5 Beer Die Rules: How To Play Beer Die, Scoring And Rules

Are you ready for a game that combines skill, strategy, and, most importantly, good beer? Beer Die brings you exactly that. 

This popular drinking game has gained a cult following among college students and party-goers. But if you need to get more familiar with beer die rules, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

This post will explain everything you need to know about Beer Die: how to play, score, and rules to abide by. 

So grab your favorite brew, and let’s get started!

What Is Beer Die?

Beer Die is a popular drinking game played with four players, two on each team, that involves throwing a die across a table toward the opponents’ cups of beer. Beer Die aims to land the dice into an opponent’s cup to score points while avoiding fouls and penalties. Setting up the game requires a playing area and equipment such as cups, beer, and a single die.

Overview Of Beer Die

If you’re looking for a beer-fueled game with equal parts competition and camaraderie, then Beer Die is the perfect pastime. This beloved drinking game is fun and challenging, requiring precision throwing skills and strategizing with your teammates.

This blog post will give you a detailed rundown of everything you need to know about Beer Die – from the rules to scoring and game variations. So bring on the cold beers, grab some friends, and let’s get ready to roll sink!

Equipment Needed

You’ll need a few critical pieces of equipment for a game of beer dies. Firstly, you’ll need a die – preferably about 3 inches in size. You can use a regular six-sided die or “beer designed explicitly for the game.

Secondly, you’ll need four cups per team and some flat surfaces to play on. The game can be played indoors or outside, so ensure enough space.

Lastly, remember the most important part – the beer! Each player fills their cup with one beer at the start of the game and drinks it as they go along. An entire case of beer might come in handy if your group plays multiple games in a row.

With these simple items, you can start playing Beer Die!

Setting Up The Game

Setting up Beer Die is simple. You only need a sturdy table, four players, a die, and drinks. Choose a flat surface big enough for everyone to play on. You can use any dice, but it typically has six sides with numbers one through six.

To begin playing, divide into two teams of two players each and sit facing each other at opposite ends of the table. The first team throws the die over the set height to their opponent’s side of the table to start gameplay. Once both teams are ready, tosses alternate back and forth until someone scores or commits a foul according to official rules [official beer die rules].

Make sure you have plenty of drinks available, as Beer Die is often considered a drinking game. Players will frequently be sipping throughout the match either voluntarily or by penalty [beer die rules roll sink. Follow these easy tips for setting up your next round of Beer Die, which will keep things moving quickly while ensuring maximum enjoyment!

Beer Die Rules

Beer Die rules can be categorized into: 

1. Number Of Players

  • Varies, typically two teams of 2 players each
  • Larger groups can set up multiple tables
  • Beer consumption is mandatory for teams/individual players.
  • Always drink responsibly

2. Gameplay

  • Throw die over net/line, hit opponent’s table side
  • Objective: score points, make it difficult for opponents
  • It’s best to throw underhand; the die must hit the table before crossing.
  • One die per turn
  • Fouls and penalties enforced for rule-breaking

3. Scoring

  • Standard games: 11 points, quick matches: Buzz (7) points
  • Win by 2 points
  • Score a point by bouncing the die off the opponent’s side after reaching a height.
  • Issues separate from drinking rules
  • Two tosses per team per turn
  • Aim for corners to increase the odds.

4. Fouls And Penalties

  • Examples: throwing too hard/soft, touching the die before it hits the table, not bouncing the die off the surface before landing in the opponent’s half
  • Penalties depend on individual game preferences
  • Fouls may affect scoring
  • Breaking the rules may result in disqualification.

5. Re-racking Rules

  • Re-racking occurs when one team has one cup; opponents have four or more remaining.
  • Requesting team chooses a re-rack pattern (common: “diamonds”)
  • Crucial for winning a game of Beer Die

Variations Of Beer Die

Speed Die

Speed Die is a variation of Beer Die that requires fast and accurate tossing skills. This version eliminates the time delay between turns, and players must quickly grab the die and throw it at their opponents’ cups without hesitation. It’s an exciting way to ramp up the competition during gameplay.

In Speed Die, there’s no waiting for your turn to throw; you need quick reflexes and coordination to toss the die right away. Skilled players can use this format by aiming strategically at the opposing team’s cups while consistently landing throws accurately. It’s an excellent option for those who enjoy high-energy games with fast-paced action that will keep everyone on their toes!

Blind Die

Blind Die is a popular variation of Beer Die that adds excitement to the game. In this version, one team closes its eyes while the other throws the die, which means they cannot see where the dead will land or what number it will be on when it lands.

The closed-eyed team then has to guess which side of the die is facing up and whether it landed in or out of bounds. If they get either answer wrong, they must take a drink. Blind Die requires more skill and focus than regular beer dies due to its added challenge, making it a favorite among experienced players looking for an extra challenge.

One-Handed Die

One of the variations that can be introduced when playing beer die is the “One-Handed Die.” As its name suggests, this variation requires players to use only one hand when throwing and catching the die. This adds an extra challenge to the game since it limits players’ abilities to make two-handed catches.

All other traditional rules apply to play with a One-Handed Die except for using both hands. Players must focus on their grip and throw technique since only one hand is available. It’s essential to practice before engaging in a competitive game because it requires greater precision and control over your throws.

Incorporating One-Handed Die into your beer die games can make them more challenging and exciting. So, consider trying it the next time you’re ready for a new twist on this classic drinking game!

Scoring System In Beer Die

To score points in Beer Die, the die must land and stay inside the opponent’s cup on the opposite side of the table, with one punch awarded for each successful throw.

Understanding The Point System

In beer die, the point system is quite simple. Points are scored by throwing the dice above a specific height and bouncing it off any part of the opponent’s side of the table. The first team to make their opponents drop the die scores a point.

To win in standard matches, teams play up to 11 points, while quick games are played for up to 7 points (win by 2). It’s essential to understand that all tosses must be thrown underhand, and players must catch the die after it bounces off their opponent’s side of the table. Remembering these rules will help you better understand how points are scored and make your gameplay more successful.

How To Score Points

To score a point in Beer Die, the die must be tossed above an agreed-upon height and bounce off any part of the opponent’s side of the table. No points will be scored if the die bounces on your team’s side. Communication with your teammate is vital to ensure you are both on the same page regarding what counts as a legitimate point.

It’s important to note that scoring and drinking are separate in Beer Die, and no points can be scored if the die touches any cups on the table. The scoring system is simple – once you successfully sink the dice, one point is added to your team’s overall score. Standard matches go up to 11 points, while quick matches end at Buzz (7) points, with players needing to win by two points. As you play more games of Beer Die, you’ll get better at aiming for specific spots on your opponent’s side to rack up those crucial winning points!

Winning And Losing The Game

When it comes to winning in Beer Die, the game’s objective is simple: score more points than your opponent. The first team to reach either 9 or 11 points wins the game. However, it’s important to note that there are some specific rules regarding how a team can win.

To win a game of Beer Die, the final point must be scored with a legal throw. This means that you will only win if an illegal throw reaches nine (or eleven) points for your team before sinking a cup legally. Your opponents will still be able to come back and take the lead.

There are no real “losers” in this drinking game regarding losing in Beer Die! Even if you don’t end up on top at the end of a match, you’ll still enjoy plenty of beer and good company. So grab some friends and start playing! You might come out victorious!

Tips And Strategies For Winning Beer Die

To win at Beer Die, it’s essential to aim for the corners, practice your throwing technique, stay focused and hydrated, communicate with your teammates effectively, and remember to have fun while playing.

Aim For The Corners

One of the most common tips for winning when playing Beer Die is to aim for the corners, and this is because throwing the die toward the corners increases your chances of making diving saves and sinking your opponent’s cups. This technique requires some practice but can be very effective once you master it.

To aim for the corners, you must ensure that your throws are high enough and have enough distance to reach them. It also helps to pay attention to how your opponents defend their cups so that you can adjust your throws accordingly. By aiming for the corners consistently, you can gain an advantage over your opponents and increase your chances of winning in Beer Die.

Practice Throwing Technique

When winning at Beer Die, practicing your throwing technique is essential. This means honing your underhand throw and ensuring the die reaches an appropriate height of at least 10 feet. To perfect this technique, start by standing sideways with one foot in front of the other and holding the die correctly using two fingers.

Once you grip the die well, use a smooth arm motion and release the object with some spin. The goal is to ensure your throws are accurate, consistent, and not too hard or weak. Practice regularly with teammates to improve your coordination and take turns throwing from different angles.

Remember to stay hydrated during gameplay since dehydration can impact muscle functions such as accurately throwing. By mastering these techniques and staying committed to practicing regularly, you’ll be well on your way toward victory in a game of Beer Die!

Stay Focused And Hydrated

Staying focused and hydrated is vital for winning Beer Die. It’s easy to get distracted by the fun atmosphere and forget your game strategy, but maintaining concentration is critical. Keep your eyes on the die and be ready to make agile saves when necessary.

While drinking beer may seem like a given during this game, it’s also essential not to pay attention to intake. Dehydration can quickly ruin the good fun of Beer Die, leading to headaches or sluggish movements that could cost you points. Make sure to have water nearby and take sips between turns. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding in this competitive drinking game by staying alert and refreshed.

Communication With Teammates

In Beer Die, communication with your teammates is crucial, and you must work together effectively and quickly to catch the die and score points. A sound system of signals or verbal cues can help you coordinate your plays and improve your chances of winning.

When playing Beer Die, it’s essential to establish clear communication from the start. Decide on gestures or calls that signal when to throw or catch the die and any other tactics you may use. Practice these signals during warm-up rounds so everyone is on the same page before starting the game.

Drinking Rules In Beer Die

During the game, players must drink according to specific rules, such as Social, Chandelier, and Cascade. Want to know more about these drinking rules and how they add to the excitement of Beer Die? Keep reading!


In Beer Die, Social is a drinking rule that adds to the excitement of the game. When a team scores all four cups in one turn, the opponents must finish their beers before play resumes. If you or your partner sink all four cups in one turn, your opponents must chug their drinks and refill them before continuing. It’s an excellent opportunity for you and your teammates to get ahead while having fun.

Another part of Social is when a player commits three fouls in a row; they must remove an article of clothing. This rule keeps the game interesting as players try not to accumulate three consecutive fouls while remaining clothed. Foul practices include disrupting gameplay by distracting behavior, such as coming too close or talking loudly during opponent shots, grabbing dice out of bounds, or making intentional contact with opposing team members.

Overall playing Beer Die can be so much fun if everyone agrees on what rules will be used at any given time since it leaves room for adding some mix-ups now and then depending on different preferences and interests among those involved.


In Beer Die, the drinking rules are just as important as the gameplay. One drinking rule commonly used is the Chandelier. This rule requires all players to hang their empty cups upside down from a chandelier or any other suspended object above the table.

During gameplay, if a player sinks the die directly into an opponent’s cup, that player must drink and then attempt to flip the cup back onto the table from underneath where it hangs. If they fail to do so in one try, they must consume another beer before play continues. The Chandelier adds an extra level of difficulty and entertainment to this already exciting game.


Cascade is a popular drinking rule in beer die that triggers when one team sinks all four cups on the other side of the table. In Cascade, the losing team has to drink every remaining cup and then place them back on their side of the table filled with beer. The game continues as usual until someone wins or loses again, triggering another cascade.

Cascade can quickly turn a winning game into a losing one if not executed correctly. It’s important to pace yourself and know your limits before diving into drinking every cup at once. Additionally, communication with your partner is crucial during cascade as you’ll need to coordinate who drinks which cups and how much each person should drink to avoid getting too drunk too fast.

Final Take on Beer Die Rules 

Beer Die is a fun game that friends can enjoy over a few cold beers. With its simple rules and scoring system, it’s easy to pick up and play for anyone looking for some outdoor or indoor entertainment.

Playing responsibly is vital when drinking and playing, so always remember to stay hydrated while enjoying the game. So grab your friends, set up the equipment, and get ready to create unforgettable memories with Beer Die!

FAQs on Beer Die Rules

What is beer die, and how is it played?

Beer die is a popular drinking game played with four players standing on the corners of a rectangular table. The players take turns throwing a die, aiming to land it on their opponent’s side of the table without it bouncing or rolling off. If the throw is successful, the opponent must catch the die before it hits the ground. If they fail, they drink. The game is won by accumulating points, with additional rules for doubles and triples.

How do you keep score in beer die?

In beer die, scoring works on a point system where successful rolls are worth one point each. Points are awarded when either of two conditions is met: 1) if both dice hit your opponent’s side of the table without touching anything else, or 2) if only one die hits your opponent’s side of the table but lands face up (or shows an even number). The first team to reach eleven points wins the game.

Are there any specific rules for playing beer die?

Yes, several rules must be followed while playing beer die to ensure fair play and maintain sportsmanship among players. For example, suppose someone drops a catchable roll or interferes with their opponent’s throw. In that case, they’ve penalized a point; passes aren’t allowed between teammates across the mid-table line, so defenders can’t easily block throws, etc.

Is it safe to play beer die while consuming alcohol?

While drinking games such as Beer Die may bring about socializing opportunities & memories many consider unforgettable earlier years later life-on-the-line situations, we do not encourage underage nor excessive consumption, particularly impaired judgment leading towards dangerous risks(i.e., driving under the influence).

It ultimately depends upon individuals’ limits. Still, having a designated driver/safe transportation plan is always recommended after indulging in alcoholic beverages- no matter their fun, it could potentially entail harmful consequences otherwise.

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