Best Beer with Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are the classic dish many worldwide enjoy, yet often forgotten in the sea of stellar surf and turf pairings. It’s time to put Fish and Chips front and center with perfect beer pairings that will make your fishy friend shine.

Whether you like a light, crisp lager or an IPA loaded with hops, there’s a style of beer that goes well with every variation of this popular dish.

Best Lager Options For Fish And Chips

When pairing lagers with fish and chips, reliable classics like Samuel Adams Boston Lager Beer, Pilsner Urquell Beer, Victory Brewing’s Prima Pils, or Harp Lager are great options that provide a light yet flavorful accompaniment.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager Beer

Samuel Adams Boston Lager is an iconic beer that helped lead the American craft beer movement. This easy-to-drink style lager balances its malty banana bread notes with citrusy hops for a unique flavor profile that pairs wonderfully with hearty fish and chips.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager was selected as “Best Beer In America” at the Great American Beer Festival four times in a row, a testament to its great taste and quality ingredients. (source)

Pilsner Urquell Beer

Pilsner Urquell is a lager-style beer that has withstood the test of time and continues to be popular even today. The pale golden color and hoppy flavor profile make it an ideal choice for pairing with fish and chips.

This iconic pilsner is originally from the Czech Republic and was famously released in 1842, introducing the world to its modern pale golden lagers. With a light body and low alcohol content (4.2%), Pilsner Urquell gained worldwide popularity as an all-day beer without sacrificing taste or quality.

The slight bitterness of this classic craft hop pairs beautifully with the robust flavors of fried fish due to its mild hoppiness, which compliments rather than overpowering potato formality found in traditional batters used for making fish & chips.

Its malty sweet aftertaste creates perfect balance by adding depth to your meal, yet not detracting from other subtle flavors often unique to each dish.

Victory Brewing Prima Pils

Victory Brewing Prima Pils is a crisp and distinct Pilsner brewed with German hops for vivid floral notes, spice, and lemon. At the heart of Prima Pils lies pilsner malt, supported by boatloads of noble Hallertau, Tettnang, Saaz, and Spalt hops.

This OG craft beer may be overlooked in many states due to its high production output, but it shouldn’t be dissed because of that!

This is a great unique lager from Victory Brewing.

Harp Lager

Harp Lager is a delicious beer option for pairing with fish and chips. This European pale lager-style brew has low alcoholic content, making it the perfect light companion to accompanying fried foods.

Its mild flavor profile of fresh grain notes and sweet floral hops make it well suited to compliment the salty flavors of traditional fish and chips frying batter. The highly carbonated bubbles create a crispy texture while helping cleanse the palate between bites.

Additionally, its smooth golden color makes a great visual contrast to dishes featuring white-fleshed fish like cod or haddock. Harp Lager is an ideal beer pairing option when enjoying fried food such as fish and chips.

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Lager is a classic amber lager created by the Brooklyn Brewery in 1988. Its distinctive taste comes from combining toffee, toast, and caramel flavors with dry-hopped aromas of grapefruit, flowers, and pine.

It has become one of the best-loved beer brands worldwide, and its popularity continues to soar thanks to its unique flavor profile that can be paired perfectly with fish and chips.

The malt is carefully roasted and then mashed with five hop varieties, including Hallertau Mittelfruh, which produces an intensely herbaceous aroma, and spicy American Centennial Hops for a perfect balance between sweet malts and hop bitterness.

Best Pale Ale Pairings For Fish And Chips

The best pale ale for fish and chips has to include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Christmas Ale, Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Goose Island IPA, and Stone Brewing Buenaveza salt and lime lager.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Made with Cascade hops, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a hop-heavy pale ale brewed by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co with an ABV of 5.6%.

The use of bright, citrusy Cascade hops gives Sierra Nevada Pale Ale its signature flavor profile that pairs beautifully with the light batter and crispy texture of fried foods like fish and chips.

Additionally, due to its moderate alcohol content, this pale ale won’t overpower food flavors but rather complement them nicely in terms of taste and carbonation levels.

Anchor Christmas Ale

Anchor’s Christmas Ale is one of the best holiday beers that make a great pairing for fish and chips. ThAnchor’sned beer has been brewed since 1975 with unique ingredients each year, including one in particular renamed “Our Special Ale” or (form”rly) known as “your Special Ale.

It boasts” traditional flavors such as caramel, spices, cinnamon, and toffee-chocolate notes. Its limited edition makes it perfect for festive occasions like Christmas, yet solid enough to be enjoyed all year round.

Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale

This American Pale Ale brewing in Bend, OR by Deschutes Brewery has won the admiration of fans of craft beer around the world. With a score of 87 and 3,988 ratings and reviews, this balanced pale ale is ideal for tucking into fish & chips or burgers – its malt and hop balance perfectly complements the flavors of beef ideally.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale boasts an inviting aroma that is clean on the nose but with sweeter, softer hops than their Inversion IPA for incredibly flavorful results.

Goose Island IPA

Goose Island’s IPA is a popular craft beer choice and offers a great pairing to fish and chip. The crisp citrus character of its hops makes it great for balancing out some of the more intense flavors from fried seafood, particularly with fish tacos.

Additionally, this IPA is malt-forward enough not to overpower the dish, making it pleasant to drink regardless of how much batter or seasoning has been added to your favorite recipe.

Stone Brewing Buenaveza Salt And Lime Lager

The Stone Brewing Buenaveza Salt and Lime Larger is a Mexican-style lager that packs an unexpected flavor punch, with the perfect measure of lime and sea salt to add to its crisp feel. It complements fried and battered fish dishes like traditional fish and chips, offering a refreshing contrast to the savory flavors of the world.

With its light malt bill and juicy American hops, this beer is even better enjoyed on sandy shores or other coastal locations. Noteworthy of stone brewing’s beer selection, brewing’s available in California at present, but for those who can access it – you’re missing out if you’re this pairing optdon’tIf not accessible,

Stone Brewing also offers other varieties, such as their Tangerine Express Hazy IPA, which also pairs nicely with seafood.

Best Wheat Beer Pairings With Fish And Chips

These include Allagash White, Hoegaarden White, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alkoholferi, Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Craft, and Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen.

Allagash White

It is a popular wheat beer that is beloved for its combination of spices, citrus flavors, and smooth texture – perfect for pairing with the classic British dish of fish and chips! Brewed with oats, red and white wheat, coriander, and Curaçao orange peel, this Belgian-style witbier has a pale straw color.

This flavorful mixture produces the alluring balance between subtle spiciness and zesty Citrus notes that make Allagash White so sought after. Its light carbonation helps enhance the fried fish’s crispness while also providing some sweetness.

Hoegaarden White

Hoegaarden White is a delicious Belgian witbier made with a wheat-heavy mash bill and flavoring additions like coriander and orange peel. It’s perfect for beer loveIt’sooking for an easy, crafty brew with fish and chips.

The beer has a relatively light body compared to other ales, giving it crispness without overpowering the flavors of your fish. It also tends to be low in alcohol content, allowing you to enjoy several pours during your meal without getting overindulgent too quickly.

Combining ingredients creates a flavor profile that pairs perfectly with fried food worldwide – especially seafood dishes like fish and chips.

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alkoholferi

It is a perfect beer to pair with fish and chips. Brewed in 1040 in Germany, this low-alcohol beer has an ABV of only 0.5%. Its clean, golden yellow It’sr hints at the wheat character and floral aromas that make it unique.

Its sweet malt notes and subtle bubble foam are lightly hopped and blend nicely with the contrasts between crisp batter and mild whitefish like cod or haddock. Its light alcoholic content also makes it an excellent choice for pairing with savory seafood dishes, as it won’t overpower its flavors.

Additionally, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier pairs well with other fried food favorites such as onion rings and french fries, aiding in their convergence of contrasting textures – crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside.

Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Craft

Blue Moon Belgian White is a unique beer crafted with orange peel and coriander, adding subtle sweetness and a bright, citrus aroma. It pairs perfectly with fish & chips as it rounds out the richness of fried foods while providing an unexpected flavor dimension.

For example, Salmon fish & chips are particularly well suited to this type of craft beer pairing due to their distinctive flavor complementing the ground orange peel in Blue Moon’s wheat ale which helMoon through some fattiness from this popular dish.

A great way to experiment and find your perfect match for yourself or when entertaining guests are using a Beer style guide or beer-food pairing chart, readily available online.

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen is a fantastic choice for pairing with fish and chips. It is beloved for its crisp taste of phenol, ester, wheat malt, cloves, or apples – making it the perfect accompaniment to this classic dish.

Popular Pilsner Options For Fish And Chips:

Pilsner beers are an excellent choice for fish and chips, as they offer a light and crisp flavor that pairs perfectly with this classic dish’s salty, fried flavors.

Czechvar Premium Lager

Czechvar Premium Lager is a popular pilsner beer style from the Czech Republic. It has a clean, crisp taste pairs perfectly with the classic fish and chips dish.

Unlike other beers with heavily carbonated bubbles, Czechvar is fermented slowly at low temperatures over an extended period to bring forth this cleaner-tasting profile.

This process yields plenty of delicious malt aromas while keeping bitterness balanced throughout each sip. Its alcohol content of 5% ABV stands front and center on the tongue, giving an enjoyable presence without overwhelming the experience.

Enjoying Czechvar Premium Lager with traditional fish and chips or any crispy fried food will transport you back to beautiful Prague, where it originated – even if only preventatively!

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel is a dark bronze beer with 6.0% alcohol content, offering an enjoyable full-bodied flavor and balanced sweetness. Its pronounced roasted malt aroma hints at caramel notes, while the smooth body gives off subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones.

This classic German lager pairs perfectly with fish and chips due to its delicate balance between coffee-like bitterness and smoothness, which cuts through the fattiness of fried foods perfectly.

Radeberger Pilsner

Radeberger Pilsner is a refreshing, award-winning beer brewed in Radeberg, Saxony, Germany. It has a balanced and crisp taste profile with notes of grassy and hoppy flavors that perfectly match fish and chips.

This pilsner uses soft water from its well along with the choicest ingredients to give it complexity in flavor.

Not just any other German lager or ale would do – Radeberger Pilsner is associated with popular options for fish and chips due to its characteristics, such as low fermentation beers with well-structured flavoring pair nicely, making it suitable for pairing with lighter foods like chicken or even marbled meat as more complex flavors need heavier accompaniment.

Lagunitas IPA

As one of the most popular craft beers available, Lagunitas IPA is often cited as an excellent pairing with fish and chips. Its bold hops flavor perfectly balances the light crunch of fried, battered fish.

This beer has a caramel-hued color and contains a blend of six specialty malts contributing to its robust flavor profile. Adding citrusy Cascade hops melds flavors with just enough bitterness to compliment tangy tartar sauce or acidic malt vinegar without overwhelming the meal.

As an English-style India Pale Ale (IPA), this brew offers just the right level of carbonation for cutting through greasy dishes like those involving fries or onion rings.

But it’s not just about bold flavors; this beer strikes a delicate balance between hoppy bitterness, sweet malty notes, and acidic elements like lemongrass – providing versatile pairings for different spices in your batter mix and any whitefish, you may be frying up for dinner.

Lagunitas IPA is one of my favorite beer choices for a fish and chips night!

Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner

Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner is a light and crisp flavor with citrus and hop notes, which makes it the perfect pairing for fries and fish.

The pilsner’s smooth body won’t overpower the meal.

This brew contains lager yeast, imported noble hops, malt flavors sourced from Germany, and barley malt flavor in higher doses compared to other Bavarian styles of pilsners—all ingredients adding more complexity to their beverage than your average lagers out there in the market today.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Beer For Your Fish And Chips:

When pairing beer with fish and chips, it’s essential to consider the type of fish used, the batter or seasoning added, and your taste preferences to create the perfect combination.

Consider The Type Of Fish Used

When selecting the right beer to pair with fish and chips, it is essential to consider the type of fish used. Different types of beer can enhance and compromise the flavors and textures of different varieties of fish.

For instance, cod, skate, or haddock are typically bland, so a light golden ale or low-alcohol lager craft beer would best accentuate their delicate flavors. A pale ale works well, too, because it increases the complexity delivered from salt and pepper and malt vinegar seasoning without overwhelming them.

On the other hand, darker oily fish such as salmon require stronger molecular bonds between molecules present in stouts or porters that can provide more fullness in the mouthfeel than lighter-colored beers.

Here alcohol content plays a vital role by providing additional sweetness while intensifying flavor notes on the tongue, resulting in a cleaner finish than higher-alcohol versions.

Take Into Account The Batter And Seasoning

When it comes to pairing the perfect beer with fish and chips, the batter and the seasoning used can have a significant impact on what you choose. For example, if a heavier or thicker batter is used for your fish and chips, this may pair better with a dark craft beer such as an IPA or stout.

These beers’ additional malty flavors can match nicely with crunchier batters.

Alternatively, if you plan on adding more salt into the mix, that pairs exceptionally well with crisp Czech-style Pislers and German wheat beers like Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alkoholferi.

Factor In Personal Taste Preferences

One of the critical elements when choosing the perfect beer to pair with fish and chips is considering personal taste preferences. While some may prefer a pale ale or a light lager, others might enjoy something heavier such as an IPA or a stout.

It’s also essential to notIt’sat different types of beer can complement different fish and batter combinations better than others.

For instance, if you prepare fried cod with crispy beer-battered coating, then a hoppy IPA will go perfectly with it – its bitterness will balance the bitterness from malt in the beer batter nicely, adding more flavor.

On the other hand, if your dish calls for smoked haddock fillet served with thick organic malt vinegar tartar sauce — then opting for something lighter such as wheat beer, would be ideal since its sweetness would contrast nicely against all those rich flavors in addition to providing good carbonation which helps cut through all that fat already present in this dish anyways.

Experimenting with different pairings is imperative to find that perfect match that elevates whatever classic English staple dish you have, making it shine above all else!

Experiment With Different Pairings To Find The Perfect Match

Finding the perfect pairing between beer and fish can be rewarding but challenging.

For instance, a pale ale would be a good option if you prefer something light and crisp to pair with fried food like cod or haddock. Try an American wheat beer or lagers like Sam Adams Boston Lager Beer or Hoegaarden White to add some flavor complexity.

On the other hand, varieties such as Pilsner Urquell Beer go well with smoked fish dishes, while IPAs provide more intense hop flavors, which pair nicely with battered onion rings.

What are the best beers to pair with fish and chips?

The best beer styles to pair with fish and chips depend on personal preference, but some popular choices include lagers, wheat ales, and pale ales. Additionally, many people enjoy IPAs, amber ales, or porters!

 How does beer enhance the flavors of a classic fish and chip dish?

Beer has a unique ability to bring out hidden notes in food like fish and chips, which amplifies their flavor profile through its sweetness, balancing out saltiness from fried components & bitter tones created by malt used in the production process.

This creates an overall complex palette fan can experience when pairing each part together properly, enhancing the resulting meal tremendously.

Do lighter or darker beers work better for a classic fish & chip dinner?

For those looking for more of a light, refreshing taste – more golden lagers will be the most complementary option since they have sweeter undertones coupled with prominent floral/fruity aromas that don’t overpower natural elements already present while still accentuating them correctly darkening brews although they offer up richer body tend to overpower other pieces making too strong so not ideal go-to selection this particular cuisine

Final Thoughts on Pairing Beer with Fish and Chips

Fish and chips enhanced with the perfect beer pairing is a classic combination for traditional and modern foodies. With so many options on offer, it cannot be easy to know which one will best complement the flavors of your fish and chips dish.


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