Savor The Flavor: Best Beer With Lobster Pairings

Wondering which beer to pair with freshly cooked lobster? Whether delicately dipping a homemade lobster roll or steaming up a classic seafood boil, pairing the right beer with your meal can make all the difference.

But with a plethora of best beers to pair perfectly with lobster, settling for your favorite beer to pair with a buttery lobster dish just won’t cut it. In fact, finding a beer that’s guaranteed to go well with lobster can be challenging even to beer aficionados.

Luckily for you, this blogpost offers overview of the best beer and seafood pairings including seasoned lobster paired with medium-bodied beer, lobster smothered in butter coupled to lighter beer, IPAs paired to freshly caught lobster steamed with lemon slices, and so forth.

Read on to discover what type of beer goes well with fresh lobster, which beer company offers brews that best enhance a lobster dinner, what beer to complement the taste and naturally sweet flavor of lobster, and other invaluable insights.

How To Pick The Best Beer With Lobster Pairings

Coming up with the perfect beer pairing to the sweet taste of lobster meat requires that you pick a brew that lets the sweet flavor of lobster shine through. As such, knowing how much hops, malt and carbonation a given beer contains is key to realizing an ideal balance of bitter and sweet flavors to favorably compliment a buttery lobster meal, especially lobster rolls

Whether you like your lobster steamed, boiled, or fried, prefer to make lobster tacos or, you want a beer that is bold and flavor-rich for an exemplary lobster experience. To ensure you serve the beer of choice to perfectly match with freshly caught lobster, we start off with the two main approaches to pairing lobster and beer,


The first avenue to finding your ideal beer to pair with lobster entails matching the two sources of flavor in your combo. As such, pairing beers with lobster for a flavorsome experience doesn’t always have to be about contrasting tastes and intensities. Many complementary pairings can work just as well—sometimes even better.

For example, the sweetness of lemony seafood is perfectly balanced by a light and hoppy pale ale in classic lobster roll recipes. The similar flavor profiles can harmonize deliciously while accentuating one another’s characteristics.

Same goes for saison-style beers, malt-driven with low bitterness that sit beautifully alongside rich salty bisque or steamed Lobster dishes. IPAs also bring out the sweet freshness of grilled lobster tails perfectly due to their medium-high bitterness level that blends well with charred crustacean meats.


Contrasting pairings involve combining beers with radically different profiles from those found in the food itself. In this approach, your ideal beer choice with lobster is a brew with distinctly bold taste and flavor.

The sweetness of a light beer, for example, can be used to cut through buttery richness or deep umami notes in a lobster dish while adding complexity instead of overpowering or disappearing into the overall dish.

Some good examples of these types of recipes include pairing an amber ale or dark lager with a rich lobster bisque, contrasting wheat-based Belgian witbiers with buttered lobster rolls, and sweet hefeweizens working perfectly alongside boiled lobsters sprinkled with lemon juice.

Top Beer And Lobster Pairings

Complementary and contrasting flavors, textures, and aromas make beer and lobster an ideal pair. Experience these amazing flavor combinations by trying some of the recommended beers, from Pale Ales to Belgian Tripel.

Pale Ales And Lobster Rolls

Pale Ales is a great choice for pairing beer with lobster rolls. The slightly sweet, malty flavor pairs perfectly with the natural sweetness of the lobster meat, bringing out its delicate flavor.

Pale ales are also known for their malt backbone and light hop notes, which provide layers of contrasting flavors to blend in harmony with the sweet buttery taste of the lobster roll.

Recommended choices for Pale ales that pair nicely with this classic New England sandwich include:

  • Liam’s Liver Kicker from Sea Dog Brewing Company 
  • Finestkind IPA from Smuttynose Brewery

Bold and Hoppy Brew

In Stock

Smuttynose Finestkind IPA

  • Smuttynose Finestkind IPA is a bold and flavorful beer with a strong hop presence.
  • Its unique blend of hops gives it a distinct taste that sets it apart from other IPAs.
  • If you’re a fan of hoppy beers, Smuttynose Finestkind IPA is definitely worth trying.
  • Munich Dunkel Lager by Paulaner Brauerei Schwarze Katz
  • 473ml cans Trooper ESB (Extra Special Bitter) from Robinsons Brewery LLP\England

The Beer that Rocks

In Stock

Iron Maiden Trooper

  • Unique, British-style ale with a hint of citrus.
  • Created by British rock band Iron Maiden in collaboration with Robinsons Brewery.
  • Smooth and easy to drink with a 4.7% ABV.

Saison And Lobster Bisque

Exquisite Barrel-aged Ale

In Stock

Firestone Walker Under Currants

  • Unique blend of beer and wine flavors.
  • Aged in oak barrels with black currants.
  • Perfect balance of tartness and sweetness.

Saison beer is a perfect complement to lobster bisque due to its unique flavor profile. The carbonation and notes of spice in a Saison provide the perfect balance to the creamy, savory flavors of the soup, while its fruit-forward malt character adds complexity and freshness.

Popular brands such as Firestone Walker Terroir Wild Ale or Allagash White make wonderful accompaniments to this seafood delicacy. For those looking for something more full-bodied and funky, try Funkwerks Saison or De Ranke XX Bitter.

A good saison adds nuance and depth when served alongside classic lobster bisque, including Cognac or sherry, for added richness.

IPA And Grilled Lobster

Balanced and Refreshing

In Stock

Lagunitas IPA

  • Refreshing and hoppy taste
  • Perfectly balanced bitterness
  • Floral and citrus aroma

IPA beers are a natural pairing for grilled lobster due to the hoppy bitterness of IPAs cutting through the richness of the crustacean. The caramel and citrus notes, typical to IPA, also perfectly complement the smoky flavor that lobster takes on when cooked over an open flame.

Sam Adams, Dogfish Head and Lagunitas IPAs all make excellent pairings for grilled lobster. Their bold hop aroma lifts up the sweet and briny flavors of this delicious seafood dish.

Blonde Ales

Perfect Balance of Citrus and Spice

In Stock

Samuel Adams Seasonal Summer Ale Beer

  • Light and refreshing taste perfect for summertime drinking
  • Infused with citrus notes for a bright, zesty flavor
  • Balanced blend of malted wheat and lemon peel for a crisp finish

Blonde ales are a great option for those looking to pair beer with lobster. Due to their light-bodied and subtle flavor profiles, blonde ales won’t overpower the delicate taste of seafood like lobster.

The limited bitterness allows them to complement mild dishes such as lobster rolls or grilled lobster, while contrasting enough with heavier dishes such as Lobster Mac and Cheese or Lobster Bisque.

This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for a refreshing summer beer that is full-flavored but not too overpowering. For example, Samuel Adams Summer Ale is perfect for those looking for an easy drinking but flavorful pairing with their favorite lobster dish.


Refreshing and Flavorful

In Stock

Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Craft Beer

  • Refreshing and citrusy flavor profile.
  • Perfect for summer drinking.
  • Great with orange slice garnish.
  • Smooth and easy to drink.
  • Goes well with a variety of foods.
  • Widely available in most stores and bars.

Witbier is a Belgian wheat beer style brewed with malt and spices such as coriander, orange peel, and other ingredients. Its light body makes it an ideal beer for the warm summer months that many of us enjoy here in America.

Witbier is popularly known for its high carbonation levels, mild alcohol content (ABV), and citrusy flavor profile. The addition of oranges further amplifies the hop bitterness while adding a subtle sweetness.

It also has spicy notes from its yeast-derived phenols, which provide balance to both the lingering bitter hops and sweet maltiness, making it perfect to pair with lobster dishes, especially those featuring creamy sauces or butter-based preparations like lobster Mac & Cheese or Lobster Rolls! This versatile beer pairs well with salads, sushi, smoked foods, and lighter fish dishes.

Samule Adams

Samuel Adams beer is renowned for its versatility, making it a great companion to many seafood dishes. Regarding lobster specifically, Sam Adams’ Summer Ale and Porch Rocker have unique flavor profiles that pair perfectly with the sweet and buttery taste of Maine Lobster rolls or steamed lobster.

Sam Adams’ Summer Ale has a citrusy taste with an inviting floral aroma that contrasts well against the sweetness of the lobster meat. The light-bodied ale also finishes dry on the palate, creating a refreshing aftertaste that complements but doesn’t overpower any additional seasoning you add to your dish.


Pilsners are a great beer of choice for pairing with lobster. They offer an unmistakable clean, refreshing taste that complements the natural sweetness and tenderness of the seafood.

Their herbal and floral undertones make them stand out from other beers, giving them added complexity that perfectly balances the flavors in any lobster dish or roll.

For example, Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s popular Pivo Pils offers an assertive hop character boasting notes such as hops, spice, and crisp maltiness to round out your lobster cuisine experience.

In addition to providing flavor complexity, pilsners have a light body that makes them easy to sip into heavier dishes such as grilled lobster entrées or rich New England clam chowder.

This means they won’t overpower the delicate aromas of herbs like rosemary or basil often used in these dishes, instead adding subtle complementary nuances that enhance each ingredient.

Springdale Pearly White Ale

Delightful Citrusy and Spicy Notes

In Stock

Springdale Pearly White Ale

  • Refreshing and crisp taste
  • Brewed with coriander and orange peel for added complexity
  • Perfect for warm weather and outdoor gatherings.

The Springdale Beer Company’s Pearly White Ale is a medium-bodied wheat beer, great for summer drinking. It has a light, fruity flavor with hints of tart citrus, honey, and earthiness. 

Its golden color and clean finish are perfect for pairing with seafood dishes like lobster rolls or grilled lobsters. 

The ale has just the right amount of carbonation to be refreshing without being overly strong. Plus, the notes of grapefruit enhance the sweet flavors in lobster, making this an excellent pair.

Belgian Tripel And Lobster Tail

Sophisticated and Flavorful

In Stock

Allagash Tripel

  • Belgian-style tripel with complex yet balanced flavors
  • Notes of fruit, spice, and a hint of sweetness
  • Smooth finish with a slightly dry aftertaste

Belgian Tripel, with its light and sweet malts, fruity esters, and Dutch elements of spiciness, is a great beer pairing for lobster tail. This style of beer creates an ideal combination that enhances the natural sweetness of the lobster.

The orange-citrusy taste of the Belgian Tripel also offers a nice contrast to the soft texture and mild richness from the butter used in cooking lobster tails. With such flavor complexity on both sides, you’ll be able to taste something new every time.

A thoughtful suggestion for this classic combination would be a tripel brewed using traditional botanicals (the herbs used in Belgian beers) like coriander or chamomile, which adds even more interesting notes to its already complex nose.

Stout And Lobster Mac And Cheese

Iconic and Historic Taste

In Stock

Guinness Stout

  • Rich, velvety texture
  • Unique flavor profile
  • Pairs well with hearty dishes
  • Low ABV (alcohol by volume)

Stout is an ideal beer to pair with lobster mac and cheese. The unique flavors of this style bring out the best in the rich, creamy dish. A stout has bold roasted malt flavors that offer a subtle sweetness opposed by subtle bitter undertones, making it perfectly suited for complementing heavy dishes like mac and cheese.

When pairing stouts with lobster mac and cheese, look for dark and smoky notes such as burnt caramel, coffee, or dark chocolate, as these subtly accentuate the flavor of lobster.

Beers like flander lambics will provide tart juicy depth, while porters are smooth enough to let the creamy texture of a well-made recipe shine through.

Tips For Pairing Beer And Lobster

When considering beer and lobster pairings, think about the intensity and flavors of each to create a perfect union.

Match Intensity And Flavors

Consider the intensity of each ingredient in order to highlight and balance their flavors. Matching similar intensities creates a complementing effect while contrasting intensities lead to a more intense flavor experience.

Pale Ales are perfect for lighter dishes like Lobster Rolls due to their light profiles, whereas heavier styles such as IPAs can pair well with grilled lobster with smokier overtones.

Wheat Beers, especially Hefeweizen, also offer complementary flavors as they provide slightly sweeter notes and a creamy texture that works nicely with many types of seafood, including fresh Maine lobsters.

Saison is another great option, but only if the dish has enough flavor depth, such as Lobster Bisque or Lobster Mac & Cheese, where its spiciness will enhance those bolder palettes on your plate.

For something different, try a Belgian Tripel, which combines sweet fruitiness, spicy aromas, and peppery yeast character that pairs perfectly with lightly cooked lobster tails when dipped in melted butter sauce or served cold with lemon juice sprinkled on top.

Experiment With Different Styles

Pairing beer and lobster has become an art form. Depending on the type of dish, different beer styles can provide unique flavors to pair perfectly with the Lobster and provide a whole new flavor experience.

When pairing different beers with your favorite lobster dishes, it is important to experiment with different styles to get the most out of your dining experience.

Here are some examples: 

  • Pale Ale pairs great with Lobster Rolls
  • Saisons will bring out the creaminess in Lobster Bisque
  • IPAs go best when grilling your own lobster.

Blonde Ales or Witbiers are perfect for complementing classic steamed or boiled recipes, while Pilsner and Springdale’s Pearly White Ale offer a clean balance that pairs wonderfully even with spicier meal options like Cajun-style lobsters or spicy bisques.

Consider The Cooking Method Of The Lobster

When pairing beer with lobster, the method of preparation plays a key role. Different cooking methods, such as boiling, grilling, and baking, can bring out different flavor profiles and textures of meat, making certain beers pair better than others.

For example, boiled or steamed lobster tastes lighter in comparison to grilled or baked lobster which tends to have more intense flavors. Pairing with pale ales works best for boiled/steamed lobsters due to its light sweetness that will not overpower the delicate seafood.

On the other hand, flavorful IPAs like citrus-based styles will best complement grilled or roasted lobster thighs owing to their bolder taste and crisp texture. Seafood bisques are generally seasoned lightly and go well with wheat beers like hefeweizens, providing a sweet balance to any spicy ingredients used during cooking.


A great pairing is important, no matter the occasion, beer, and seafood. From crisp pale ales to hoppy pilsners, there are an array of flavors, aromas, and textures to consider when choosing the perfect beer for that juicy lobster dish.

A Witbier or Sam Adams will complement a lobster roll, while Belgian Tripel pairs well with steamed or boiled tail meat. If you’re looking for contrast in flavor or texture, try IPAs with grilled lobster, as it can bring out different layers of flavor from the sweet flesh of the crustacean.

FAQs on The Best Beer With Lobster Pairings

1. What type of beer pairs best with lobster?

A light wheat beer, such as a Witbier or Hefeweizen, is the clear winner when paired with lobster. Their fruity notes and subtle spice pair nicely with the delicate sweetness of lobster meat, while their refreshing carbonation helps to cleanse the palate after each bite.

2. Is there a certain craft beer I should look out for when searching for the perfect match?

Unibroue Éphémère Cranberry is often heralded as being one of the best beers to complement any seafood dish, especially those featuring sweet crustaceans like lobsters. Its tart cranberry notes play off nicely against creamy and buttery dishes, providing wonderful contrast in flavors that really brings things alive on your taste buds.

3. Are there other alcoholic beverages besides beer that pair well with lobster?

Champagne can be an excellent accompaniment to high-end seafood dinners since its effervescence will help break down heavy sauces without overbearing on more gentle elements like herbs sprinkled upon dishes like garlic butter-infused side dishes and freshly-cracked garlic lobster claws.

4. What types of food go great with paired beer/wine?

A variety of foods work wonderfully in tandem with specific brews or vintages. Some examples include fruit salads, appetizers, and heartier dishes like Clams, Casino Soups, Cioppino, or Lobster Mac and Cheese. 
Seafood dishes such as Calamari fries, skillet mussels, and bacon-wrapped scallops can also be great choices. 
For those who prefer vegetarian options, dishes like Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Stir Fry or Truffle Tofu Asparagus can also make for a delicious pairing. Of course, it’s important to remember that personal preference plays a larger role in determining the best pairing.

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