Best Beer With Crawfish: Top Recommendations to Try

Whether you’re from St. Simons Island or another US coastal town, a Crawfish boil is the epitome Cajun dish shared by friends and family.  And what better way to enhance this popular seafood fare’s rich and diverse flavors than pairing this Cajun dish with an equally exceptional beer?

In this blog post, we’re serving a guide to the best urban beers for pairing with your food when enjoying your next batch of boiled crawfish. The insights in this guide will ensure you don’t get hung up on the best pairing of food and drink at the upcoming seafood festival.

Best Beer With Crawfish

Some of your best options when pairing a beer with a crawfish boil, include Abita Purple Haze, Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Live Oak Hefeweizen, Saint Arnold Santo, Lagunitas IPA, Urban Chestnut Zwickel Lager, and NOLA 7th Street Wheat.

Abita Purple Haze

Abita Purple Haze
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Abita Purple Haze, one of the best urban chestnut beers to drink for many crawfish lovers, pairs perfectly with the spicy flavors of this classic Cajun dish. The undisputed flagship beer of Louisiana-based Abita Brewing Company, Purple Haze brand has garnered recognition and praise for its unique fruity taste, the inevitable outcome of crafting pilsner and wheat malts with real raspberries during post-fermentation.

Alongside Purple Haze, Abita Brewing Company also offers other exemplary beers to add a bit of flavor to any crawfish boil, with Louisiana Spiced Ale as a notable example. However, Abita Purple Haze surpasses all other brews in this brewer’s beer menu is an ideal companion to a dish boiled crawfish, potatoes, sausage, coriander, orange peel and other spices.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Sierra Nevada Summerfest
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Truly an exceptional beer to bring along at your annual crawfish boil, Sierra Nevada Summerfest offers an unparalleled combination of crispness and refreshment.  This light summertime lager features a golden hue and clean flavor profile making this beer perfect for washing down mouthfuls of spicy, succulent crawfish.

The well-balanced taste of Sierra Nevada Summerfest pairs exceptionally well with various seafood dishes like boiled crawfish. Its hint of citrus provides a delightful contrast against bold Cajun seasonings while highlighting its flavors in each bite.

This American Pale Wheat Ale effortlessly complements any crawfish dish featuring a variety of spices making it perfect for get-togethers, backyard barbecues and any gathering of friends and family. If you ever heard someone say pilsners are amazing in regard to Sierra Nevada Summerfest, be certain he knew exactly what he meant. 

Live Oak Hefeweizen

Live Oak Hefeweizen
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If the beer you drink has to be one of the best brews to pair with a crawfish boil, you need not look further than Live Oak Hefeweizen. A classic German-style wheat beer from Austin’s very own Live Oak Brewing Company, this brew features a top-fermented flowery-yeast character and a distinctive banana taste.

As such, you won’t go wrong to love you a hefeweizen with your steaming hot crawfish boil at the midtown seafood dinner.

The light-bodied profile and relatively low ABV (alcohol by volume) of Live Oak Hefeweizen make it an excellent choice for both casual sippers and enthusiastic revelers alike.

Its fruity notes harmonize with traditional Cajun seasonings like cayenne pepper or Louisiana hot sauce while not overwhelming your palate as some hoppier beers might.

Saint Arnold Santo

Saint Arnold Santo
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Saint Arnold Santo is a popular beer among crawfish boil enthusiasts. This dark, malty brew from the Houston-based brewery is often recommended as a perfect pairing for boiled crawfish’s spicy and savory flavors.

As a beer that pairs remarkably well with crawfish boils, Saint Arnold Santo’s rich and robust flavor is produced when yeast gives this brew a particular crisp hoppy taste.

Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas IPA
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An ideal choice for any New Orleans girl, Lagunitas IPA is an exceptional light ale that pairs with crawfish boils. This type of beer is an American-style India Pale Ale, which means it has a hoppy taste with some bitterness and a fruity and citrusy flavor.

Lagunitas IPA’s lower IBU or less bitterness makes it ideal for pairing with spicy foods like the ones found in a crawfish boil. Your first time drinking this beer you may note clove, citrus, and other subtle fruity flavors.

Many craft-beer enthusiasts love Lagunitas IPA because it’s sessionable, meaning you can drink more without getting too drunk since its alcohol by volume (ABV) is only 6.2%.

Additionally, this brew pairs well with other Louisiana dishes such as gumbo, barbecue chicken, jambalaya, and Cajun seasoning-infused meal where bitterness is preferred as well.

Urban Chestnut Zwickel Lager

Urban Chestnut Zwickel Lager
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Urban Chestnut’s Zwickel Lager is a popular choice for those looking for the perfect beer to pair with their crawfish boil. This unfiltered German-style lager has a smooth and refreshing taste with hints of citrus that complement the spice of the crawfish seasoning.

Its relatively low ABV makes it sessionable, meaning you can enjoy multiple rounds without feeling too heavy. The Zwickel Lager is more than just a go-to option for drinkers in St.

NOLA 7th Street Wheat

NOLA 7th Street Wheat
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NOLA Brewing’s 7th Street Wheat is a year-round beer created as a summer seasonal. This refreshing beer has citrusy notes with a hint of lemon basil and wheat malt, making it the perfect complement to spicy crawfish boils.

The brewery prides itself on creating American craft beer using diverse flavor-rich ingredients including blackberry, plum syrup, and grapefruit that ferment to produce brew with exceptional taste. With its popularity during crawfish season, NOLA made 7th Street Wheat available all year as draught beer, bottled or packed in single-use cans.

When it comes to pairing beer with crawfish boils, there are plenty of options available. One popular choice is a season, which pairs well with the spiciness of the boiled crawfish.

Local beers such as Blonde Session Ale and Cream Ale also make great choices because they complement regional flavors.

On the other hand, stouts and porters should be avoided as they’re too heavy for a crawfish boil. Pilsners, lagers, saisons, and fruit-driven sours make great drink options to pair with crawfish boils since their lower IBU or less bitterness is preferred when enjoying this meal.

Overall, life would never be the same again once you’ve experienced when pairing NOLA 7th Street Wheat  with crawfish boil be it at home, restaurant or outdoor biergarten.  

Pairing Tips For The Perfect Crawfish Boil Experience

Consider the spiciness of your crawfish and serve beer at the right temperature while complementing regional flavors with appropriate styles – but that’s not all! Keep reading to discover why the best crawfish-beer combos consist of two perfectly matched flavor sources, an exemplary brew and spicy crawfish dish.

Considering The Spiciness Of The Crawfish

When pairing beer with crawfish boils, it’s essential to consider the flavor of your brew spiciness of the crawfish. Spicy foods generally pair well with hoppy beers like IPAs or pale ales.

However, only some enjoy the bitterness of these types of beers. In this case, a lower IBU or less bitterness is also preferred. Some breweries even infuse their beers with flavors that complement spicy foods.

For example, Abita’s Strawberry Lager has strawberry juice added which balances out the spice of the crawfish boil while providing a refreshing fruity taste.

Serving Beer At The Right Temperature

To enjoy the perfect crawfish boil experience, serving beer at the right temperature is crucial. When too warm, beer can taste flat and lose its refreshing quality.

On the other hand, overly cold temperatures can numb flavors and aromas, making it challenging to appreciate your brew fully. Generally, most beers are best enjoyed at around 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

When hosting a crawfish boil party with friends and family members who prefer different beer styles depending on their preferences, having various temperature zones for each beer style makes all the difference in providing them with optimal enjoyment.

A cooler filled with ice will do great here for keeping beers chilled precisely as recommended by a brewer or supplier of your choice.

Choosing The Right Glassware

Selecting the proper glassware can enhance the overall experience of a crawfish boil. It’s not just about using any old plastic cup – choosing the appropriate glass can amplify flavors and aromas, taking your beer experience to another level.

For example, a tulip glass is ideal for hoppy beers as it helps release their strong aroma while trapping them inside, providing an intense taste on every sip. Similarly, a pint glass is perfect for lighter beers like lagers or pilsners as they highlight their clarity and color.

Complementing Regional Flavors

When pairing beer with crawfish boils, it’s essential to consider the regional flavors of the meal. Suppose you’re enjoying a traditional Cajun-style boil in South Louisiana. In that case, a crisp and refreshing wheat beer like Abita Purple Haze or NOLA 7th Street Wheat complements the spices and heat of the crawfish perfectly.

Suppose you’re in Texas indulging in a crawfish boil with Mexican-style seasonings or walking along Kurfürstendamm street exploring world-famous beer halls. In either case,  you would be right in choosing Urban Chestnut Zwickel Lager, to pair with a crawfish dish, a German beer with distinct fruity notes. 

Experimenting With Different Beer Styles

To truly elevate your crawfish boil experience, it’s essential to experiment with different beer styles. Feel free to try something new and step outside your comfort zone.

For example, a light and crisp pilsner or hefeweizen can balance out the spiciness of the crawfish while still providing a refreshing flavor. On the other hand, hoppy IPAs or malty stouts can offer bold flavors that complement the richness of Cajun seasoning.

Local breweries often have unique brews perfect for pairing with crawfish boils, so try branching out and exploring what they offer. Better yet, you may choose to attend a seafood-themed festival featuring crawfish boil at the midtown brewery in your locale or nearby town.

Providing Non-beer Options

In addition to beer, it’s essential to provide non-alcoholic options for guests who may prefer something different or are designated drivers. Iced tea and lemonade are classic choices that pair well with crawfish boils.

Consider serving fruity mocktails or sodas infused with herbs like lemon basil for a unique option.

One of the best beers to pair with boiled crawfish is a season. This beer style is often light and effervescent, making it perfect for sipping on a hot day while enjoying delicious mudbugs.

Local beers like Blonde Session Ale and Cream Ale also go well with a crawfish boil.

It’s essential to consider the spiciness of your crawfish boils when selecting your beer. The right pairing can enhance the flavor experience, while an incompatible brew could be overwhelming or unremarkable.

Hoppy red ales like NOLA Flambeau Red can complement spicy flavors nicely. In contrast, pilsners, lagers, saisons, and fruit-driven sour beers offer refreshing options that won’t detract from your meal’s heat too much.

Final Take on The Best Beer With Crawfish Boils

Plenty of beers go well with crawfish boils; experimenting with different styles is always fun. To fully enhance your seafood experience, consider the spiciness of your food, serving temperature, glassware, and regional flavors, and expand your beer palate.

Check out our recommended beers and pairing tips above to ensure a perfect crawfish boil experience.

Local And Seasonal Brews

Supporting local and seasonal breweries adds a unique touch to the crawfish boil experience. Many regions in the US have microbreweries offering distinct brews that complement regional flavors, making them perfect for pairing with crawfish boils.

For example, Louisiana’s NOLA Brewing Company offers 7th Street Wheat. This light and crisp beer enhance the spice of boiled crawfish. Another great option is Urban Chestnut’s Zwickel Lager from Missouri, which has a smooth malt taste and low bitterness to balance out spicy dishes like gumbo or jambalaya.

Expanding Your Beer Palate

Expanding your beer palate can be an exciting journey of discovering new flavors and styles that complement different types of cuisine. Trying out various beers and experimenting with pairings can help you develop a better understanding of how different flavors interact with one another.

For example, if you enjoy spicy foods like crawfish boils, hoppy beers such as IPAs may be a good starting point due to their bitterness that contrasts with the spice. Alternatively, fruity or citrusy wheat beers can also work well in balancing the heat.

It’s essential to keep an open mind and avoid trying something new or outside your comfort zone.

Enjoying A Perfect Crawfish Boil With Friends And Family.

The crawfish boil is a beloved Southern tradition that brings friends and family together for feasting, fun, and entertainment. From the spicy seasoning to perfectly cooked mudbugs, everyone has their way of enjoying this annual event.

When selecting the best beer to serve with your crawfish boil, there are plenty of appropriate styles to choose from, depending on your preference. Whether you’re looking for something refreshing like an American Pale Ale or a more traditional brew such as Abita’s Strawberry Wheat, finding the right drink can elevate the entire experience and make for an unforgettable gathering.

FAQs on Best Beers With Crawfish Boils

1. What type of beer pairs best with crawfish boils?

Light and refreshing beers such as pilsners, lagers, and blonde ales are ideal for complementing the bold flavors in crawfish boils. To balance the spice, look for a beer with mild hop bitterness and crisp carbonation.

2. Are any specific brands or breweries making beer specifically for crawfish boils?

While no specific brand or brewery makes beer exclusively for crawfish boils, many local breweries in regions where crawfish are famous have created unique brews that pair well with the traditional Cajun dish.

3. Can I serve other types of alcohol besides beer at my crawfish boil?

Yes, you can serve other alcohol besides beer at your crawfish boils, such as wine or mixed drinks. However, remember that the spicy flavors may clash with certain types of alcoholic beverages.

4. How much beer should I buy for a crowd at a crawfish boil?

A general rule of thumb is to provide around 1-2 beers per person per hour if it’s an all-day event. However, this can vary depending on your guests’ preferences and drinking habits, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution by having extra drinks available, just in case!

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