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I've been an avid homebrewer for over ten years, and beer is my true passion. I've traveled all over the world, visiting breweries, tasting beer, as well as creating my beer recipes. Read more about me and my beer blog
Why Are IPAs So Popular

Why Are IPA’s so Popular?

You might be wondering why IPAs have gained such popularity in craft beer. The rise of IPAs can be attributed to several factors, such as their unique flavor profiles, consistent quality, and the role they played in the growth of the craft beer movement.

What is Craft Beer

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is made by small and independent breweries using traditional ingredients and unique brewing techniques, resulting in distinct taste profiles.

BrewDog Non-Alcoholic Beer

BrewDog Non-Alcoholic Beer Review

Discover a comprehensive review of BrewDog's Non-Alcoholic Beer, exploring its taste, quality, and whether it lives up to the reputation of its alcoholic counterparts. Uncover the truth behind this non-alcoholic gem and decide if it's the perfect choice for your beer-loving palate.

how many beers to get drunk

How Many Beers To Get Drunk?

Learn the factors that affect how many beers it takes to get drunk and how to drink responsibly. Understand the impact of weight, gender, tolerance, and alcohol content on your level of intoxication. Tips on how to prevent overdrinking and stay safe included.

Single Hop Beer Recipe

Single Hop Beer Recipe

Discover the art of single hop brewing with our Single Hop Beer recipe. This collection features five separate ales, each highlighting a different hop variety.

American IPA Recipe

American IPA Recipe

Experience the hallmark characteristics of a classic American IPA with our meticulously crafted recipe. Bursting with hoppy bitterness, harmonized

60 Minute IPA Recipe

60 Minute IPA Recipe

Discover the perfect harmony of hops in our 60 Minute IPA recipe. This meticulously crafted IPA showcases a powerful yet well-balanced flavor and aroma

Nettle Beer Recipe

Discover the perfect balance of earthy spiciness and floral, citrus notes in our Nettle Beer recipe. Crafted with freshly picked nettle tops and a blend of aromatic hops

Pumpkin Ale Recipe

Brewed in the tradition of colonial America, our Pumpkin Ale recipe offers a rich and satisfying taste experience. With a careful balance of pale malt

Ginger Beer Recipe

Discover the perfect combination of spiciness and citrus goodness with our Ginger Beer recipe. This brew takes inspiration from ale brewing techniques

Spruce Beer Recipe

Experience the rich heritage of Spruce Beer with our recipe that combines tradition and innovation. This modern version of Spruce Beer maintains

Kolsch Beer Recipe

Kolsch Beer Recipe

Brew a batch of Kölsch Beer, a German specialty brew known for its subtle floral hoppiness and clean character. This recipe combines Pilsner malt and Carapils malt

Cream Ale Recipe

Cream Ale Recipe

Indulge in the light and refreshing flavors of our Cream Ale recipe. This classic American ale features subtle citrus aromas, a clean finish, and a crisp profile.

Witbier Recipe

Witbier Recipe

Experience the distinct character of Witbier, a Belgian-style wheat beer that combines the zing of coriander, the complexity of banana, and the zest of orange.