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gak's Beer Library

Almost 40 titles you can use to further your Beer Education!

Joe's Bier Travels in Germany

A shining example of dedicated Pubcrawling.

If Operating Systems Were Beers

Beer jokes for computer geeks. Computer jokes for beer geeks.

A Few Words on the GABF

A very brief account of my trip to the Great American Beer Festival XIII in 1994.

A Beer Odyssey

Pubcrawl through Redwood Country with me, August 15-16, 1992.

Beer Data

Peter Ensminger's compilation of the alcohol and caloric content of various brands.

Beer Bill of Rights

Jim Kasprzak lays down the law.

gak's acks

The people that helped me put all this together.


The publications and net.resources that helped me put all this together.

Disclaimer and Copyright

Boring pseudo-legal stuff, but worth a glance.

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