive beer game that requires quick reflexes and coordination. To start the game, each player places their fingers on the rim of their cup while sitting in a circle.

The first player says “one” and then passes the turn to the next person who says “two”.

This continues until someone messes up or fails to display their number in time, causing them to drink and start the count over at one.

One unique aspect of Fingers is that players can use different techniques to throw off opponents, such as counting out of order or hesitating before saying their number.

These sneak attacks add an extra layer of excitement to this classic drinking game.

Trivia-based Fun Drinking Games

Test your knowledge and get drunk with these trivia-based beer-drinking games such as Beer Jeopardy, Buzzed Spelling Bee, Drunk Uno, Drunk Twister, and Never Have I Ever.

Beer Jeopardy

Beer Jeopardy is the perfect game for beer connoisseurs who love trivia.

This drinking game is based on the popular TV show Jeopardy but with a boozy twist. Players take turns answering questions related to beer and alcohol.

The rules are simple; each player takes a turn selecting a category and points value, and then they have to answer the question correctly to earn points.

If they get it wrong, they must take a drink or shot of beer.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

So gather your friends and brush up on your beer knowledge for an unforgettable night of fun and competition.

Drunk Uno

Drunk Uno is a fun and easy beer-drinking game for friends.

To start the game, players need to shuffle the deck of Uno cards and place them in the centre of the table. The first player draws a card from the top of the deck and follows its action or colour.

If players cannot discard a matching number or colour card, they must sip their drink. However, if they have a wild card, they can choose any colour and force someone else to take a drink instead.

The game continues until one player has no more cards left in their hand.

Drunk Twister

Drunk Twister is a classic party game that combines the fun of drinking with the challenge of physical coordination.

The game is played on a large plastic mat with several coloured circles, and players must spin a wheel to determine which body part and colour they must place on. If someone falls or touches the ground, they have to take a drink.

This game is perfect for groups looking for some silly, tipsy fun.

Combining alcohol and twisting can create some hilarious situations, and it’s a great way to break the ice at parties.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a popular beer-drinking game that can reveal a lot about your friends or opponents.

The game involves players taking turns making statements starting with “Never have I ever,” followed by something they have never done before. If any player has done the mentioned activity, they must sip their drink to indicate that they have been caught out.

The goal of Never Have I Ever is to come up with statements that are both unique and funny in hopes of catching people out.

Players often share embarrassing moments, personal secrets, and wild experiences during the game, which can lead to some hilarious revelations.

Try the drinking game with your friends following the questions from this video to get you going.

Outdoor Beer Drinking Games

Outdoor Beer Drinking Games are perfect for those who enjoy the fresh air while still having a good time with friends, such as Polish Horseshoes, Frisbeer, Beer Frisbee and Lawn Darts.

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a popular outdoor beer-drinking game that involves two teams of two players each. The objective of the game is to throw a frisbee at your opponent’s goal, which consists of an open-top can with slits on the sides, and have your teammate deflect it into the can for points.

If you hit the can directly or your teammate scores by hitting the frisbee before it touches anything else, it’s an instant win.

The game requires skill, teamwork and coordination between teammates. It’s also quite competitive and entertaining to watch, especially as players start getting tipsy after consuming their drinks.

Kan Jam is perfect for outdoor parties and beach gatherings, with plenty of space to play. Overall, Kan Jam is a fun way to enjoy some drinks while engaging in friendly competition with friends or family.

Polish Horseshoes

Polish Horseshoes is a fun outdoor drinking game that requires minimal equipment – all you need are two long poles, a Frisbee and some cans of beer.

It’s typically played with two teams of two players each. The game aims to knock your opponent’s can off the top of the pole while defending your own.

The rules are simple – each team places their pole about 20 feet apart and places their can on top of it. One player throws the Frisbee at their opponent’s pole while the other defends their own by using another Frisbee to hit it away.

When successfully hitting an opponent’s can, they must drink until one member catches the Frisbee mid-air or deflects it successfully with another object.

Polish Horseshoes are perfect for backyard barbeques or beach parties since it doesn’t require much space or equipment. Plus, who doesn’t love combining fun in the sun with a cold brew?

Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts is one of the most popular outdoor beer-drinking games that can be played with friends and family. It requires a lawn or backyard space where players toss darts at a target on the ground.

The goal is to score points by landing the dart as close to the centre of the target as possible.

The game has some safety concerns due to its sharp metal tips, but many modern versions have plastic tips for safety reasons.

Lawn Darts provides hours of entertainment and excitement, making it perfect for any summer gathering or barbecue party. Just follow all safety precautions and drink responsibly while playing this fun-filled game!

Tech-based Beer Drinking Games

Get your gaming consoles and phones ready for these fun tech-based beer-drinking games such as Beerio Kart, Super Smash Bros Drinking Game, Mortal Kombat Drinking Game, Virtual Drinking Games, and even Drinking Apps.

Beerio Kart

Beerio Kart is a popular drinking game that combines two favourite pastimes: playing video games and drinking beer. The competition aims to finish a whole can or bottle of beer before completing a race in Mario Kart without breaking any of the traditional rules.

This means no drinking and driving – players must come to a complete stop before taking a sip.

To play Beerio Kart, each player starts with an unopened can or bottle of beer by their side. As they race through the game, they must finish their drink before crossing the finish line. If they fail, they must stop and chug any remaining amount before continuing the race.

Players need to keep track of how much they’ve had to drink, as drinking too quickly can lead to disqualification or even worse consequences.

Overall, Beerio Kart is a fun and challenging way to enjoy some beers while playing one of the most beloved video games. Just remember always to drink responsibly and know your limits!

Super Smash Bros Drinking Game

Super Smash Bros Drinking Game is a popular way to combine two of the best pastimes: gaming and drinking. This game requires you to take a shot or sip of your drink every time you lose a life.

The more skilled players may have an advantage, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t join in on this fun-drinking game.

To play Super Smash Bros Drinking Game, all you need is the game itself and some drinks! The rules are simple – whenever a player loses a life, they take a designated number of sips or shots depending on how many lives they lost.

Mortal Kombat Drinking Game

Mortal Kombat Drinking Game is one of the best tech-based beer-drinking games that you can play with your friends. It’s an adaptation of the classic video game Mortal Kombat, where players choose their favourite characters and battle them out on screen. The twist? Every time a player loses a round, they must take a shot or chug a beer.

This game is perfect for those who love video games and want to add some alcohol to the mix. Just make sure you’re familiar with the controls before playing – taking shots while trying to remember which button does what can be pretty challenging!

Drinking Game Etiquette

Drink responsibly to avoid getting too drunk and ruining the fun for everyone else; always respect your opponents, their limits, and decisions during gameplay; never pressure others to drink more than they are comfortable with or try to cheat by hiding drink refusal; knowing your limits can help in preventing any unwanted incidents.

Drink Responsibly

It’s always important to remember that drinking games are meant to be fun. However, it’s crucial to drink responsibly while playing these games. Always make sure you’re aware of your alcohol tolerance level before starting any game.

When participating in beer-drinking games, it may be tempting to keep up with the group or push yourself beyond your limits. But it’s essential to know when to slow down or stop altogether.

Drinking excessively can lead not only to dangerous situations but also ruin the night for everyone involved.

Respect Your Opponents

When it comes to beer-drinking games, remember that you’re playing with friends or strangers who are there to have fun. So, while competition may be intense and tempers might flare up occasionally, always ensure that your actions are respectful towards others.

Don’t ridicule or make fun of someone if they lose a game; instead, give them props for trying their best.

It’s also essential to keep in mind that everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to alcohol – some people can handle more than others.

Therefore, don’t pressure anyone into drinking more than they can take or mock them for not chugging as fast as you do. Always treat your opponents with kindness and respect throughout the game.

Don’t Pressure Others To Drink

One important rule to remember when playing beer-drinking games is never to pressure others to drink. Some people may have personal or religious beliefs that prevent them from consuming alcohol, while others may choose not to drink for other reasons. Respect their choices and allow them to participate in the game without feeling forced to consume alcohol.

Additionally, some players may prefer to pace themselves when it comes to drinking, especially if they know they have a low tolerance for alcohol. Pressuring them into drinking more can lead to potential health risks and ruin the fun of the game. Remember, drinking games are meant for enjoyment, so don’t let peer pressure spoil the experience for anyone involved.

Know Your Limits

It’s essential to have fun, but you should always be aware of your limits when playing beer-drinking games. Alcohol affects everyone differently, so keep track of how much you’ve had to drink and know when it’s time to slow down.

If you start feeling dizzy or lightheaded, take a break from the game and switch to water or another non-alcoholic drink instead. Don’t feel pressured into continuing if you’re not comfortable with it.

Remember that these games are meant to be enjoyable, not harmful. Playing responsibly will ensure everyone has a good time without any negative consequences. So, be aware of your limits, and everything else will fall into place!

Final Take on The Best Beer Drinking Games to Play 

Well, there you have it, folks – the ultimate guide to the best beer-drinking games! From classic games like Beer Pong and Quarters to more creative options like Drunk Jenga and Thumper, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try international favourites such as Roxanne?

But before you dive headfirst into the world of beer-drinking games, remember to drink responsibly and respect your opponents.

Don’t pressure others to drink more than they want, and know your limits. These rules apply whether you’re playing a trivia-based game or an outdoor activity like Frisbeer.

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