Top 10 Beer Pong Games to Spice Up Your Game Night

I’ve always loved a good game night and know that finding the perfect activities can make all the difference. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 beer pong games to spice things up! These variations offer a fresh take on the classic party staple, ensuring everyone has a great time.

So grab a drink, gather your friends, and dive into the ultimate guide on the enhancing beer pong experience.

Classic Beer Pong Rules & Equipment Needed 

The object of beer pong is to successfully land a ping pong ball in one of the cups on the opposite side of the table, with standard rules requiring two players to stand at each end of a long table and take turns throwing the ball.

Objectives Of The Game

When it comes to beer pong, the primary objective is all about accuracy, strategy, and fun! The main goal of this popular drinking game is to eliminate all of your opponent’s cups before they manage to do the same to yours. This requires a keen eye and steady hand as you’ll toss ping pong balls into those cups from across the table.

Playing in two teams, each member throws the ball toward their adversary’s arrayed cups. As mentioned, once a ball successfully lands in one of these vessels – leaving no room for doubt or argument – that cup gets removed from play. As you steadily chip away at your opponent’s using strategy and precision throws (perhaps even incorporating some dazzling trick shots), remember that victory lies in clearing their side entirely first!

So, come prepared with enthusiasm and sportsmanship because high stakes are rarely higher than when playing this iconic party pastime.

Equipment Needed

The equipment needed to enjoy beer pong is relatively simple and easy to acquire. Essentially, all you need are the following; 

  • Plastic cups
  • Beer Pong table
  • A ping pong ball or two
  • Some beer

I prefer disposable cups since they’re convenient for cleaning and perfect for outdoor gatherings. 

As far as how to play beer darts is concerned, it’s another awesome drinking game that requires slightly different equipment than traditional beer pong.

To start with this fun variation, you’ll need a couple of sets of darts (preferably ones with plastic tips) and a few cans of your favorite brews. Players will take turns attempting to hit their opponent’s beers while avoiding being struck themselves – make sure everyone plays safely! Incorporating these various games into your gathering repertoire will ensure endless entertainment options for guests at any party.

Standard Beer Pong Rules

In this game, the objective is to throw a ping pong ball across the table, and once a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team consumes the contents of that cup. The first team to eliminate all of their opponent’s cups wins.

In addition to these basic rules, each team gets two re-racks per game, which allows them to rearrange their cups into different formations. This can be used strategically to make it more difficult for opponents to sink shots. It’s also important to note that if both teammates hit cups, they get the balls in the back and can take another shot.

While these standard rules constitute traditional beer pong gameplay, there are many variations out there that spice things up and keep players on their toes – like adding how to play beer darts, for example!

Top 10 Beer Pong Variations And How To Play Them

Learn how to play Boom Cup/Slap Cup, Card Pong, Beirut, Civil War, Death Cup, Football Pong, Ghost, High/Low, Ironman, and Tippy Cup – the top ten beer pong variations that can add a spice of excitement to your next party.

Boom Cup/Slap Cup

Boom Cup and Slap Cup are two of the most popular beer-pong game variations that have taken the party scene by storm. These games offer a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action that will get everyone’s heart racing. The basic idea behind these games involves a “kill cup” in the center of the circle of cups.

In Boom Cup, each team must shoot their ping pong ball into their opponents’ cups as during regular beer pong gameplay. However, if a player scores his other into the killing in the center of the table, all opposing team members must chug their drinks before play continues. The game ends when one team eliminates all of their opponent’s cups.

On the other hand, Slap Cup involves no player capacity and is played with only one paddle for bouncing and throwing balls at the opponent’s cups designated for each side.

Similarly to Boom Cup, every time someone lands a shot into an empty cup on an opponent’s side, it moves up onto another cup; after scoring four times consecutively, once allowed to slap your teammate so he can take over from you feverishly trying to throw off your opposition with quick reflexes and aggressive deployment making this variation as exciting as ever!

Card Pong

Card Pong is a popular variation of Beer Pong that does not require cups or a ball, only a card game and beer. The concept is simple: each team selects four cards from a deck, which they place in front of them on the table. Players then take turns bouncing ping-pong balls onto their opponents’ cards. If the ball lands on an opponent’s card, they must drink the corresponding number of seconds (e.g., landing on an eight of hearts means drinking for eight seconds).

One key advantage to Card Pong is that it can be played almost anywhere – all you need are some cards and beer! Another significant aspect of this game is its exciting spin on traditional Beer Pong by adding an element of luck with the card selection. This allows players who might not be as skilled at shooting ping-pong balls to have fun while playing.


Beirut, also known as beer pong, is a classic drinking game that requires skill and precision. The objective of this game is to throw ping pong balls into cups filled with beer on the opposite side of the table. The first team to hit all their opponent’s cups wins.

Different variations of Beirut can be played, which makes it more exciting and fun. Some popular variations include slam cup, civil war, high/low, ghost, and football pong. Each variation has its own set of rules that add variety and challenge to the game.

Beirut forms part of a great list of drinking games perfect for parties or social gatherings. It encourages friendly competition amongst friends while enjoying drinks together. Players should never forget to drink in moderation and avoid drinking and driving after playing these games.

Civil War

Civil War is one of the most exciting beer-pong variations out there. This game involves three players on each team, and each player gets two cups to defend. The game starts with a traditional “3, 2, 1” countdown before both teams shoot pong balls into their opponent’s cups.

The objective of Civil War is to be the first team to eliminate all of your opponent’s cups. The catch is that once one player sinks a ball in their opponent’s cup, it counts as a point, and the next person on that team immediately takes their turn. If you’re quick enough and sink enough shots in succession, you can quickly rack up points and win the game.

Overall, Civil War adds an entirely new excitement to traditional beer-pong games by adding more players and making for faster action. It’s perfect for larger parties or when you have multiple tables set up for people to play different drinking games simultaneously.

Death Cup

The Death Cup variation is among the most exciting options for spicing your beer pong game. This involves leaving a cup partially filled after a ball has hit it. If any player lands another ball in that same cup, the game immediately ends for their team, adding additional risk and strategy.

To play Death Cup properly, arrange ten cups evenly on either end of a long table as per usual rules. Fill each with 1/3 or 1/4th water, soda, or beer (depending on preference), except for two cups placed side-by-side: these should be left unfilled or partially filled before starting the game. These two are your death cups, where additional balls will end a team’s turn entirely and award victory to their opponents.

Overall, Death Cup is just one example of how you can keep things interesting while playing beer pong—a timeless classic drinking game enjoyed worldwide.

Football Pong

Football Pong is a popular and exciting variation of beer pong. Instead of using ping pong balls, players use miniature footballs to try to land them inside their opponents’ cups. This game requires more skill than traditional beer pong, as the ball’s shape makes it harder to hit your target accurately.

To play Football Pong, each team sets up their cups in a triangular formation at either end of the table. Players take turns trying to throw the football into their opponent’s cups. If successful, the opposing team must drink from the cup that was landed on. The team who eliminates all their opponent’s cups first wins!


Ghost is a popular twist on the traditional beer pong game. In this variation, players must switch up the order of cups after each shot, making it much more difficult to sink your opponent’s cups. The name “ghost” comes from the fact that one cup is always left empty, giving players a ghost cup to aim for instead.

To play Ghost, you’ll need to set up ten cups in a pyramid formation at either end of the table and fill them with beer or another beverage of choice. Play proceeds as in regular beer pong, but whenever someone sinks a ball into an opponent’s cup, they must switch two non-empty cups around without revealing which ones they’ve moved until both teams have taken their next turn. This adds an element of strategy and keeps things interesting by constantly changing the target cups.


One of the most exciting beer pong variations is High/Low. In this game, each team has to guess whether their opponents will aim for a higher or lower cup than the one they just made. Correct guesses can lead to bonus shots or cups and add an extra strategy to the game.

To play high/low, players must pay attention to their opponent’s shooting style and anticipate where they might aim next. The guessing element adds a fun twist and keeps everyone on their toes throughout the game.


Ironman is a challenging beer-pong variation that takes some severe drinking skills to master. In this game, players must compete individually and attempt to make all 10 cups on their side of the table as quickly as possible. If they miss a shot, they must start over from the beginning.

To play Ironman, each player sets up 10 cups filled with beer. The first person to sink all ten cups wins the game. However, if another player finishes before them, they are eliminated from the game and forced to drink any remaining beers left in their cup. It’s important to pace yourself during an Ironman tournament because it can get pretty wild!

Tippy Cup

Tippy Cup is one of the top 10 beer pong variations that adds a new spin to traditional Beer Pong. The game combines Beer Pong and Flip Cup elements, making it an exciting and fast-paced drinking game.

In Tippy Cup, each team sets up its cups in a straight line on opposite ends of the table. One player from each team starts by chugging their drink and then placing their cup upside down on the edge of the table with just a tiny bit hanging off. They must then try to flip the cup so that it lands right-side-up on the table before tagging their teammate to do the same. The first team to successfully flip all their cups wins!

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your next beer pong tournament or party, add Tippy Cup! Remember to play responsibly and drink in moderation while having fun with friends.

Other Fun Drinking Games To Mix Things Up

In addition to beer pong, several other fun drinking games can take your party to the next level – from classic games like Quarters and Kings Cup to high-energy games like Flip Cup and Rage Cage. Keep reading for all the details!


Quarters is a great drinking game to add to your party’s lineup. The game’s objective is simple – players must bounce a quarter off the table and land it in a shot glass. If you succeed, you get to choose someone else at the table to drink, but if you fail, you must take a sip or finish your beer.

One of the fun things about Quarters is that the game has many variation samples; some versions involve playing with an empty shot glass, while others require each player to use their personal shot glass. Either way, this game will surely be a hit with anyone looking for a good time.

Quarters can be an exciting addition to any beer pong tournament or drinking game night. Just remember to play responsibly and make sure everyone stays safe!

Kings Cup

King’s Cup is a classic and popular drinking game played with friends. To play, each person takes turns drawing cards from a deck, with each card associated with an action or mini-game. These can range from simple tasks like “take a sip” to more complex challenges like “everyone must stand on one leg.” The game also involves creating the King’s Cup in the middle of the table, where players pour some of their beverage into it throughout the game.

One crucial aspect of the King’s Cup is that all players must contribute to the King Cup as it fills up over time. This means that everyone must keep drinking and adding their drinks to the mix, resulting in an increasingly potent concoction as the game progresses. Additionally, if someone draws the infamous “King” card during their turn, they must pour some of their drink into the cup to create a “death cup.” Once this cup is filled and another player draws another King card, they must drink whatever is left – which can be dangerous!

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a fun, fast-paced drinking game perfect for parties. It’s an excellent alternative to Beer Pong and easy to learn. Participants divide into two teams and stand on opposite sides of a table to play.

The game’s object is simple: flip your cup before your opponent. Each player starts with a plastic or paper cup filled with beer or another beverage. The players then take turns racing to drink their contents as quickly as possible, flipping the empty cup onto its rim using only one hand. The first team to successfully flip all their cups wins the game!

Rage Cage

Rage Cage is my go-to drinking game for any party. This fast-paced ball game involves bouncing pong balls into a cup quickly. If a player fails to do so, they must drink.

The game begins with a countdown and can be played with plastic cups, ping pong balls, and beer (though other beverages can also be used). Rage Cage is often compared to other drinking games such as Chandeliers and Slap Cup. It’s an exciting way to kick off the night or keep the energy going throughout the evening.

A rage cage is a popular pre-gaming activity that can excite any party. So gather your friends, set up some cups, and let the games begin!

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a popular drinking game that can be played with beer pong to spice things up. The game’s premise is simple: players take turns making statements beginning with “never have I ever,” and any player who has done the action must take a drink. This game offers an excellent opportunity for players to learn new things about each other and get in some good laughs.

You only need a group of people and drinks to play Never Have I Ever. Players sit in a circle and take turns making statements starting with “Never have I ever.” If anyone in the group has done the action mentioned, they must take a drink. This game can quickly lead to hilarious revelations and unexpected connections between players. Just make sure everyone’s drinking responsibly!

Incorporating games like Never Have I Ever into your beer pong tournament will create an even more engaging atmosphere for participants. This will keep partygoers entertained throughout the night and heighten competition levels as individuals work hard to outdo each other in these fun games!

Most Likely

One of the most manageable drinking game variations to play is Most Likely. The rules are simple: one player asks, “Who will most likely forget their keys?” Everyone points to the person they believe best fits the description. If you get the most votes, you take a drink.

Most Likely is an excellent icebreaker game that can be played at any party or gathering. It’s quick, easy, and requires no equipment or set setups variation is perfect for larger groups as it allows everyone to participate and interact with each other in a fun way while enjoying their favorite drinks.

Tips For Hosting A Successful Beer Pong Tournament

Set up the perfect playing area, keep the beer cold, have plenty of snacks on hand, and set up a tournament bracket to ensure a successful beer pong tournament.

Set Up The Perfect Playing Area

Setting up the perfect playing area ensures a successful game when hosting a beer pong tournament. It’s essential to have enough space for the players and spectators and a clean and level surface for the table. Could you also make sure to provide ample lighting so that players can see clearly?

Consider adding decorations or themed items such as neon lights or team flags to create an optimal playing environment. This can add some extra excitement and encourage friendly competition among players. Don’t forget to stock up on disposable cups, ping pong balls, and water cups for rinsing off balls between shots.

Keep The Beer Cold

Keeping the beer cold is one of the most important aspects of a successful beer pong tournament. Warm or room-temperature beer can ruin the game and affect its overall enjoyment. Please make sure that plenty of coolers or refrigerators are available for players to store their beers between games.

If you don’t have enough space to keep all your beers cold, consider setting up several smaller coolers around the playing area so everyone can easily access one nearby. Additionally, stock up on ice so it’s readily available for those who want their drinks chilled quickly. By keeping your beer cold, you’ll ensure your guests can enjoy a refreshing drink while competing in this classic drinking game.

Have Plenty Of Snacks On Hand

One of the most important aspects of hosting a successful beer pong tournament is having plenty of snacks. This keeps your guests happy and satisfied and helps to soak up some alcohol, preventing them from getting too drunk too quickly. It’s always a good idea to have a variety of snacks, such as chips, dips, and finger foods that are easy to grab and munch on between games.

In addition to typical party snacks, could you consider adding some fun and creative options that tie into the drinking game theme? For example, you could set up a DIY nacho or taco bar with all the trimmings for players to customize their plates during breaks in gameplay. Or serve up mini burgers or hot dogs as quick bites between rounds. Whatever you choose, ensure enough food so everyone stays fueled for an exciting night!

Set Up A Tournament Bracket

Setting up a tournament bracket is essential in hosting a successful beer pong tournament. It helps organize the games and adds to the event’s excitement. To set up a tournament bracket, you’ll need to determine how many teams will participate and how many games each team will play.

Once you have that information, you can create the bracket by drawing it on poster board or using an online bracket generator. Each team’s name should be listed alongside their opponents’ names on one side of the bracket. The winner of each match moves on to the next round until only one team is left standing as the champion. Remember to assign points for wins and losses so everyone stays engaged throughout the tournament!

Choosing The Best Beer For Beer Pong

Consider the type of beer you use for beer pong, from light lagers to hoppy IPAs, and keep it cold to maximize enjoyment with every throw. Check out our tips and recommendations for selecting the perfect beer in this section! Keep reading to learn more about spicing up your next party with exciting drinking games.

Types Of Beer To Consider

Several factors must be considered when selecting the right beer for beer pong. Light beers like Bud Light or Coors Light are popular due to their low alcohol content and easy drinkability.

However, some players prefer a higher alcohol percentage in their beer, which can add an extra challenge to the game. It’s also important to consider the taste of the beer since players will be drinking it throughout the game.

Another consideration when choosing a beer for beer pong is its carbonation level. Beers with high carbonation levels may cause more foam in the cups, making it more difficult for players to make successful shots. On the other hand, flat beers may not provide enough resistance for bouncing balls off of them accurately. Ultimately, finding a balance between taste and physical characteristics is vital when selecting the best beer for your next round of beer pong.

Tips For Selecting The Right Beer

When it comes to beer pong, choosing the right beer is crucial. The most popular beers for this game are light beers, which have a lower alcohol content and a milder taste. Beers like Bud Light or Coors Light are commonly used in beer pong games. Remember that too high alcohol content may affect your aim and ability to play.

It’s also important to consider the temperature of the beer. A cold beer is refreshing and helps balance any heat from spicy snacks. Try chilling your beers in a cooler with ice or refrigerating them until just before you start playing. Lastly, experiment with different beer brands to find one that tastes good while being easy to drink quickly during a game of beer pong!

Importance Of Beer Temperature

As a beer pong enthusiast, I have realized the importance of beer temperature in the game. Warm beers are not only unappealing but also affect the trajectory and accuracy of your throw. Cold beers help to maintain their carbonation and freshness, making them ideal for use in beer pong.

Furthermore, different types of beer require varying temperatures during gameplay. Lighter beers, like lagers and pilsners, need to be colder, while darker and heavier ones, like stouts, should be served at slightly warmer temperatures. I want you to know that it’s essential to take note of this when selecting your preferred brand or type of beer for your next game night.

Ensuring that your chosen beverage is chilled adequately will enhance the overall taste and add extra enjoyment to playing good beer pong with friends or family.

Drinking Game Etiquette And Safety Tips to Make Your Game Even More Fun

It’s important to remember to pace yourself, respect your opponents and fellow players, drink in moderation, stay hydrated, and avoid drinking and driving. Keep reading to find out more about how to have a safe and enjoyable experience while playing these exciting drinking games.

Pace Yourself

Pacing yourself is crucial when playing drinking games. Getting caught up in the excitement is easy, but it’s important to remember that drinking too much too quickly can lead to dangerous consequences. Remember to take breaks between rounds and sip your drinks slowly.

Another helpful tip for pacing yourself is to alternate alcoholic beverages with water or other non-alcoholic options. This will help you stay hydrated and prevent getting too drunk too fast. Additionally, make sure to eat plenty of food throughout the game or event, as this will also help slow down the effects of alcohol on your body. Remember, prioritize safety, and have fun responsibly!

Respect Your Opponents And Fellow Players

Respect is an essential aspect of any social activity, including drinking games. When playing beer pong or any other game involving alcohol, remember to treat your opponents and fellow players with respect. Remembering that these games are meant to be fun for everyone involved is essential.

Part of respecting your opponents and fellow players involves understanding their limits regarding drinking. Always make sure they’re comfortable with the amount of alcohol being consumed during the game, and avoid peer pressure tactics or forcing anyone to drink more than they can handle. Remember, winning a game shouldn’t come at the expense of someone else’s well-being. By respecting others’ boundaries, you’ll ensure that everyone has a good time throughout the event while maintaining safety standards set up by this article on Spice Up Your Beer Pong Game With These Top 10 Drinking Game Variations.

Drink In Moderation

As much as drinking games can excite any party or gathering, it is crucial to always drink in moderation. Remember that playing these games is not to get drunk but to have fun and socialize with friends. Make sure to pace yourself and know your limits.

It’s also essential to respect your opponents and fellow players. Avoid pressuring other players into drinking more than they are comfortable with. Drinking games should be a fun experience for everyone involved, so being mindful of others’ limits can prevent unnecessary discomfort or harmful situations arising from excessive alcohol consumption.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial when it comes to playing drinking games. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which can lead to headaches and feeling sick. Drinking water between rounds or even during beer pong or flip cup rounds is essential.

Aside from drinking plenty of water, players should also consider drinking sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade. These drinks contain electrolytes that help replenish the body’s fluids and provide much-needed energy. So, stock up on these beverages before your next party!

Avoid Drinking And Driving

As someone who loves playing beer pong and other drinking games, I know how important it is to prioritize safety while having fun. One of the biggest dangers associated with playing these games is the risk of drinking and driving. Having a designated driver or arranging for alternative transportation is essential if you plan on consuming alcohol.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving statistics, one person dies every 50 minutes in an alcohol-related crash in America. Don’t let yourself become another statistic by making the dangerous decision to drink and drive after playing these games. Instead, plan a safe ride home so everyone can enjoy themselves without incident or harm.

Remember: your health and well-being are more important than any game or party. Whether hosting a tournament or enjoying a few rounds of beer pong with friends, always prioritize responsible drinking practices, including avoiding driving under the influence at all costs.

Spice Up Your Next Party With These Exciting Drinking Games

If you’re tired of the same old beer pong game and want to add excitement to your party or gathering, try these top 10 drinking game variations. From Boom Cup/Slap Cup to Ironman, there’s a variation for everyone.

And if you feel like mixing things up even more, don’t remember fun games like Quarters and Kings Cup. Remember to drink responsibly and stay hydrated while enjoying these games with your friends. So grab your favorite brews and prepare to spice up your next party with these exciting drinking games!

FAQs on Beer Pong Games

What drinking game variations can be played while playing beer pong?

Some popular drinking game variations for beer pong include “Flip Cup,” “Power Hour,” “Kings Cup,” and “Never Have I Ever.” Each game adds fun to the traditional beer-pong rules by incorporating different challenges or activities.

Can you play these drinking game variations with non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, if desired, playing these drinking game variations with non-alcoholic beverages is possible. Many enjoy playing these games with water or other non-alcoholic options to still participate without consuming alcohol.

Do you think you should take any safety precautions when playing these games?

It’s essential always to practice responsible consumption and know your limits when participating in any drinking game. Also, please ensure everyone involved is on board and comfortable with the chosen activity before beginning.

How do you decide which variation to play during a beer pong match?

The variation played during a beer pong match can be decided by either the players themselves or predetermined before the start of the event. It’s often helpful to gauge what kind of mood everyone is in and choose a variation that will match their energy levels and preferences for added fun!

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