100 shots of beer in 100 minutes – Taking you From being a Novice Drinker to Pro Player

We all know how hectic planning a party can be. From getting enough drinks, ensuring your guests don’t mess up, and ensuring everyone enjoys themselves, one can quickly get overwhelmed. 

However, if are looking to spice up your party, having the best beer-drinking games for your guests is essential. 

That is why games like 100 shots of beer are popular at most parties. But before you get excited, it is important to note that 100 shots of beer is not for the faint of heart and requires stamina, coordination, and a lot of beer.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the basics of the game to expert tips on how to pace yourself and stay hydrated. 

So grab your shot glasses and prepare for some serious fun (and maybe some chaos). 

100 Shots of Beer in 100 minutes – The Basics

The game requires drinking 100 shots of beer within a specific time frame, with players using shot glasses and a way to keep track of time. But before we delve into how to become a master at this game; 

How Much are 100 shots of beer? 

Taking 100 shors of beer equals about 84-118 fluid ounces of beer. This is equivalent to 3 liters of beer, given that one serving of beer is 12 ounces or 5.2-7.4 pints of beer. Generally, if you consume 100 shots, that would be equivalent to drinking about 14 pints or 10 to 12.5 standard servings of beer. 

How to Play 100 Shots of Beer?

The game’s name is a complete giveaway, but for those who have asked, 100 shots of beer objective is to drink 100 shots in 100 minutes. It’s a challenge that tests your endurance and ability to pace yourself while enjoying the company of friends. Winning the game requires physical and mental preparation and strategic thinking.

Rules And Regulations

As with any drinking game, it’s essential to establish rules and regulations before the game begins.

The objective for 100 Shots of Beer is to finish all 100 shots within a specified time frame without getting too drunk or sick.

Each player must have their own set of shot glasses and beers, and the players should assign a designated timekeeper to ensure that each shot is taken every minute.

Disclaimer: While this game can be fun, players must be responsible and monitor their drinking habits.

Game Requirements

You’ll need plenty of beer and shot glasses to play 100 Shots of Beer.

Each player should have their shot glass to ensure the game is fair. Bringing water to stay hydrated throughout the game is also a good idea. In addition to beer and shot glasses, having a fun party atmosphere with friends who are up for the challenge is essential. You’ll want enough people playing so there’s plenty of cheering and encouragement.

Establishing party rules ahead of time is crucial, such as no underage drinking or driving under the influence after the game ends. With all these requirements, you’re ready for an unforgettable night of competitive drinking!

How To Prepare The 100 Shots of Beer Drinking Game

To prepare for the game, gather eight beers per person, shot glasses, and a way to keep track of time.

Also, set up the game in an open space with enough room for everyone to move around freely; hydrate beforehand and eat food high in protein and carbs for energy during the game.

Gathering Supplies

Gathering supplies is crucial for the drinking game.

You’ll need shot glasses that can hold at least an ounce of liquid, a countdown timer (such as a phone app or kitchen timer), and, of course, beer.

You should have at least eight beers per person playing the game and go with a type of beer that most people are used to.

It’s important to note that while the requirements may seem simple enough, preparation is vital.

Ensure all shot glasses are clean and ready to go before starting the game. Additionally, if playing with multiple people, ensure enough supplies for everyone so no one is left out.

With proper preparation and gathering of supplies, you’ll be well on your way to conquering this challenging drinking game in no time!

Setting Up The Game

First, gather all the necessary supplies, including shot glasses, beer or cans, and a timer.

It’s essential to have enough space for everyone playing to sit comfortably with their own set of supplies. Next, decide on the location and ensure it is appropriate for a drinking game – avoid public places or areas where noise may be disruptive. 

Finally, designate someone in charge of timekeeping and ensure each shot is taken at precisely one-minute intervals.

Once you have all the materials, arrange the shot glasses and beers so everyone can easily reach them. It’s also helpful to label each shot glass with numbers from 1-100 so players can track how many shots they’ve taken and what number they are currently on during the game. Before starting the game, remind everyone about responsible drinking practices, such as having designated drivers or alternative ways home if needed during or after the event.

It’s important to note that those of legal drinking age should only play this game and always remember moderation is key when enjoying alcohol safely. Players should generally not drink too much since this can pose a health risk. 

With these tips for correctly setting up your 100 Shots of Beer Drinking Game, you’re ready for hours of fun with friends while staying safe!

Physical And Mental Preparation

Before playing the 100 Shots of Beer drinking game, physical and mental preparation is essential. Physically, players must be in good shape as the game requires them to take in a higher alcohol content than normal every minute for 100 minutes without taking breaks. Building endurance through sports training or regular workouts can help players withstand the challenge.

Mentally preparing for the game involves developing a winning mindset and strategy. Players should stay focused on their objectives while keeping track of time throughout the game. It’s also crucial to pace oneself properly so that there won’t be any sudden spikes in alcohol consumption leading to dangerous levels of intoxication. Players should also discuss and agree on responsible drinking limits before starting the game to prevent binge drinking or alcohol poisoning.

How to Win at 100 Shots of Beer?

Winning a hundred shots of beer requires the following: 

Pacing Yourself

  • Take breaks every 10 minutes
  • Drink water to stay hydrated
  • Limit yourself to one shot per match
  • Choose a beer with lower alcohol content
  • Play responsibly with moderation and limits in mind

Staying Hydrated

  • Drink water between shots
  • Opt for sports drinks with electrolytes (e.g., Gatorade)
  • Staying hydrated prevents dehydration, improves coordination, and reduces risks

Moderation and Safety

  • Don’t overdo it, especially if you have low alcohol tolerance
  • Be aware of your limits and watch out for others
  • Seek help from designated drivers or emergency services if needed

Choosing The Right Beer

Choosing the right beer can make a big difference in winning the 100 Shots of Beer drinking game. It’s essential to select a beer that you enjoy but is also easy to drink and doesn’t have an overpowering taste or high alcohol content. Some popular choices for this game include light beers like Bud Light or Coors Light.

If you prefer darker beers, choose manageable, which could make it challenging to keep up with the game’s pace. Ultimately, the key is finding a balance between taste and ease of consumption so you can focus on winning without feeling bogged down.

Second Disclaimer: Drinking responsibly means knowing your limits and not overdoing them – even if you’re trying to win a drinking game. So choose wisely and pace yourself accordingly!

Variations And Modifications Of The Game

The 100 Shots of Beer game has several variations and modifications, including Power Hour, Centurion, Flip Cup, Relay Race, and Partner.

Power Hour

Power Hour is a popular variant of the 100 Shots of Beer game.

The rules are simple; each player has to drink a shot (1.5 ounces) of beer every minute for an hour, adding up to 60 shots or roughly six cans of beer in an hour. This game can be played individually or as a challenge between two or more players.

Playing Power Hour requires not only drinking skills but also stamina and focus. It’s important to pace yourself throughout the game and stay hydrated by alternating water with alcohol consumption.

Choosing light beers with low alcohol content can also help you last longer in the game without feeling too intoxicated too quickly.


Centurion, also known as 100 Club or Century Club, is a popular variation of the 100 Shots of Beer game that involves drinking a shot of beer every minute for one hundred minutes.

The objective of Centurion is to complete all one hundred shots within the allocated time frame without getting too drunk or sick.

The Centurion game requires players to have good pacing and coordination and to stay hydrated throughout the game. It’s essential to choose a light beer with low alcohol content for this game, and as with any drinking activity, moderation and safety are crucial.

Many variations and modifications exist for Centurion, depending on individual preferences and skill levels.

Flip Cup Version

As one of the variations on 100 Shots Of Beer, the Flip Cup Version offers a fun and fast-paced twist to the classic game. In this version, players are divided into two teams and must race against each other to complete their cups by chugging beer and then flipping the cup onto its rim on the edge of the table before passing it off to allow their teammates to do the same.

To add an extra challenge for seasoned party-goers, some people use shot glasses instead of regular cups or even incorporate different types of alcohol besides beer. As with any drinking game, however, it’s important to remember that moderation is essential, and players should prioritize safety over winning.

By incorporating teamwork, coordination, and quick reflexes in a fun social setting, playing Flip Cup can be a great way to bond with friends and keep spirits high at parties.

Relay Race Version

In the Relay Race Version of 100 Shots of Beer, teams compete against each other to finish all of their beers before the other team. The game starts with each player having a full beer can or bottle in front of them.

When the game starts, one player from each team drinks their beer as quickly as possible and then passes it down to the next player until every team member has finished their beer.

The winning strategy for this version is to ensure that everyone is coordinating and communicating effectively so that everything runs smoothly in passing down beers.

It’s also essential for each team member to pace themselves and stay hydrated throughout the game. And if it does come down to a close call between two teams, having a referee present will ensure fair play and determine the winner.

Partner Version

The partner version of 100 Shots of Beer is a popular modification requiring two players to work together to complete the game.

The rules are simple: the partners drink alternating shots, and each person must consume 50 shots of beer within an hour and forty minutes. It’s a great way to share the experience with someone else while still enjoying the thrill and challenge of the game.

Playing with a partner also means you have someone to rely on during challenging moments. You can motivate each other when things get tough, coordinate your pace, and strategize your drinking patterns to achieve optimal results. Just remember to stay hydrated, take breaks as needed, and constantly monitor each other’s condition for responsible drinking.

Safety And Responsible Drinking

Hydration And Food Intake

  • Drink a glass of water between each shot to prevent dehydration
  • Avoid salty snacks, opt for healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables
  • Moderation and safety are key when playing 100 Shots of Beer

Monitoring Your Friends

  • Keep a watchful eye on friends’ alcohol intake and physical condition
  • Encourage open communication for anyone needing a break
  • Track shot count and watch for signs of alcohol poisoning
  • Offer water and encourage breaks if concerned about someone’s well-being

Designated Drivers And Alternatives To Drinking

  • Designate a sober driver or use a designated driver service
  • Provide nonalcoholic options like soda or water
  • Play alcohol-free games or party activities like karaoke or charades
  • Offer snacks to help absorb alcohol and prevent over-consumption
  • Prioritize taking care of friends when alcohol is involved

Tips To Have Fun And Play Safe

100 Shots of Beer is a challenging yet entertaining drinking game you can enjoy with friends or at parties. To fully enjoy the experience, following the game’s rules and regulations, gathering all necessary supplies, and adequately preparing yourself physically and mentally is essential.

Strategizing your pacing, staying hydrated, choosing the right beer, and having good coordination are vital ingredients for winning this game. Keep in mind the modifications of the game as well if you want to switch things up!

While participating in any drinking activity, it is crucial to prioritize safety and responsible consumption through moderation, hydration with water intake and food intake, and remember to monitor your friends while they play too!

With these tips in mind and some fun facts about beer culture sprinkled throughout our guide, we hope you have a fantastic time playing 100 Shots of Beer while still enjoying every moment responsibly!

FAQs on 100 Shots of Beer

What are 100 Shots of Beer?

100 Shots of Beer is a popular drinking game where players take turns drinking shots of beer until they reach the goal of 100 total shots. To play, participants fill shot glasses with a small amount of beer and take turns consuming them until the last shot is finished.

Is taking 100 beer shots dangerous to your health?

Playing drinking games can lead to various health risks, including alcohol poisoning, dehydration, or other long-term health complications. Players must understand their limits and drink responsibly while participating in such activities.

How can players prepare themselves before attempting to complete 100 shots of beer?

Players must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day leading up to the event. Moreover, they should consume nutrient-rich food not to upset their stomachs during gameplay.

Can this game be played with non-alcoholic beverages instead?

Players who don’t want to consume alcoholic drinks can use alternative options such as fruit juice or soda instead for an exciting experience without putting themselves at risk from excessive alcohol consumption.

How Many Calories Are in 100 Shots of Beer? 

There are approximately 6,000-7,000 calories in 100 shots of beer, depending on the alcohol content and the type of beer. 

How Much Alcohol Are 60 Shots Of Beer? 

The amount of alcohol in 60 shots of beer depends on the alcohol content of the beer. Assuming an average alcohol content of 5%, 60 shots of beer would contain approximately 300 grams of alcohol.

What Are the Risks of Drinking 100 Shots of Beer? 

The amount of alcohol in 60 shots of beer depends on the alcohol content of the beer. Assuming an average alcohol content of 5%, 60 shots of beer would contain approximately 300 grams of alcohol.

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